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  1. We finally have an interview date for April 5th. Can't believe we're only weeks away from being finished! Congrats to everyone who have issued visas!
  2. Anyone get any good news lately? Still waiting here 🥺
  3. No one knows for sure. Your best bet is to look at other members' timelines to try to determine how long it might take and the current Visa Bulletin published by the Department of State. Even then, they will only move as fast as spots open up so if the embassy has a backlog, you're in for a wait.
  4. That looks the same as my wife's and we just got DQ'd, so you should be good.
  5. We’re still waiting for our IL, DQ Jan 31st. It’s Argentina which is supposed to be one of the quicker embassies but who knows. I’m flying down to be there during the interview so I hope to hear this week 🤞🏻
  6. I noticed that you said you submitted your tax returns, have you submitted your tax transcripts? The NVC doesn’t care so much what you are reporting, they care more what the IRS says. I submitted the transcripts and my w-2s only, not my returns. https://www.irs.gov/individuals/get-transcript
  7. And just like that, DQ!! resubmit Jan 9. She's on a plane right now so she doesn't even know yet!
  8. Oh man, we were right behind you with our resubmit. Here's hoping that we hear very soon! My wife and I are on a trip together this week so it would be icing on the cake to be DQ'd while were together.
  9. Generally no, no mail for the CR-1. everything is done online.
  10. Just to add on, the NVC wait is not usually as long as the USCIS stage, but it all depends on consulate and how quickly they are scheduling interviews. The NVC will reach out by email with your case and invoice ID numbers, keep those safe as that's how you can check on your case. Once your case is open, you will be asked to pay the fees first before they open up the applications. It's all fairly straightforward from here. Congrats! The NVC is an exciting stage!
  11. Seems like it. We also got an RFE earlier this month and haven't heard anything more yet. From all the other posts from folks who have had RFEs in the other monthly submission threads, it looks like the NVC will wait the 30 days to look at applications again.
  12. If you’re on a Mac then Preview is your built in PDF viewer. I was able to fill in my 864 with that, no credit card needed.
  13. Resubmitted today, 01/09. It seems like it is that 30 day, back of the line wait time, but here's good vibes that all of us get rechecked sooner.
  14. RFE this morning, the police certificate needs to have "con excepción al artículo 51 del Código Penal" on it, which has to be specially requested. At least the rest of our documents were accepted. This is so frustrating. 😢
  15. Officially submitted today, December 6th. Now we wait and try to control our nerves 😛
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