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Found 16 results

  1. Hi guys! I just want to share with you how to get your police clearance from Singapore even if you're in the Philippines. If you've lived in Singapore for more than six months, then yes you do need to obtain a police clearance, or rather, a COC (Certificate of Clearance)from them. I'll be editing this as soon as I get an update. BTW, I applied for this for my K1 (fiancee) visa. Before proceeding, please also read the FAQs of the Singapore Police Force's website. Here goes: 1. Apply for an Appeal by Non-Singapore citizens to Apply for Certificate of Clearance. Please click the link and read the requirements needed, and I'll be elaborating the answers to usual questions about it below. BTW, the appeal is different from the actual application for COC. SPF (Singapore Police Force) needs to go through your request / appeal first and they'll approve it. Reason being, SPF doesn't really give out COCs just because. Requirements: Your FIN (Foreign Identification Number) - Just the number will do. I don't have a copy of my previous S Pass and they won't require it, just make sure that you can still remember your FIN. Scanned documentary proof indicating that a COC is required and for what purpose - I used my NOA2 for this. It's not indicated there that you need the clearance, so what I did was attach the K1 checklist found in US Embassy Manila's website. Scanned biometric page of applicant’s valid passport - Very straightforward, just give them a copy of your passport's biometric page (where your photo is) Scanned Identification Document (ID), front and back - I don't have a work permit anymore, I used my SSS card for this. Create one scan for front and another for the back. Scanned or digital passport-sized photograph - 400x514 pixels. Looks like Singapore's passport photo. I used a US passport-sized photo, scanned it, and cropped it to the required size. It's not exact, but it's within the 400x514 range. Valid Credit/Debit Card (VISA/MASTERCARD) or i-Banking account for online payment - I still have my Singapore account and I used I-banking for this. No worries if you use a normal credit card, as long as it's VISA/Mastercard and you can answer your bank's online security check that will prompt. I've read that previously they needed a bank draft, thankfully they now accept these modes of payment. Original hardcopy fingerprint impressions (Optional) - Since we're not in Singapore, then we have to mail it to them. More on this later. 2. After applying for the appeal, wait for a few days for their email. I applied mine on a Friday and got their response on Tuesday that my appeal was approved, and that it was time to Apply for the Certificate of Clearance. You have all the details saved on your profile, so all you need to do is to pay them. Make sure that your browser allows popups. 3. After payment, go back to your Application Portal (the first page). You should now see your your reference number in red. Print the page (The option for printing it is somewhere there). 4. Wait for their confirmation email with the receipt. The email will prompt you : Kindly mail us your hardcopy fingerprints together with a copy of the Acknowledgment Slip printed from the Application Portal 5. Time to get your fingerprints! No need to look for Singapore's fingerprint card, Camp Crame will give you a copy. This can be obtained in Camp Crame in Quezon City. Now, this was the part where all forums didn't even specify where and how to go or navigate from the gate. Read on! Bring a pen, wet wipes, and passport-sized photos with you. Each application needs 2 photos (1 for their copy and 1 for ours). I used my US visa photo so they just cut it to make it fit. Go to Camp Crame. I took a Grabcar all the way from the South, but if you're commuting, alight at Santolan-Annapolis MRT Station. There are also buses through EDSA, if you prefer to take the bus. Go to Gate 2. This is at the right side of the area. If you're walking, go past the vehicle entrance and you'll see another entrance for walk-ins. If I remember correctly, it's almost in front of an LBC store. Since I took a Grab, once in Gate 2, go straight then turn right. There will be a small intersection and you'll see the Crime Laboratory on the left side. If you're walking: Once inside Camp Crame, follow the vehicles' path from the gate. You'll see Landbank and a coffee shop/restaurants. There's also a clean restroom here. Walk past it until the non-airconditioned eatery. Turn right on the narrow street. At the end, you'll see the PNP Ladies' (I forgot the building name, but it has "Ladies" on it.) Then go to the right. You will see the Firearms building, and then the Crime Lab building. Go inside the building. Leave an ID at the front desk and tell the police your purpose. They'll accompany you to the door going to the back and will lead you to the Fingerprinting Department. Once there, go up then left. Enter the door and the nice old lady will give you a payment slip. Fill it out then go to Landbank. (Directions on how to go by foot: go out of the building, walk to the right, cross the street where there's a grill restaurant, walk through the narrow street, turn left.) Pay the PHP200 fee. If you're obtaining multiple cards for different purposes, the fee would be higher. Note that you need to bring your fan and a small towel with you (maybe some water too!) because the aircon here is totally not working properly especially when there are lots of people. I was there for 2 hours. Go back to the Fingerprinting Department and they'll give you the cards for you to fill out. If there are people queueing for fingerprints, you'll be given a number and you'll be asked to accomplish the cards downstairs. They'll call you once it's your turn. You can wash your hands there after fingerprinting. You can make use of your wet wipes here to wipe off additional ink smudges. Wait for a while and then they'll release the card to you. Go home! 6. Ship the fingerprints to Singapore. (I'll be doing this tomorrow, so I'll update this soon!) Back
  2. Hi all! So fun week, discovered that my husband's police clearance that was issued to him over two years ago by the South African government is no longer valid due to our 20 day trip to visit his family after we got engaged last year. Sooooo... any one have experience with attempting to get this thing while you are still living abroad? This came at an awkward time as my husband is visiting family in Canada and is currently stuck there due to this corona virus nonsense. He was under the impression he would have to go back to SA and go through the whole process in person (including waiting for 1-2 months for them to issue it... yuck). We would like to avoid it for economic reasons. If there are any services or methods you can recommend, it would be highly appreciated.
  3. Hi. I was 21 years old when I attended a Short scholarship program in Mexico for 8months. I stayed in another Country for 8 months when I was 23 years old before moving back to my country permanently. I'm now 30 years old. Would I need to provide police Clearance from these countries For the NVC?
  4. Hi, everyone. That's going to be my first post here. I've tried to find info at other forums but I didn't find them helpful. So, here's my story: I've been living in China since June 2016 , my first two chinese visas were the business ones (it is a temporary residence visa which means you should leave China every 90 days). In March 2018 I've got my first work visa and after that me and my girlfriend started the K-1 visa process. We've got all the documents and I'm going to have the interview In China soon. But the problem is that the local PSB issued me the police clearance certificate that doesn't cover the whole stay in China (It covers only from March 2018 till today). They told me that the PCC for my previous Chinese visas are unobtainable. So now I don't know what I should do and If I should really worry about it. I was living in one city for my whole stay and left the country every 90 days. I'm really stuck and need your help, guys. Thanks a lot:)
  5. My fiance worked in Qutar 6 years ago and don't have her ID to copy to get her police clearance. Any ideas on how to get clearance.
  6. My fiance' just received her NOA 2 and wanted to get a jump start on obtaining the things she can attain while we wait for her package. She lives near Iloilo City but doesn't know where to go to get fingerprinted. Any advice?
  7. Hi all, This question has been bugging me for some time. I'm collecting my police certificates right now. I've lived in several countries throughout my life. Its clear that I have to collect all police certificates for any country I've lived in after the age of 16. I left my country of birth / country of nationality at the age of 3. Do I still need to get a police certificate from there?
  8. My fiance and I have been researching what to provide to substitute "unobtainable" police certificates. On the reciprocity schedule for Sudan, police certificates are available ONLY for those that are PRESENT IN SUDAN. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Visa-Reciprocity-and-Civil-Documents-by-Country/Sudan.html My fiance lived in Sudan for 1 year (April 2018 - April 2019), and due to the civil unrest in Sudan, he left for his safety to Uganda. He left not too long after the airways opened up again in Sudan, and commercial airlines began to come back. Coincidentally, in May I submitted my fiance's signed Change of Address declaration to USCIS with our RFE that stated he moved for safety reasons because of Sudan's volatile climate. Now (Sep 2019), Sudan is in a transitional government, and I think it's unwise for him to return because in Africa you never know if things are truly stable. Also we feel that the Consular Officer might think of it as a red flag if he does return to Sudan after his declaration stating that he felt unsafe there in April. My fiance has his police certificate from the country of his nationality and also is planning to get one in Uganda too for good measure. Should we write up a Declaration/Affidavit letter for why my fiance could not obtain his Sudan police certificate and have it notarized in Uganda? Somewhat as a substitute for the police certificate? OR - should he just go to the interview without anything for Sudan?
  9. Hi everyone, I've searched through old posts and I couldn't find the exact answers I was looking for....so I'm looking for some help. We're in the process of applying for a K-1 visa. I've seen different information in different places regarding when a police report is needed. Is it 6 or 12 months for living in another country? For instance, I lived for 11 months in Qatar on a working visa. I left just before my visa finished and was basically backpacking around the country so didn't have a permanent address. I wasn't in any trouble with the police. If I have to get all the police reports....does anyone know how I would go about applying for them? Thanks all for your help Djamel
  10. Hello there! I'm hoping someone on here has been in my situation and could help. Although I'm doing my visa interview in London, I need a police clearance from New Zealand as well since I lived there for a year. Will obtaining a clear criminal record from the Ministry of Justice be okay, or do I need to apply for vetting? I have no idea what the London embassy will accept after looking high and low through the internet, hopefully, one of you guys will have got you New Zealand clearance from the UK. I plan on contacting them once I've got my case number, but would love to find an answer beforehand so I can get the ball rolling. Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi everyone! Newbie here! I badly need your help, advices and suggestions. My fiancé in US received NOA2 last february then I’m just waiting for the NVC, while waiting for it he said I should process other requirements like Police Clearance. I am currently here in the Philippines, I lived and work in dubai for 11months and decided to go home last June 2018 because we are already engaged and planning to go there so I left my dubai life, now im here in the Philippines again for 9months already. Here’s my question guys, do I still need to get a Police Clearance in dubai since I stayed there for more than 6months and pass it as a requirment to US Embassy? i’ve read some topics here re: this but just to be sure. Thank you in advance! ❤️
  12. Hi, i worked in saudi arabia for 5years and i went back in the philippines last 2016. And since filling of k1 visa is unexpected i didnt request for police clearance.And as i checked in google that getting police clearance when your already out of the country is so compicated. Will the US embassy will still ask for my police clearance during my interview?Thank you so much. Really need help.
  13. Hi All, Hope everyone is doing well. Finished the DS-260 yesterday and was about to upload the civil documents, when I saw they have asked for Police Clearance Certificates from 2 countries I have lived for less than 6 months. A couple of questions if someone can help answer - 1. I thought it was 12 months? 2. Country 1 is Indonesia - on the NVC website it says Unavailable for applicants inside and outside Indonesia. When uploading onto CEAC do I - 2.a - select the Not Available Option and mention the NVC statement in the comments 2. b - Do i write and sign a statement stating I lived there for less than 6 months and also its not available? 3. Country 2 is Zambia - I lived there for 5 months - Do i write, sign and upload a statement stating I lived there for less than 6 months Thanks everyone, appreciate any responses. Cheers eMMO
  14. Just a quick question, I am scheduled to have my interview at the US embassy in Manila 5th of April, the NBI clearance (police cert) that I have will expire October 29, 2019 (one year validity). But I'm a bit confused if the embassy wants an NBI clearance that isnt more than 6 months (from date it was acquired). If so, by April 29, 2019 my NBI clearance will be exactly 6 months. I was just thinking, by the time of my interview its still under 6 months. Will my NBI clearance suffice? Thank you
  15. Hi! Does anyone know or have an experience with regards to providing police clearance from a foreign country when you applied for the K1 visa? I stayed for a total of 6 months in Australia as a tourist only. I've read here that people who worked and lived in foreign countries for 6 months or more needs to provide a police clearance. Does this directive apply to tourists? Thank you.
  16. Hi all, Can anyone help us? We are trying to figure out the process of obtaining a police clearance from South Africa. My fiancé lived there for a period of time. He is not a citizen of there and no longer lives in that country. We are trying to figure out how to obtain the police clearance. He has completed the fingerprints and can send them via DHL there, but DHL said they don't pick up from there and therefore won't send a return envelope. We can't figure out how to get them from the SAPS when it is complete (since he cannot pick them up). Help!!! Also, do they need the apostille? I'm not familiar with that process, but I don't want the clearance to not be valid. Thanks for any advice!
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