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  1. Hi folks! I have the same problem: entered after 2 years 1 week of marriage and green card came as a CR1. I filled the petition and already finished with biometrics. It's been 1 month of reviewing status. So I don't know for how long more it's going to take to receive a new card. I am in a middle of employment process right now and my question is - should I use my green card with wrong Cr1 status OR it will be better to use a stamp in passport only as a proof of residence? I understood that there are several options but just wanted to know can I use that green card or it's better not to show it anywhere?
  2. Hi! It took us about 10-15 minutes in immigration including line before secondary inspection. You will need to drop your bags again before boarding to the next domestic flight ( they just took our bags in the tunnel on our way to security check). We had 3.5 hours transfer and it's absolutely enough for food, quick sleep and so on.
  3. Hi everyone! I want to let you know about my experience with SNUH for medical exam. I made my appointment online through the site and they contacted me via email for additional information. Everyone speaks English, there is also Russian and Mongolian speaking workers. Even tho I had the earliest appointment (9:15) I needed to wait doctors consultation until 10:30. you still need to come 30 minutes earlier for documentation and basic measurements. The international office opens at 8:40. It took me 2 hours. The Results will be ready after 10 days on Wednesday. It cost me 290.000w and I didn’t need to do any flu shots!
  4. Thank you! I think it's better to be over prepared and bring just everything just in case.
  5. Ahh, I can not even imagine how busy they must be in Warsaw... I wish you the fastest IL receive and hope to hear good news soon! Btw I've been to Warsaw about 10 years ago and what the beautiful city is that!
  6. Haha that’s true! A little surprised about more than 2 months period between IL and interview tho. That’s South Korea, Seoul. Did you get your interview date already?
  7. Hi! We are living abroad. However, my husband will need to come back to US (his work contract and visa will be expired) in the end of March. I will have an interview on 25th April. SO his 864 form shows our current address abroad and his current workplace. Do we need to fill a new 864 form with his new US address and unemployment's information? Since my interview is in the end of April do we need to bring fresh tax docs for 2022? We have a JS since we live abroad. Also, I have some changes in the information, what I provided earlier in DS260 (I am no longer working at my workplace and I traveled to other country recently with visa stamp in my passport). Do I need to inform about it somehow during interview? Thank you for your help in advance.
  8. Hey guys! I’ve got my interview letter and it’s 25th April.
  9. Hi! I think that direct call to the embassy would help.
  10. Hello! Are you DQ’d yet? 

    1. anna4614890


      Hello! Yes, finally received a DQ today :) 

  11. I think it might me a reason! I remember that I saw all original pages should be the first one in order! I mean if it’s official doc it’s fine, right? My birth certificate is a book with Soviet Union symbol even though I was born in Russia! And it looks nothing like a modern one:)
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