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  1. Hi! I think that direct call to the embassy would help.
  2. Hello! Are you DQ’d yet? 

    1. anna4614890


      Hello! Yes, finally received a DQ today :) 

  3. I think it might me a reason! I remember that I saw all original pages should be the first one in order! I mean if it’s official doc it’s fine, right? My birth certificate is a book with Soviet Union symbol even though I was born in Russia! And it looks nothing like a modern one:)
  4. Did you include a scan of original birth certificate in front of translated scan ?
  5. I think we figured it out. Are we going back to line for additional doc as well?
  6. They finally updated my application page and they rejected my JS 1099 and ask it again...good news is that they accepted my civil docs. Everything else is excepted only 1099... I don't know what's wrong with the one what we sent...
  7. That’s too bad 😕 I’m very frustrated about all this situation. How long will it take to update our profile…
  8. And here I am with the same situation! Seems like they are overworking on Friday, because we’ve got a message half hour ago. I hope everything is fine and we will receive second letter soon.
  9. We got the message about updated status of application but there are no changes 🤷‍♀️ My docs say submitted and js additional doc says submitted, but on the front page my husband and js docs say accepted and mine says submitted.
  10. Just saw on Facebook dqs of 31st October submission and 1st November! It could always be just last submissions of additional documents tho 🤷‍♀️ But I’d like to be an optimist and wait for my DQ before holidays😁
  11. I just saw on Facebook that someone waited dq mail 17 days after nvc accepted all docs!
  12. Omg I hope it’s not the case! Did you see anybody from Russia to be dq recently?… I think I saw some cases like yours during past months here or on Facebook , seems like it could be some issues with site or whatever with updating information ?
  13. I see:) Thanks! Just saw the topic and this question came to my mind.
  14. Will it be removed after 2 years of holding a GC or just as soon as marriage will become longer than 2years you can re apply for no conditions?
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