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Found 18 results

  1. Hi everyone! I'm starting this thread for those of us having their K1 interviews in Buenos Aires during the Argentinian summer. Let's keep each other posted on experiences, doubts, concerns and comments. Good luck!
  2. Hello all, my beneficiary went through the process of obtaining his police certificate from a municipal branch in his city. He asked for the "excepcion de articulo 51" to be added when he appeared in person and two days later, received the certificate to print through his email. He took the printed certificate to the same police branch he held the appointment at and asked where exactly the annotation was added or how would he know it was added and all they had to answer was that they did not know. Now, I know that the "con excepción al artículo 51 del código penal" is very important to this document but I wanted to ask those who have obtained this document, how do you know the above annotation is added to the police certificate you obtained? I am in dire need of assistance since the municipal branch seems to be of no help.
  3. We had our interview and the interviewer told us that we were approved on the spot! We got a 221g because he needs to have his medical re-done (it expired by the time the interview came around), an original copy of his birth certificate (evidently the copy he had wasn't good enough, not really sure the difference, tbh) and passport photos (the ones we provided were not in spec). We have the medical scheduled in two days, and the Birth Certificate we're getting tomorrow along with the passport photos! Very exciting. The interview went much like this: We showed up a half hour early, and sat around for about an hour. They called his name, and we went into the pre-processing for the interview. The lady pre-processing us was very impressed and thankful I was there for the interview. She asked for some documents and we handed them to her. She thanked me again for being there for the interview and asked me how my stay was in Argentina. She checked with her manager on the medical, and told us the interviewer will review the documents. We waited about a half hour to an hour, and they called his name again, so we went back to the little tiny closet of an interview room. We both walked in, and the interview asked in very good English (I think he was a US citizen, actually), if English was ok. We said yes, and he told us what he would need us to bring back. Then he asked, where did we meet? Have I met his family while I'm in Argentina? Has he visited the US? How long have we been together? When do we plan on travelling back to the US? He then told us that we're APPROVED. But we need to bring back papers. He handed us the 221g and told us to drop off the packet where we dropped off packet 3, and we can pick up the visa within 2 business days of when we dropped it off. He congratulated us, and told us that we're a cute couple. This was the US Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  4. Sorry If it's been asked before but I really don't find this in any Argentina Portal so i wanted to ask here if anybody knows. Apparently the P3 includes the legalization of the birth certificate if you're outside the C.A.B.A but I have it plastificated and in the page says they can't do it like that. What can I do? Is there anywhere else I can ask this if this is the wrong place? Sorry for the question again, and thank you!
  5. Hello! I would like to know if anyone in Argentina sent USCIS or NVC the new Digitally Signed Certificates (Partidas de Nacimiento / Matrimonio con firma digital). They seem to have a special validation code which allows to verify them online, but no special signature apart from the original one on the certificate. Besides, if you don't google it, nowhere in the certificate says where they should be validated. If someone used them, was everything OK with these new certificates? Thank you!!
  6. Hi All! My fiancé and I have already received NOA2 (filing from Argentina!) and are booking his medical appointment before the embassy interview. My question is, he does not have any vaccination records from childhood, etc. His parents died/are mentally ill and did not keep any. Is this a big deal? I feel like he isn't the first Argentine to not have their vaccination records on hand... Any tips? Should we even worry, will the doctor at the appointment figure out which ones he needs regardless? Thanks in advance!!!
  7. Hey there! Does anyone know if the copy package we have to submit before the interview needs a CERTIFIED copy of the birth entry? Or is a regular copy enough?
  8. Hey guys, Our case shows "ready" at the CAEC website since Jan 23rd and the date hasn't changed at any point. The Buenos Aires consulate hasn't contacted us either. How long do they usually take to send us the P3?
  9. Hello everyone, I'm looking for someone who has recently done (or is currently doing) the embassy part of the K-1 process in Buenos Aires, Argentina, so I could ask them some questions about the embassy letter/package. I (the beneficiary) have moved since we filed the I-129F and tried to somehow notify the embassy of my change of address, to no avail. We've called every phone number possible, sent emails, etc, and can't really find out wether the letter was sent to my previous address, if someone actually wrote down my new one, if they're waiting for something... If anyone has recently received the packet from the embassy I'd love to hear about its contents (the latest online copy I could find is from 2014), I already submitted the DS-160 and if I can just print out any extra form I need that comes with the package, and pay, and make an appointment for the doctor and the interview, to get on with the process regardless of this mail they're supposed to send, it would be awesome. If anybody can help us, we'll be eternally grateful. Thank you!!
  10. Hello In Argentina, waiting for NOA2 so getting ready for what's next. In the latest "K1-K3-Instructions-packet" updated 9/2018" (https://ar.usembassy.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/26/K1-K3-Instructions-packet.pdf). Along with other docs it asks for the I-134. But then the "Instructions-packet-for-IV-appointment" updated 9-2018 (https://ar.usembassy.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/26/Instructions-packet-for-IV-appointment-1.pdf ), asks to bring to the interview: "Evidence of Support: Submit the affidavit of support (I-864) together with all the supporting documentation, if you have not already sent/ submitted it to the NVC." So, these two docs do not align. Therefore what should I work on, get the I-134 or get the I-864? Anyone form Argentina who already had the interview? Thanks!
  11. Hi you all!! I'm in a tricky situation because I sent my P3 today, and I wanted to pay the visa fee and schedule my interview for a few weeks, and I was really happy because earlier in the day I saw that the first available date was on November 5th which was great for us. But now, after only 2 or 3 hours, it changed to December 18th. Is that possible? We're freaking out because we can't wait that long. Also it says my credit card is denied, I don't get it. Someone from Argentina that can help me? Thank you!
  12. Hello there people! I am from Argentina. I have a doubt regarding the medical exam because i am going to be traveling the next months and i do not want to be rushing last minute doing it so i prefer to complete the medical exam now but i do not have the nvc interview date letter yet. I only have the case number. i finished submitting everything to the NVC last week. The question is Do you think its too risky to complete the medical exam without having the interview date yet? I know it expires on 6 months but i feel like my interview should be before that time. What do you think? Let me know. Thank you very much!
  13. I need some guidance please. We just received notice that the NVC has accepted all of our application except one document, it has rejected our police/criminal record report (completely clean), though our lawyer and anything I can find online told us to go to go to the Federal Ministry of Justice and Human Rights under the auspices of the Registro Nacional de Reincidencia. We did that and received a clean record report from them. Now for some reason NVC is saying its invalid. (though, my spouse did pay for it to be expedited and they gave him a digitally signed document), but they don't say why it is invalid or whether its the wrong agency . Could someone please tell us if this is NOT the agency we need to go to or if they have had a similar situation that was resolved? Thanks in advance!
  14. I already has my interview for my CR1 visa on august 16th and I'm in the administrative Processing. I checked my status at CEAC page and the only change that I noticed after my interview was the date of the last case UPDATED. First it said august 23rd now it says September 11th. Can anybody tell me why it changes? Thanks
  15. I'm working with my son trying to figure out what forms he should complete to get his wife and son to the United States. He's going to do the CRBA so his son can be a US citizen and receive his passport. Our question revolves around his wife. What path do you all suggest we use? What works best? What time frame are we looking at? They got married in Nov 2016 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  16. Hi Filling I-129F. As Divorced, from Agentina there's the "Sentencia de Divorcio" (Divorce "Certificate"). Does anyone know whether this paper requires "Cancilleria" stamp? Regards (Spanish ) Alguno sabe si la Sentencia de Divorcio hay que sellarla en Cancilleria para presentar junto con el I-129F? Saludos Fer
  17. Hi everyone! quick question: I am the K-1 visa beneficiary, and will have to do the interview in the Argentina consulate in a month or two. I stayed for 9 months in New Zealand about 8 years ago. Will I need the police records from over there? thank you!
  18. How long did it take the embassy in Argentina to contact the beneficiary for the interview? Already been a week and we're chomping at the bit! I know Monday was Labor Day, but was disappointed that we didn't get an email today. Thanks! Edit, because I can't see my tags: This is for a K1 visa.