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  1. Starting this thread for argentinians filling AOS out there. AOS information is general for everyone from every country. We just decided to make this thread to try to keep argentinians together. @Fernanda R Sanz kindly wrote down th things to do as soon as you arrive to the US for AOS. I-94 Form: you download it from the gov page. At customs they register your entry on that form. You need this paper to get an SSN#, AOS, EAD and AP. The trick here, is that this form expires 7 days after your arrival (not the Visa, only the validity of this I94 Form) so you MUST process your SSN# before it expires. If not, you will get lots of delays. SSN#: You are told that you must wait 1 or 2 weeks since your arrival to apply for an SSN#, so you give time for the system to pull up your data. And also apply before the 90 days expire. I've apply one day before my I94 Form was going to expire, and the system was down so I will need to wait a month to receive my SSN# with my single name. Buy the Marriage License and get married. (When you have your ssn#, go back and ask to have your name changed from for single name, to your married name. This will work as a proof of genuine marriage.) Take pictures of all the activities, trips,dinners,sightseeing places,etc. You need to show how the relationship continues on this 90 days period. (Of course you need to add pictures of the wedding and reception) Joint Account: Create a joint account as soon as you are married, so it'll show both names and address, as well as proof of all the marriage spendings,rent,etc. You need your SSN# and marriage certificate to get one, also as soon as you get an account, the better to get credit. Creditcard and personal account for beneficiary: You need to have a service under your name and SSN# to have one. Also do it as soon as possible, so you start gaining credit points. Do Affidavit of Support. Fill out forms and do copies. Lease or mortgage: you'll need proof of adress, so after marriage,ssn#, and accounts, both names of spouses should be in the lease or mortgage. Also must have services under both of you, showing same adress and congratulatory letters to both spouses to the same home adress I'll write down a check list for AOS, EAD and AP AOS Form I-485 completed and signed by beneficiary Cover letter with table of contents Form I-693 (if overseas medical expired) overseas DS-3025 vaccination report Form G-1145 I-94 (you get it online like it says above) I-129f approval letter from USCIS petition aka NOA2 Birth Certificate Both Spouses (the BC from the beneficiary has to be translated and apostilled) Copy passport biography page of both spouses Copy of passport visa history and entry stamp of beneficiary Color passpor style photographs $1225 check or money order for filling and biometric fees Divorce documents (apostilled and translated too) I-864 Affidavit of support Photographs of the 90 days process Marriage certificate (original or certified copy) EAD Form I-765 completed and signed by beneficiary Copy of beneficiary's Passport with biographical page Copy of beneficiary's K1 Visa from Passport and entry stamp Passport Photos (2) name written on the back Cover letter with table of contents Form G-1145 I-94 I-129F approval lettere from USCIS NOA2 Marriage Certificate (copy) AP Form I-131 completed and signed by beneficiary Copy of beneficiary's Passport with biographical page Copy of beneficiary's K1 Visa from Passport and entry stamp Passport Photos (2) name written on the back Cover letter with table of contents Form G-1145 I-94 I-129F approval lettere from USCIS NOA2 Marriage Certificate (copy) Please, if you have more information, comment down below so we can help eachother! Cheers!
  2. Hey everyone! I started this thread to help everyone from Argentina who have their NVC case number or are about to have it. Sorry if there are some writing mistakes, english is my second lenguage. FIRST if you have your case number, you can track it through the CEAC website https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx (chose the Inmigrant Visa option and the put your BNS number). When it is being transfer to the embassy, it will show 'IN TRANSIT' and when it arrives it will show 'READY'. In other cases, NVC emails you and let you know the case is in the way to the embassy. Remember NVC shipments are every other Tuesday. SECOND If you are waiting for your case number or waiting the READY status, you can start gathering the documents for Packet 3. You can see what is required in this link https://ar.usembassy.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/26/K1-K3-Instructions-packet.pdf . You will have to send this packet to the embassy before the interview. Below I'll point out what you can start doing. (everything is copies, not originals) Visa Photos. 5x5 with white background Birth Certificate AKA Acta de Nacimiento. It is a faithful copy of the books where the birth is registered. It should have the City's Registro Civil Stamp where the person was born, and Copia Fiel Stamp and one more that says it follow the country law (this one changes according the province). If you don't have it, you can order it online (http://portaldetramites.cba.gov.ar/v/552 this is for Cordoba for example) or go to the Registro Civil of the town you or your fiance were born and request it. Divorce Decree, I don't hae more information about it because neither me or my fiance were married before. If you have information on how to it should be, comment down bellow! Evidence of Support. You need to proof your fiance can financially support you. Ffor more information https://myimmigrationattorney.com/k1-visa/evidence-of-financial-support/ . You will need from your fiance or your co-sponsor the following docuements A. W2 for the last 3 years till present, it can be signed digitally. B. 1040 Forms or IRS transcripts for the last 3 years till present C. Employment paystubs, 6 months at least D. Job letter, verification of employment. E. Bank statements, at least 12 months F. Form I-134. make sure is signed on page 4 or 5. (if you have blanck spaces complete them with N/A) Police Certificate You must obtain the nationally produced “Certificado de Antecedentes Penales” issued by the “Registro Nacional de Reincidencia”, it must say “con excepción al artículo 51 del Código Penal”. You can google RNR nearer you, it doesn't have to be made in Bs As like the instructions sayed. The certificate expires, you have 90 days of validation. It doesn't have to be expired when you add it to the P3 or when you get to US, please be aware of this so you don't have to do it twice. If you are from another province follow the next points Go to www.dnrec.jus.gov.ar and tried to do it online. If you can perfect, you are all done. But if you can´t is because they don't have your fingerprints and you need to do what is next. In the same website click TRAMITES PARTICULARES, Certificado de Antecedentes Penales ----- INICIA TU TRÁMITE ------ TRAMITE PRESENCIAL In the page that opens chose Argentina---Province----City----- and then chose the one nearer you. Then you continue clicking in SIGUIENTE ----- then chose the option to pay $180 pesos to have it in 24 hs A new page will open where you will complete all your personal information. When you are done, print that form with a copy of your DNI because you will need it for the appointent To pay the fee you can chose to pay through RAPIPAGO or PAGOMISCUENTAS (save the receipt to take it to the appointment) You have to make an appointment to get it, if you are from Cordoba use CIUDADANO DIGITAL and TURNERO. I don´t know how it is in another provinces so if you know comment in this thread how you did it. Evidence of Relationship, you should gather more photos, message record or videocall record. They should be different than the ones you sent on the I-129F packet. IF YOU HAVE ALL OF THIS WHILE YOU ARE STILL WAITING FOR THE 'READY', WAIT AND KEEP READING THIRD Once you see ´READY' you can email the embassy (BuenosAires-IV@state.gov) saying that you know the case is ready and you want to know next steps to take. They can answer the next day or take a couple days. When they do, they can tell you to wait a little bit because they are getting ready for your case or they can email you the INSTRUCTIONS PACKET. The instructions packet is what is mentioned SECOND paragraph with a couple more things like filling DS-160 and information about the medical exam. When you receive the Instructions attached to the email, it means you can schedule your interview and medical exam. FOURTH You will fill the DS-160 through this website https://ceac.state.gov/GenNIV/Default.aspx . You will need some necessary information Your adress in the US National identification number: is your DNI number not your passport Application receipt number/ petition number: Is the one with EAC, WAC, LIN, SRC, NBC, MSC or IOE at the beggining, not the one with BNS If you worked in the US, you will need your SSN number Adresses in Argentina are written the argentinian way (number at last) and the US with number at the beggining This were the more importants for me, comment down below if you have more recommendations Once you are done, you will receive through email your confirmation number, print two copies of it and save the number somewhere because you will need it FIFTH schedule your interview through this website https://ais.usvisa-info.com/ ----- inmigrant visa applicant ------ register ------- I have received a letter from the consular section with instructions to register or schedule a K visa appointment --------- sign up with your email Here you will need your BNS XXXX XXX XXX number, your DS-160 confirmation number and in which DHL you want the documents to be send. Next the website will give ou the payment option and you will chose the one you want (by credit/debit card the payment is instantly and by rapipago takes a at least two days to process the payment) After this you will see all the dates available. If there isn't any date available, email the embassy saying this and asking for next steps and they will let you know when the open more spots. Right now, May 1st the next dates availables are for mid June. So have that in your mind if you are thinking on booking flights or wedding plans. SIXTH Book your medical exam, the doctors information are in the Instructions Packet. If you are from another province, you can ask to be done nearer the interview date so you only have to travel once. The doctor will tell you what vaccines are obligatory (variccela, influenza, triple viral and triple bacteriana), she also will need your case number (BNS one) and she will inform you how much everything will be. Note: you can schedule your SEVENTH Send packet 3 to the embassy, you can drop it yourself to Ave Colombia 4300 Bs As or you can send it through DHL or Correo Argentino if you are from another province. Check everything they ask in the instructions packet is there (if you forget something, you can present it the day of the interview so don't worry. You may not have the medical exam results but you can write a lettere saying you have scheduled the interview nearer the interview date and that will work). Save all the originals for the interview (RNR, Birth certificate, Divorce decree). Send an email to the embassy asking if they can let you know when they receive the packet, so you don't have to worry if they have it or not EIGHTH medical exam, I'll write down below my experience so you now what to expect but it can change if you do it with the other doctor. I did it with Dr Grillo. I went to the Trinidad de Palermo hospital (Sinclair street).You go to the secretary desk at the first floor and announce yourself. They will check you in then make you go to another desk near by to pay for the blood test and x-ray $550 pesos. After that you wait until the doctor calls you. Once you are in the room with her, she will ask you for the passport photos, case number and your passport. She will give you the prescription for every test you have to take and you will pay her fee there $2000 pesos You do all tests in the same hospital but the one that is around the corner (Cerviño street). Level -1. you do the line in laboratory and the secretary will tell you to go to another desk to pay the fee for the Tuberculosis test that is USD 175. Once you are back with the receipt, the secretary will give you a container to collect your urine. Next, you go to a waiting room and without so much waiting a nurse will call you to take out the blood. After that you go to the x-ray desk (is all in the same floor and is easy to know where everything is because there are signs everywhere) and you will wait until they call your name. Come back to the another building (Sinclair street) level 1, and if you have some vaccine missing you have to go to ‘vacunatorio’ that is on the right. You will pay whatever cost is for the vaccine you are missing and you will wait they call your name. The nurses will give the shots and then you are done. I waited outside Dr Grillo office and after 20 minutes she called me. She completed some information in the computer and then she took my blood pressure, listen my heart, measured my height and weight and tested my visual. After that she told to come back at 4pm for the results. I went again at 4. The medical was approved. She gave me the closed envelope I have to take with me to the embassy. Total time spent: 2hours in the morning and then picking the results 15minutes Total cost: $10250 + vaccine cost NINETH embassy interview. You don't have to do the tourist visa line, go to a window and say you are there for K1 visa. They will give you a green folder where you put all the originals (birth certificate, divorce decree, medical exam closed envelope, passport photos, more evidence of relationship if you want to add more, confirmation page). Do not make a copy of everything you sent on P3 because is a waste of money, paper and time. Just worry about the originals and what you missed in P3. Once in, they will call you do deliver the green folder THAT IS NOT THE INTERVIEW. The next time they call you it will be for the interview. They will make swear everything you presented and what you will say is the truth. The questions can be: - how we met? - when and where we met? - what I was doing in US when we met? - when I came back from US the last time? - what he does for living? - what would I do for living? - where I will live? - how and when we got engaged? - when we will get marry? The consul can be empathetic and nice, or it can be really serious. The interview can be in english or spanish and you can request it to be in one lenguage or the other. The interview can be 5-20 minutes long and you can be at the embassy for an hour or more, it depends on how long they make you wait. TENTH you can check also the status of yout visa here https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx noninmigrante visa -- buenos aires argentina -- the confirmation number of the DS-160. In there you will see if it is under Administrative Process or when it is Issued. After it is Issued, the embassy will send you an email with the tracking number. You will pick up you packet in a DHL office when is delivered. I hope this post and thread helps, I did my best to gathered everything I went through. if you have doubts or question don't hesitate on posting, we are a big community and we have to help eachother to be as soon as possible with our 'media naranja' Cheers!
  3. If you are waiting for your K1 visa in Buenos Aires, Argentina please leave any information you have so we can help each other. Here's the link for the NVC state https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/News/visas-news/important-notice-for-k-visa-applicants-affected-by-covid-19.html
  4. Does anyone have experience getting police records from Argentina while being outside of Argentina?? I am getting together all the papers for NVC for my husband who lived in Argentina after he turned 16, but it has been impossible. We are in Colombia and we are not getting any straight answers from the argentinian embassy in Colombia. It seems as if he will have to travel to Argentina for this 1 document. Anyone has any ideas?? Thanks!!
  5. Hi everyone! Just got our DQ yesterday and curious how long it is taking to get an interview date given quarantine and limited embassy operation in Argentina. Anyone in a similar situation? Thanks!
  6. I live in Cordoba and have my interview appointment September 17th and doctor appointment September 15th. I asked the embassy and it's been 4 days without response, I have been searching EVERYWHERE (Buenos Aires government, Cordoba government, COE in Cordoba, sites, etc) and calling and sending emails to everyone I could think of but nobody says anything clear. I'm so close to giving up and changing my appointment to another date but my husband contacted the Argentinian consulate in the US (just for useful info) and they recommend against changing the appointment. I plan on going to Buenos Aires and stay there to quarantine if necessary and until I can get the visa and can go to the US. The doctor said she can give me an appointment ticket to show to the authorities but I still don't know if I need to quarantine there or what other permits I might need. I know I have asked many of you here already, but any info you have is appreciated. Thank you
  7. My husband has been in the US during the whole covid situation and we were thinking that the borders were going to open in September, I've been reading and apparently it is not a sure thing. I know Argentinians can enter the US because they don't have restrictions, but to enter Argentina you need to be a citizen or have permanent or temporary residency in Argentina. How can I prove his temporary residency here and what would be the process to follow so he can enter Argentina to be together? Sounds like a terrible idea, but, is it a good idea to go visit him to the US on a B1 until I have my interview here for the CR-1 and then go back to the US on the CR-1? (I'm just waiting for the interview date, I was DQd on July)
  8. Hello! I found this area in VJ where we can have an off topic discussion. Since we wanted some sort of emotional support group, maybe we can use this thread to just talk about Argentinians in the USA and how they (and those of us married to them) are dealing with today's immigration process, moving to a new country, and handling life in general. Thanks!
  9. Hello! My name is Bárbara, from Argentina, and by the end of the year (Corona willing and all) my american fiance Derrick and I plan to get married here in Argentina, and start the CR1/IR1 process once he flies back home. He lives in Portland, OR, and I live in Buenos Aires, Arg. We know right now any plans are bound to change, with the pandemic and all, so we're prepared to shift our plans back into 2021. Plan A though is end December 2020. We're still a few months away from starting to file paperwork and all, but I like to be prepared so we've been looking at all the paperwork. I've read the guides here, and checked a few other websites out, but a few questions have arisen and maybe y'all can help us out. j1 visa things - I did two winter work and travel J1 programs, during the 2018-19 US winter, and the 19-20 US winter, both to Timberline Lodge, OR. During both my J1 stints, I lived in the same place. Should I list the address twice, one for each different period (dec 2018-march 2019 / dec 2019-march 2020)? covid stuff - Due to travel bans related to COVID-19, I couldn't return home right away after my second J1 season, and stayed at this house for three months. My embassy and sponsor knew, but the was no legal documents or anything legally tying me to that address. Should I still list it? Also, should we list this as having lived together in the 'proof of bona fide marriage' section? I think 'probably not' as it was never my legal address, not are there any bills showing my name in them. Thought I'd ask though. spanish citizenship - I hold both argentinian and spanish citizenship. I looked through the forms and didn't see anything asking about dual citizenship on my part. I live in Argentina, we're getting married in Argentina, and I will continue living here until we finish the visa process. Should I disclose this information, somehow? Is it important? bonafide things - Due to how our relationship panned out, we don't have any of the following: 1. Documentation showing joint ownership or property; or 2. A lease showing joint tenancy of a common residence. I read somewhere that, in case you lack a bunch of evidence, you can both write a letter explaining why; should we do this to explain why we have no joint ownership/residence? We currently have a joint savings account, technically still only on his name, but he plants on adding me to it once we actually get married. Thanks in advance! Hope everyone is staying safe.
  10. Does anyone have experience with being an over-stay and then having it forgiven through marriage?
  11. Hi everyone! I'm starting this thread for those of us having their K1 interviews in Buenos Aires during the Argentinian summer. Let's keep each other posted on experiences, doubts, concerns and comments. Good luck!
  12. Hello all, my beneficiary went through the process of obtaining his police certificate from a municipal branch in his city. He asked for the "excepcion de articulo 51" to be added when he appeared in person and two days later, received the certificate to print through his email. He took the printed certificate to the same police branch he held the appointment at and asked where exactly the annotation was added or how would he know it was added and all they had to answer was that they did not know. Now, I know that the "con excepción al artículo 51 del código penal" is very important to this document but I wanted to ask those who have obtained this document, how do you know the above annotation is added to the police certificate you obtained? I am in dire need of assistance since the municipal branch seems to be of no help.
  13. Hi everyone! I'm reaching out to get some advice on how to proceed after receiving Noa 2. Recently my fiance came to visit me in Buenos Aires, for the second time this year. He'll be staying here till the end of the year. A few days ago we checked the status of our case and were delighted to see we had been approved. This came as a surprise because the initial time frame for the application was 6-9 months, so we expected to first see an approval notice in February after he had been back in the states. I was wondering if anyone is going through the same process here in Buenos Aires, and could help us? Is there anything we can do regarding paperwork while he is here? What is the next step? What advice could someone give that would help me prepare, before being contacted by my embassy? Please help! Thank you so much!!
  14. My Argentine husband obtained his police certificate from the consulate in Mexico City. He received an email with a link to print out his certificate. So essentially his police certificate is just a copy. It doesn't have any special seal or anything. Is this accepted? Has anyone outside of Argentina received a certificate like this? Can you share a picture of what yours looks like? Thanks so much!
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