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  1. Hi! We were in a similar situation to you; my husband received a promotion to "full time" manager just five months before we applied for the AOS status; so we had no tax returns to prove his income, just the paystubs and a letter. We were approved without a request for more info or a sponsor (my husband was only just above the 125%) - so I think you will be fine! But at the end of the day, it is whatever you feel most comfortable with. If you want to use a joint sponsor to be on the safe side, and they are willing to do so, then go ahead! You don't want to spend the next 6+ months worrying about whether you made a mistake after all.
  2. Not gonna lie, I still have nightmares about being told I'm not allowed into the US 😂 It's what this process does to us! I'm sure you'll smash the interview though; I'll keep my fingers crossed for your good news!
  3. Mine sat on approval for a while until it got mailed! By a while I mean a few days; you will probably get a tracking number this week! ❤️ Sooooooooo happy for you both, you deserve this!
  4. Glad to hear you had no trouble! ❤️ You'll smash that interview no problem
  5. I wasn't asked for anything to do with the medical, he just confirmed that we had already had one done for K1
  6. Sooooooo happy for you guys; after everything you went through to get there! Enjoy 21 months USCIS free!
  7. My husband and I knew we were going to end up married after our first date! Five years later here we are! There shouldn't be any issues; spend as much time together as possible, gather your evidence and do your research. This site is a wonderful source of information.
  8. Don't worry too much if you do have to take your driving test, I worried about mine but never left the parking lot except to do a three point turn (which I did in more than three because my car was stupidly long), and I walked away with a driving license. The written test is multiple choice - worth reviewing some things because there are some differences between the way the UK does things and the US. Maybe also see if you can find some videos of tests in your state too, I found that helped me know what to expect.
  9. They look like approval letters! The EAD card should arrive in the next week or so, but you should get a tracking number first
  10. My husband and I went smart casual; button up shirt and nice trousers for him and a summer dress for me.
  11. Omg I'm glad he got it! That would have just been an added nightmare!!
  12. Sorry to hear about the delay in the EAD - hopefully if it isn't mailed out today it will be done on Friday. Holidays are buggers for messing things up because people take time off around them. Once it's mailed it should arrive no more than two days later. Also if it helps - our status for the Green Card didn't actually update until the day -after- it was picked up by the postal service. I think that they might be evening collections or drop offs.
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