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  1. Also got my 24 month extension letter today (with the correct 'immigration' spelling lol). Am a March 2021 filer though so got a looooong wait ahead of me.
  2. YSC is taking a long time to process applications, I think the most recent ones I've seen were originally submitted in February 2020.
  3. We paid with a Visa debit card with no issues.
  4. It's probably not a mistake; it probably got moved back to prevent people from doing processing inquiries as now all the cases they have there are within processing times. Doesn't mean it will actually take 10+ years to process, but it prevents them from getting inundated with more inquiries when they clearly can't keep up.
  5. Yikes; so, I guess if I don't hear anything back before 2033 I can file an enquiry....😂🤦‍♀️Hopefully they just messed something up on site, orrrr they're planning on sending cases to other centres.
  6. I entered on a K1 and also haven't had a waiver or appointment. YSC is slow.
  7. Presumably you added your A- Number to the main form itself in the required box? If you did then you should have nothing to worry about. It won't be rejected if you didn't add the A-number to all the evidence pages. I didn't, and mine was not rejected.
  8. Excellent; that sounds good! We're doing well, got a long wait ahead of us for ROC though, we were assigned to YSC - but at least it'll be an easier wait than AOS was. Hope you are doing well, too!
  9. I would be careful doing that, USCIS likes to see a range of evidence from over the last two years, not just close to the ROC renewal time (although if you've got other, older evidence mixed in you might be fine!) Also hi! It's good to see you again~
  10. Oh; I think that's because CR-1s/IR-1s haven't interviewed in the US. But yeah, from what I've seen there are several slow service centres beyond MSC (although I do get that it is frustrating). YSC, where our case is at, seems to still be working on August 2019 😅
  11. Ah! I have an NOA1, sorry I just haven't updated my signature because I forgot, but thanks!
  12. That's not true, I'm at Potomac which is very slow and I chose the K1 route. It's generally based on location I think.
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