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  1. Well, he can't call because his English is very poor. I'm trying to help because I worked for him for almost 10 years and he helped me couple of times and I want to return the favor.
  2. You think they will tell something to me? I'm a third party And I only have copy of his passport and previous visa
  3. Hello guys. My former boss asked for help. He've got a ticket in 2016 in Vegas for speeding but didn't pay it and returned home. Now he's about to apply for another B1/B2 visa and would like to pay this ticket online. But the problem is that he lost his ticket... So, all I have is his passport info and previous visa. I've tried to look for his case on lvjcpa.clarkcountynv.gov/ but no cases matched search criteria. What else can I do?
  4. Well, my medical exam for K-1 visa was in the end of October 2018, so it will be a year and almost a month by November 19th, my interview date. That's why I'm nervous a little bit
  5. Oh, that's good I'm so nervous and don't feel like doing another medical exam, not a big fan of doctors
  6. I'm a bit confused.. Reading the checklist of what I need to bring for interview and it says "A completed medical examination (Form I-693) and vaccination supplement in a sealed envelope (unless already submitted)". Does it mean that I have to do another medical exam or I can bring the one I did for K-1 visa?
  7. Just got the letter from USCIS. Our interview date - November, 19th, in Buffalo, NY
  8. Just checked the website and my case status changed from "Fingerprint review was completed" to this:
  9. Hey, guys. I have a question - do I still need to send G-325a form for AOS?
  10. K1visaHopeful, thank you I have one more question - we want to visit Florida in the end of March and since my I-94 expired last month and we haven't apply for AOS yet, is it possible that I\ll have problems at the airport?
  11. We had some troubles with getting our mail, currently live in apartment comlex, maybe that's the reason.. - _- The concern is - can I get an RFE for sending AOS/EAD/AP forms after I-94 expiration date? it will be around two months since that date..
  12. Guys, need your help. My I-94 expired in the end of February and we still didn't send papers for AOS/EAD/AP because we're moving to another city in May. So, my question is - will I have any problems since my I-94 expired? We got married in January
  13. So, I only need to make sure that my name in DS-160 is written in the same way as in my passport?
  14. Guys, just noticed one detail - they misspelled my name in NOA2, English transliteration is Iuliia but they wrote IuLLia, with double L instead double i.. Is that a problem?
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