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  1. Thank you so much! Appreciate your advice. I’ll just keep patiently wait for ROC and will apply for naturalization at the same time as you in March 2023. We won’t risk to live apart again. Saludos desde Kentucky 😀
  2. I said if we were to live apart for a couple months, would be after having N-400/ROC approved. Clearly if I’m asking here is because I want to hear advice and I’m not gonna move away and risk my status until I have my 10-year green card. I thought this forum was to help and support each other and not to judge and grill each other. Thank you anyway!
  3. We are not planning to live apart again. And if we were to do it, would be after getting our ROC/N-400 approved and it would be for 1-2 months since we’re planning to move across the country. And living together IS a main priority for us. But I am a dentist and I don’t have a license to practice in the state I currently live and after years of not being able to practice, it seems natural for me to want to start fulfilling my professional career. My only question is if applying for naturalization will speed up the ROC process.
  4. Thank you for your advice! I am kinda in a rush and this ROC is taking forever. I filed December 2020 and still no news. I have a great job offer out of state again and my husband can’t move away yet. I don’t mind sparing 700 dollars; but if my N-400 gets rejected because of the living apart issue, will this affect future USCIS applications or I just have to pay again for N-400 and that’s it?
  5. December 2020 filer. Hoping to hear something soon. It’s discouraging to read about people who filed in the summer of 2020 and still haven’t heard anything…..
  6. Thank you for your advice. We married December 2018 so it’s almost 4 years of marriage. If we add the months we have lived together, it’s 33 months(not continuously) so we are missing 3 months, which would open the window to apply right now. Would you still recommend not applying for citizenship yet?
  7. Thank you so much for your help. Doesn’t the rule state that we must to have lived continuously for the past 3 years at the time that naturalization is filed? we moved back together in March 2020.
  8. Hello. I filed for ROC in December 2020. I was assigned to the Potomac service center. Haven’t heard anything yet. I received my green card March 2019 and technically I am eligible to apply for citizenship now. However, me and my husband lived in different cities for 9 months due to work (we submitted all the evidence for the ROC to support that we were still married and seeing each other multiple times a month). Since the 3-year rule states that you have to live for the past 3 years with the US citizen, would it be recommended to apply for citizenship now since we lived in different cities for 9 months? We have continuously been married and have all the evidence. thank you
  9. Hi, I received a letter in April stating that my old biometrics would be reused for my ROC (I-751). Today I received another letter explaining that I have to go to a USCIS office to get my biometrics taken. On the USCIS website, it still says "Fingerprints relating to your Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, have been applied to your case". Should I contact USCIS or should I just go to the appointment they scheduled? Thank you!
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