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  1. Hi all, while CR1 was processing last year I applied for an ITIN number for my husband and was able to file taxes as Married filing Jointly. He is in the US now and just received his SSN today. The IRS website says we have to rescind the ITIN number to get any credits from the ITIN to thr new SSN. My husband does not have any work or taxes paid he needs to have credited to his new SSN. I called the IRS office today to make an appointment so he can go in to rescind and they told him he just needs to use the new SSN no need to rescind. My questions are: Does he need to rescind the ITIN since he did not work and has nothing to move over to the new SSN? Also would not rescinding cause any delays with us filing taxes now? Thanks
  2. Hi all my wait is finally over my husband arrived via JFK last night. Visajourney has been such a great help to me. If anyone has any questions feel free to msg me
  3. Hi, did you pay the fee before or after arriving in the US?
  4. For us they didnt tell us they needed new marriage certificate and birth certificate. We happened to check the ceac website even though we emailed them
  5. Wonderful.. we had our interview at pos on dec 3rd. Let me know if you have any questions
  6. I used my husband's name even though my name had not yet changed on my official documents. Its ok, they understand it takes time for the name change but once you are married then she can use her married name.
  7. Hi all, update. My husband's visa was issued today in ceac. Our interview date was dec 3rd. We had to reupload our marriage certificate and birth certificate which we did on dec 19th. The embassy finaly accepted the documents yesterday, we went into AP status this morning and then by after noon visa was issued. They called my husband to let him know he can pick it up on Tuesday since embassy is closed on Monday.
  8. Hello all I did this last year for my husband. I sent in his passport along with paper tax forms and the W7 form, it took about 2 months. It was done during the uscis process. Our country does not certify the passport and the us embassy said it did not do it as well. Our only option was to send the original. I didnt send in a self addressed envelope but thankfully the passport came back in one peace. We got the itin number back before the passport
  9. I figured the holidays made things slow but maybe the shut down is slowing things down.. I'm completely lost
  10. Hi, last time they checked the case was dec 28th, probably because I sent the emabssy an email. Prior to that dec 18th. I haven't been reading up on this site recently so I dont know if anyone else mentioned a slow down in processing at the embassies.
  11. Oh wow you are still waiting as well. So are we. We were approved on dec 3rd and heard nothing for 2 weeks. Then sent an email to the emabssy they changed the status of our civil docs on ceac to marriage certificate and birth certificate submitted at interview different from the one we brought to the interview. We got extra copies from the registrar that had different barcodes only difference. We uploaded the correct ones on dec 19th still waiting. The embassy never told us they needed those new docs the status just showed those documents were rejected in ceac. We've sent about 2 emails since then no response. Not sure what more to do but wait at this point
  12. I just uploaded the documents and submitted it on ceac yestersay.. we emailed the embassy and no response as yet.. I hope they respond soon We emailed them yesterday hope they respond soon
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