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  1. Hi all, first post in this topic, but we are at MSC NoA dat 1/11/21. My husband came on a CR1 visa. Today we got biometrics appointment in the mail. The case status did not update online. We are in the long island, NY area
  2. Hi all, our NOA1 date is Jan 11, today we received biometrics appointment. We are CR1 visa and our case assigned to MSC. Our case status did not update on the website though...
  3. Hi, it's 18003755283 and then I said technical support like two times so I can be transferred to a person.
  4. Ok thanks.... I figured... But I called anyway (because I'm the most impatient person in the world lol) they had to speak with my husband and gave us the receipt number.. Starts with MSC
  5. I think USCIS converts the payment to an electronic payment.. Meaning it's not a physical check that they cash. They take your acct # and routing number and submit it as an ACH (automated clearing house) payment... Simple terms it wasn't a physical check presented to your bank so they probably won't have a copy of it..
  6. Hi all since my check was cashed this morning is it too soon to call USCIS to get my case number? Also my husband is the petitioner I am the USC, can I call for the information or does my husband have to call?
  7. Hi all, woke up and saw my $680 check cashed out of my acct this morning. Sent via UPS and received on Monday 1/11. No text as yet
  8. Hi all, I guess I will be Jan 2021. Our window opened up early Nov but with working from home during a pandemic with our 3 year old, it's been hectic. Sent off our docs with UPS Thursday but it won't arrive till Friday. My husband's green card expires 1/26. Should of done it sooner especially now that I see there are quite a few delays but hopeful all will go well. I won't be a nervous wreck as I was during the CR1 process because we are now together as a family but still hoping it won't be a long process.. Good luck to everyone
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