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  1. I don't see a timeline for you. Have you tried sending NVC a public inquiry to ask for your case number? Sorry if this is redundant.
  2. Good to know, it's only 3 days difference and had they kept our original appointment it wouldn't even be an issue. We had an RFE in January of this year and had to submit new letters of intent, I have copies of these for him to take to the interview. Do you think we should make a completely new one? Thank you, it's a relief knowing it's FINALLY booked (our timeline says 663 days after NOA1) so hopefully no one has to wait as long as we have!
  3. Do NOA2's expire? On Wednesday I scheduled my partners K1 visa interview for the earliest available appointment in Guayaquil, Ecuador which was June 21st, 2023. Today we received an email that our appointment had been moved to June 26th. (I thought this was a little strange but it's only a few days difference.) Only concern I have is our NOA2 says valid from 2/23/23 - 6/23/23 will we have any issues during our interview because of this? Thanks for your guidance!
  4. Damn so the consulate in Ecuador emailed us today and let us know they changed out interview date from June 21st to June 26th. Good thing we didn't book travel plans yet!
  5. Our interview is scheduled for June 21st! 2 months from tomorrow. They let me pick the date, but only had 4 dates to choose from. Now to get all the documents in order and get his medical exam booked. I can't believe we are finally at this stage! I am going to visit him for a fourth time in just a little over a month to celebrate my 40th birthday 🥳
  6. Our case is ready as of today! We are going to fill out the DS-160 first thing in the morning! So excited!!
  7. With the help of VJ members in another thread I was able to track my packet via DHL and it arrived at the consulate in Ecuador yesterday! (3 days) (Reference this thread) I am hoping to hear something from the Guayaquil consulate this upcoming week. I am apart of a Whatsapp group for Ecuadorian filers and was recently told there aren't any interviews available until July I really hope that's not true. This next step is tricky to determine but my math says on average 35 days from 'In Transit' to 'Interview Scheduled' at this specific consulate so I guess we'll see!
  8. I would send NVC a public inquiry now it's been almost a month since NOA2. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/ask-nvc.html Ask for case number and update your emails in the inquiry. You should hear back within a few days via email. It's taking on average 45 days from NOA2 to NVC 'In Transit' hope that helps!
  9. Is this your CEAC login? Mine says 'IMMIGRANT VISA' when I log in and now I am confused!
  10. Sorry to bug you guys but we went 'In Transit' yesterday and when I try plugging 'EXP 11 APR 2023A' into the linked DHL search nothing to Ecuador shows up... Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!
  11. We went into transit today! 46 days after NOA2 I am OVER THE MOON right now!!!!
  12. NOA2 2/24/23 AT NVC 3/23/23 Hoping to be in the next round of NVC shipping on April 11th & 12th *fingers crossed*
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