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  1. Good luck! I just re-read your earlier post. If you haven't already added/updated any documents in CEAC since the RFE DON'T change anything until you call NVC due to the reason I mentioned above about the document review date. Call them first and see if they can re-check what you already supplied.
  2. CONGRATS!! I hope you had an uneventful trip home and your husband is not far behind
  3. So sorry this is happening to you. Easily the most frustrating part of applying from NZ. When we got this RFE, I also emailed the consulate at AucklandIV@state.gov to confirm they received it and passed it on to NVC. Make sure you include your full name and case number when you email. Then I would call NVC (expect to wait on hold for ages) and stress that what you submitted the first time was correct and ask if they can flag it to be reviewed by a supervisor instead of going back to end of the line. Unfortunately whenever you upload new documents in CEAC, the most date becomes your place in line. Saying that, occasionally people just seem to get lucky and get a quick second review so fingers crossed that happens for you! Edited to add: I just re-read your post. If you haven't already added/updated any documents in CEAC DON'T change anything until you call NVC due to the reason I mentioned above about the document review date. Call then first and see if they can re-check what you already supplied.
  4. Probably Friday, although I've seen a few that were on Monday.
  5. @ztiberiusd congrats on a smooth interview! In case you don't know, you check the visa status here to see when it's issued: https://ceac.state.gov/ceacstattracker/status.aspx @Sammy.NZ they seem to issue the visas on the Friday after the interview (occasionally Monday the following week) and courier them the same day. Definitely get an overnight courier bag with tracking! The only delays I've heard of were parcels that got held up with the courier. But I suggest booking flights at least a couple of weeks after interview to avoid unnecessary stress!!
  6. Yah! That was super quick. You need to courier the documents up at least a week before so I would just send them now. Just make sure he keeps his passport for the medical and to get into the consulate on the day along with his interview letter.
  7. OMG congrats!! Hole in one! My guess is you will hear from NVC later this week about an interview in May (usually a Wednesday so probably the 18th or 25th of May). They always seem to send out the interview letters around the 20th of the month on a Thursday or Friday US time. Fingers crossed for you!
  8. We sent my original I-864 and all supporting evidence that had been uploaded to CEAC in our courier parcel with everything else. It was 9 months old by the time he had his interview and I emailed the consulate to ask if it should be updated but B said no. We didn’t send any additional relationship evidence, however in my husband’s interview letter and/or the Auckland specific instructions on the State Dept website (I can’t remember which one) said to bring more relationship evidence to the interview so he brought about five A4 pages worth of family photos spanning the last 5 years. It also said to bring additional evidence that he can support himself financially so he brought a letter from his current employer stating his position and salary as well as IRD income summaries for the last two years. They didn’t ask for any of this at the interview though. Also, there’s no need to complete or bring any paper forms to the medical despite what the instructions say. It’s completely electronic. You just need your passport, passport photos and any immunisation records.
  9. It's all done online now and it only took 2 days for CityMed to upload the medical report to eMed when my husband had his interview in January. I think it's then assigned to a CO to review and attach the report to the applicant's case so I would leave at least a week's gap between medical and interview. My husband only had his medical the day before the interview and it wasn't in the system at the time of interview, which we expected. He was told he was approved pending the medical report and his visa was delayed by about a week. Normally when an applicant is approved at the interview on Wednesday, the visa is issued and sent on Friday of the same week or early the next week. His visa was issued the following Friday (9 days after the interview) and arrived on Monday so he still had his passport and visa in under two weeks.
  10. Based on my (borderline obsessive) research when we were originally waiting for our interview last year, I think Auckland usually does K-1s on the first Wednesday of the month and IR-1/CR-1s on the third Wednesday. So hopefully you will get an appointment letter later this week for an interview on April 20th. We got the email from NVC early Saturday NZ time so Friday US time and it arrived about 3.5 weeks before the actual interview to allow time to book the medical 2 weeks prior and courier documents, etc. Saying that, post-lockdown they just seemed to be squeezing anyone in anywhere they could so it might be different in April but I'll put my money on the 20th lol
  11. Nice, congrats! The IR/CR is a little different as NVC schedules the interview and sends out a letter with the date but otherwise it’s the same with interviews always happening on Wednesdays. That sounds promising there are still spaces open! @ztiberiusd in the past NVC scheduled them late in the week of 20th of the month for a few weeks later. Fingers crossed you hear something later this week about a mid April interview🤞
  12. I didn’t hear of anyone on VJ doing DCF in Auckland during our IR-1 process (Feb 2021-Jan 2022). I have a feeling it’s not routinely done anymore but hopefully someone else will know.
  13. I can’t help with consulate timeframes but just wanted to say congrats on getting DQ! @Jevin did you had an interview recently? I remember you posted about sending docs to the consulate a little while back.
  14. Congratulations!! I’m pretty sure you need the case number to complete the section 14 form so yes, I would wait. Use the time to complete the DS-260, I-864 and write cover letters, etc. I remember it took us a surprisingly long time to pull everything together after we got our case number and paid the fees. Also, try to get your US tax transcripts if possible instead of your returns. You can request them online from the IRS and it will save you the delay of getting an RFP to provide W-2/1099s. Sorry if I already mentioned this to you! I’m know I’m like a broken record but it seems to trip up so many applicants/sponsors who are based overseas.
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