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  1. It took a month for ours to arrive after the check was banked. It was received yesterday finally
  2. I had exactly the same issue. I messaged VJ support but they never responded. I’m sure there will be many complaining
  3. Tracked petition and it arrived Nov 23rd at Lockbox , check banked February 10th, received wac# February 14th.
  4. How I Wished it was only 6-8 weeks. Mine was received Nov 23rd (USA) at Lockbox we only got wac# today. So it took us almost 12 weeks. There are thousands taking 11-12 weeks right now. You have no choice but to be patient. Our check was not cashed till feb 10th
  5. Receipt number has been texted today :D This week has been a good one for us.
  6. Omg!!!! Finally today our check was cashed!!!! now I can breathe again... just waiting on receipt. We filed nov 24th. Feels like a century ago.
  7. Yay!! Congrats!! About time. Waiting on our receipt nov 24th. First positive news I’ve heard in a few weeks!
  8. Can you please show me where you get this information cause I don’t see things moving anywhere faster than before. My petition is still sitting there since nov 24th with an unbanked check and no receipt.
  9. Nov 24th they received our petition. Still nothing from them, no banked check no NOA1 either.
  10. Absolutely agree. It’s now coming up nine weeks since ours was delivered. It shocks me that USCIS were saying just a few weeks ago how they were running at a huge loss and needed more money and wanted to increase costs... yet our check and so many more are just sitting there unbanked... it doesn’t make sense does it
  11. That is a lot of money. If you could take unpaid leave I would just do it if I were you. I went through months and months of applying for exemptions only to be rejected four times. I know it's expensive but you should feel lucky that you even have the CHOICE to pay to see your loved one. I didn't have a choice, as most Aussies don't, for a long time. In August I FINALLY got an exemption and I was out of there the next week. On top of flights, Australians have to get an exemption, pay $3000 for quarantine (I've heard NZ doesn't have to pay) and I lost my job. But I don't regret it a single bit. I'm employed again, no longer depressed and we're engaged. I'm not saying your situation isn't difficult too but hopefully you can feel slightly happier for the lesser restrictions in NZ. Returning Kiwis DO have to pay quarantine costs of $3100. Anyone that left nz after aug 11 2020 is subject to all costs.. with two kids those costs then escalate to close to 5k. I don’t have the luxury of having 15k just in my bank account, I have kids and a mortgage to pay, so can’t quit my job or take more time out, So I’m just as trapped for now. While nz border maybe open for people to leave, she has made it very expensive and very difficult to get back, the rules are changing everyday and it’s get a little harder everyday.
  12. Nz has shut it’s borders in coming, for me to leave and return I would have to spend over 10k on flights, covid nasal swabs to prove negative going and coming back and a minimum of two weeks quarantine back in NZ. LAX is now talking about quarantine when arriving there so it would be four weeks quarantine all in all. I would use all my leave to just quarantine. We cancelled three visits earlier because of the uncertainty of travel now I wish I had just gone. Each day the restrictions are getting harder. I have now heard today that Air NZ is cutting back on more flights to LA making it harder and more expensive again in the near future. I used to be able to fly to NC for $1600 return. Not anymore I will barely get change from 7k
  13. My fiancé sent our I-129f in early November. It was received nov 24th according to the tracking. His check is yet to be banked and we have not received a NOA1. It feels so draining emotionally already as it’s been 17 months since we have been able to see one another.
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