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  1. Yes got back at a huge courier expense last night at 9pm to find they spelt my name wrong on both kids visas…. Like serious how can you f*%k something like that up? all a waste of time and money and stress I’ve had to cancel all flights hotels, RV and cats going today as My partner in NC tested positive to covid and is very unwell. I have to wait it out as I cannot go now and do it all on my own. I just hope he will be okay as he is immune compromised and was already ill prior. Totally gutted and emotionally strung out at this point and hate the incompetence and drama filled delays the embassy caused me, my partner and kids. Time that I will never get back ever.
  2. Heard from them late today after five emails Their excuse last week was short staffed. This week it’s computer issues. They were working yesterday and today closed now till next Wednesday, not holding my breath. I suspect Cindy will attempt to shut Auckland down again due to omicron and the embassy will jump at the chance to close again 🙄
  3. Has anyone had an interview in Auckland since 22nd dec. Have you got your passports back. Mine was approved pending medical. They have had medical now for a while and refuse to respond to their emails for updates even tho they suggested I did so today, while holding onto my passports. To say this is distressing is a huge understatement as my fiancé is really not well at all and things could go south really quickly. I’m at panic point as my house shipping and flights for myself kids and eleven cats are coming close to me losing all my deposits at least. Just an ongoing nightmare of excuses and incompetence.
  4. Hey urgent help needed. I know kinda off topic not really. I desperately need to know what to do im at Nz post right now paying for my visa interview thing. I am a K-1 and I have two K-2 kids coming with me. My receipt only shows one payment of $397.50 nzd but I understand I need to pay for three in Total. Is this correct before I go blow a stack of cash?????
  5. We are going to use Rako testing. They do the spit test and it comes back fast. Fully accepted. I won’t subject my kids to a nasal brain scrape. they have two options on timeframe but all feedback have been positive. https://www.rakoscience.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI5NGb8ObT9AIVmx0rCh3LUAbdEAAYASAAEgJFZ_D_BwE
  6. Congrats everyone that got interviews. Hoping I actually get a response from the embassy this week like they promised but not holding my breath 🙄 so I can books my kids and my interviews - Two years and Four months since I have seen/been kept separated from my fiancé.. and this whole bloody process extended by the pandemic has seriously affected my health. I’m so seriously jaded about the whole system now. I don’t trust much that’s said any longer as the empathy doesn’t exist.
  7. We were also waiting on our packet three. We should have got it late august. B failed to email it, According to Elle from Auckland, she was under the assumption B had sent it even tho we had sent at least three emails saying we were waiting on packet three.. we did not get packet three until I put the police reports in, cause I got sick and tired of waiting And being mucked around and told contradictory information. They have received all our paperwork and it’s sat there since 15th nov. they contacted me yesterday with this…
  8. Thanks for your reply Steve but I’m asking specifically about New Zealand and no they are not the same. I was quoted $800 per person in Wellington just for the medical no extras and $350 in Auckland per person. So a very different end price when you have three people going.
  9. Hey can anyone advise me the cost of recent medicals in nz with the Auckland doctors versus Wellington doctors. I’ve been quoted a horrendous price in Wellington and I’m sure I’m being ripped off. Anyone done a medical in the last few weeks??
  10. Yeh that’s just a cop out. The dept of state has been dealing with covid since beginning of 2020 they have consulates open around the world, they have an operating procedure for every issue that arises. It will be Nz govt keeping them shut I’m sure
  11. Yesterday I received a couple of emails from them, after them ignoring all my fiancé’s and my correspondence over the last month or not answering our questions by giving us generic or copy paste answers, we actually got personalised responses. I’ve been waiting since august for packet three. Turns out their incompetence is amazing. They failed to email it….🤬 they couldn’t give me an ‘open for interview date’ but from a previous email I received I was told once they were closer to opening they would be contacting people to line up interviews. Yesterday they contacted me out of the blue so I’m hoping this is a sign things might get moving very soon. fingers crossed for everyone waiting.
  12. Well if I had a good immigration lawyer at the beginning I could have been there now and cut all the BS in between. Wasted a year of my fiancé and my time doing what we thought we had to do to find out we could have done things better and been together sooner.
  13. My fiancé is trying to contact NVC so far he has emailed with no response so he called (603) 334 0888 was told The number above can’t discuss immigration and the number they provide is an answering dead end … same statement all day, no chance to speak with anyone anyone have any advice or other way to contact NVC please??
  14. My fiancé just spoke to Someone as USCIs and was told a case officer was assigned to our petition today. Does anyone know how long or had experience of how long this is likely to take. (I know it’s a guess) once they have it.
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