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  1. What that mean adding me on their taxes as living out of state it means he fill jointly ? Filling jointly Charge her money or he will get money back thank u .
  2. I asked her he says he add my name on their taxes as I’m living out of state , he used to fill taxes when I was with him and I trust her but if they add some fee when joining me with my kids I’m not sur he will add me that’s why I’m asking , what that mean adding me in their taxes as living out of state ? And filling jointly will charge her money ?
  3. My husband lives in USA and I m outside country with my kids their ages are 11 and 9 he has all my documents , when I ask her he says he just say that he add my name on tax when filling as I’m out of state , i can’t ask her more than that question that’s why I ask in this forum , I’m asking if he join me on their taxes will he pay something for This appertain i mean adding me will due to paying some fee ? Kids too or adding me with kids will not add any fee ? I m not responsible to pay taxes since I trust her but I’m asking if he didn’t add me with kids we will be banned to get our passports in future and he will grant his passport ? Thank u I trust ansewer in this forum
  4. My husband says that he add my name on taxes since I’m outside USA now , but I’m asking if he didn’t add it and file taxes just for him will that affect my passport with kids that’s my question . I’m not planing to go back to USA now but in future I’ll need to renew my kids passport . We will be banned to enter USA if he fill by herself still don’t understand . Really I didn’t write question correctly but hope u anderestand exactly from the first question what I need to know exactly .
  5. Hi I still confused on answers , what I understand that not paying taxes can prevent passport renewal and the first answer was that my passports will not be affected can u please explain to me ? If my husband pay taxes for herself and don’t include us since he lives in USA and I live outside USA with my kids all of us had us passport , if he didn’t joint us in their taxes will that affect renewal of our passports ?
  6. Hi I’m US citizen living outside USA with my kids who are us citizens too , my husband still living in USA im asking if he didn’t pay taxes for us and we need to renew passports in the future will that affect renewal ? Will our passports banned or suspended or irs department banne only personns who don’t pay taxes ? I’m outside USA and not working , if my husband didn’t pay taxes for me and I came back to USA on the future will my passport rejected and not renewed ? What about my kids passport too if he didn’t fill them in taxes ? Thanks
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