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    We met on a game online and became good friends at first...After a few months it grew into more and he asked me to be his Girlfriend. After few months of chatting/skyping i went to see him because it was harder for him to come see me cause of work and holidays. I wanted to see the country too so i didnt mind. I just hated to leave my kids behind for 3 weeks. Even if they were in good hands with my parents . I missed them a lot but i really enjoyed being in the US with my fiance. He asked me to marry him 2 days before i had to leave :( He did it so sweet . Serounded by water on the rocks.. On his knee ofcourse :) I was suprised. It was the best day ever. And from there well the waiting Game like everyone know. I miss him a lot. ..

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  1. Finally some news.. usually in a different order but I'm not complaining. Got an interview date for GC.. Nov 7. And 2 days after I got message that my EAD card being mailed . Finally.. now to get things ready for interview.
  2. Hello. Does anyone when logged in to there own account all of a sudden be in someone else's account when refreshing to profile?? It has happened a few times all ready with some Steve account.   I have to logg out and logged in again to get back on my account..  it's a bit scary cause I could do anything on his account without having his log info.  

  3. Yes hoping on no interview. I was hoping my case would be send to RI field office cause it's closer to me but I saw it's for RI resident only. Guess it will be Boston. I had my biometrics in RI. When did you file AOS?
  4. I filed June. Did biometrics a few Weeks ago. Today my status changed to ready for interview. I looked up the field offices in Massachusetts and Boston is it. Anyone else in Massachusetts applying? I'm still waiting on EAD and have no SSN yet. Boring waiting..
  5. Hi everyone. I'm new here. Filed beginning of June.
  6. Hi everyone..new here. We filed our AOS, package on the beginning of June 2018. Received message that they working on our case 3 weeks after. 2 Weeks later got biometrics appointment. Today I received a message saying status changed to ready for interview. I looked up field offices near me and guess Boston is It. Anyone know how long it takes from here? I haven't received work permit yet.
  7. As long as your relationship is real and you did it all legally there isn't anything to worry about. Some take longer because of the country the person is from. Bad paperwork...no paperwork or birth certificate exct. From what I seen your case shouldn't take long. No danger country. Just relax and enjoy each other the way you can and ignore other people cause they have no clue what they are talking about.
  8. Thanks.. you too. 😀🇳🇱
  9. Send June 8th.. they received on the 11th. Email notification received on the 24th...
  10. Waiting for AOS..takes Soo long...making me worry

  11. Hi everyone..send the AOS package on June 1.. now the waiting game..
  12. Wow took me some time to find out where we all went... Why did they close the other's? Anyways.. Good to be back.
  13. It all went great at the Interview till they asked for a document i allready send them and they told me they didnt have it and without it no approval... My whole day went from great to hell in 5 sec.. I rushed bck to station to get bck as soon as possible so i can still get the doc at town hall.. got it and mailed straight away... but it didnt arrived till the Monday .. then i asked on wed if all was ok... they said No we forgot to copy a doc.. So i send it to them.. friday i ask them if all fine now... they tell me they still working on it and will let me know when done.. By tuesday no word so i went online looked at my status and it said Issued on 24rth... and on the 28th i got it at Home.. I was so Happy it arrived on time..
  14. Hi everyone.. Sorry i havnt been on for a while.. been Busy had some stressful days after the Interview.. they Lost doc and i booked my flight allready (dumb me) So i got new document , send by koerier to them with pasport... and then to hear they forgot to copy something... had to send original to them.. 2,5 weeks later and 7 days before flight i finally got my Passport back... worst 2,5 weeks of my Life... pfffh Hope you all doing well.. Missed being here