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  1. yes i am aware of the final action date but since the filing date is current for me, if i file the ds260 and pay the immigration fee, does not that freeze the age?
  2. My kid was approved i30 and his case was ent to NVC 3 last year. but he is turning 21 in November. August Visabulletin moving the filing date to June 24, so i think in August we finally can fill DS260. BUT my question, since final action still not current as his priority date in November 2023, is it beneficial to to pay and file the application? or he will age out if visa does not become current by november ? i heard that once you are able to file DS260 and pay the immigration fee, it freeze the age? is that right?
  3. So I know government assistance like Medicare or Medicaid are not allowed for sponsored immigrants. But on healthcare.gov there is a tax credit based on income. I sponsored my dad but he is filing his taxes by himself and based on his income he qualify for tax credit that paying his health insurance. Will this affect me or affect him in the future?
  4. one of my parent is a green card holder and applied for child under 21 last month. the child age was 20 at the time of application. somehow they approved his I-130 yesterday. which is weird, the problem is F2A has backlog to 2019 so visa will not be current anytime soon. CSPA age is age when visa becom current - (age at application time + uscis processing time). in this case his processing time is only one month. do you think USCIS played a dirty game here so he can age out before visa becomes current? anybody have similar situation?
  5. My mom entered as IR5, we are still waiting for the green card to be processed, however, she has to travel outside due to an emergency and her travel can last for months.. what is the situation here? Can she still receive the card while she is still outside? I know the stamp serves as 1 year gc but how her travel will affect the timeline
  6. Yes but the stamp does not have signature red
  7. My parent just entered the US on IR5 visa. The visa is saying it serves as green card upon endorsement. But what is the endorsement looks like? Is it a signature? Or the stamp? they only stamp the visa and wrote in the stamp “IR-5” without signature. Does this serve as endorsement?
  8. Language is Arabic. And yes I will be outside to pick her up. Does anybody know what is the procedure for IR5 upon arrival? Do they take fingerprints for example? Do they ask for specific paperwork? What documents to carry with her?
  9. Hello everybody, My mom got her IR5 visa approved and she is landing in Chicago next month. She does not speak English very well and she is traveling alone. Does anybody know what do they ask or do after arrival? Since the application was electronically processed she does not have sealed package. if you went through this, how long usually it takes? What is the process? Again her visa is IR5 immigration visa. thank you much appreciated
  10. I received an RFE on my I-130 and it has also a paper called "coversheet" as the attached file. My question is if I were to attach additional documents that are not the primary evidence, should i list them under "other:"? Anybody has experience with this?
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