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  1. Greetings! I am not an expert, but when you have an interview, just bring whatever you got that you think might be ask, so that you do not have to go back and forth. if it is related then take it along with you. NG Ex, if your police clearance is about to expire then have a new one ready. If you have your latest tax transcripts, have it ready too. I am sure they that will not ask something that was not listed in the requirements. Goodluck, NG
  2. Greetings! Just my opinion. Did you mean that all documents were sent to NVC, accepted, reviewed, approved and completed? Meaning that he is documentarily qualified and that he is ready for interview? Since he lost his translated birth certificate, was he asked to submit a new one through CEAC? or to bring it during his interview? Most of the time you just have to bring that new translated birth certificate during the interview, and if the Consul will ask you to download or change anything, they will open it for you and have to change or upload it, as those are final unless it was instructed, just make sure that the translated one is the same as the one that you submitted earlier to NVC. Best of luck, NG
  3. Thank you for sharing, I actually wanted to message you about something regarding SS and Medicare, if it's okay to shoot a message, Thanks, NG
  4. Greetings! I think the preparation alone will take time. Sone things to be considered are the following: 1. High School transcripts needed to be evaluated with any member of NACES. 2. And then there is a question of why not finish high school back home and start college in the USA? some do this to avoid taking the English test requirement, but not applicable to all school. 3. Most of the school will require the English test BCLS. If she has no problem in English that she will be fine with the results as some schools are specific wit what score that they wanted to accept. 4. Then the admission test, 5. If she finishes high school back home, then she will definitely have all her school credentials evaluated depending upon what the school requirement is asking for its admission. This is a must and the number one requirement needed from the admission, which means get more copies and apply as many schools that you like as you will never know who will accept her. 6. I am pretty sure that she must finish her undergraduate first (bachelor's degree), then in addition, she must have a doctoral degree which is another four years plus training before even applying to be a pharmacist. 7. The money involve is high and the hard work as well, but if she can do it and you guys can afford, why not? 8. Most of the school is tuition is very high especially for international students and must have money to show that you can afford to stay and pay the tuition fees. 9. As you can see below that even nursing applicant must have a score of at least 83 for the English test while other courses is only 69. which is mind boggling. Well this will also depend upon what school that you are applying to enter. 10. I say let her finish high school back home and as soon as she finishes, have her transcripts evaluated here in the USA (must be from an accredited evaluator) and whilst waiting let her take BCLS test, and apply to as many schools as she can. EXAMPLE: This is the expected school tuition fees of one of the school here in Michigan. reference: Cost and aid | Admissions | Michigan State University (msu.edu) A. IN-STATE FRESHMEN Tuition and fees: $14,914 Room and board: $10,676 ________________________________ Total for two semesters: $25,590 B. OUT-OF-STATE FRESHMEN Tuition and fees: $40,726 Room and board: $10,676 ________________________________ Total for two semesters: $51,402 C. The totals below reflect expenses included in the undergraduate financial proof requirements for MSU to issue an I-20. The cost for room and board includes the three weeks between fall and spring semesters. Tuition and fees: $42,226 Room and board: $12,278 Books and supplies: $1,168 Personal/miscellaneous: $3,950 Medical: $2,118 ________________________________ Total for two semesters: $61,740 NOTE: So, imagine how much it will cost for an international student. How Much is the tuition for 4 years at MSU? For the students who were admitted in Fall 2022, the estimated tuition for 4 years is $57,015 for Michigan residents and $162,693 for out-of-state students. English language requirements If your native language is not English, send an official English language proficiency test result directly to Marian University. Minimum acceptable scores are: TOEFL IBT 69 IELTS 6.0 ELS Level 112 PTE 48 Marian University will waive this requirement if you have: Completed a degree from an accredited U.S. college or university Earned at least 24 regular semester hours of university credit from an accredited U.S. college or university Completed at least one year of high school in which English was the language of instruction For nursing students: If English is not your native language or you are not a citizen of a country in which English is an official language (contact your nursing advisor for an updated list of exempt countries), you must provide proof of one of the following for English language proficiency. Test of English as a foreign language (TOEFL IBT) with overall score of 83 and including a minimum speaking score of 26. International English Language Testing System (IELTS ) Academic Test with an overall score of 6.5 and including a minimum speaking score of 7. Duolingo score of 120 or higher. SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing score of 560 or higher (21 ACT English subscore) or, your SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing score is 660 or higher (27 ACT English subscore), regardless of where you are attending or have attended secondary school. Provide proof of a conferred Bachelor’s level or higher degree from a regionally accredited college or university in the United States. Provide proof of attendance of formal secondary or post-secondary education in the United States for at least 4 years.
  5. Greetings! I remembered when I had my interview, I was asked by the Consul if I needed an interpreter to which I politely refused. NG
  6. Greetings! I am sorry, I forgot to include this in the above guidelines. Kindly read as this, it may help you to know the general knowledge with regards to your concern or simply email PSA or call them for updates. reference: I Requested for My Birth Certificate but PSA Says It Has No Record of My Birth. How Can I Get My Birth Certificate? – FilipiKnow I Requested for My Birth Certificate but PSA Says It Has No Record of My Birth. How Can I Get My Birth Certificate? When the Philippine Statistics Authority or PSA (formerly NSO) is unable to retrieve your birth certificate from their database, your request will return a “negative intact” result and you’ll be issued a corresponding “Negative Results Certification” or NRC. There’s no need to panic though because having no record of birth in PSA could mean any of the following: Your birth records/certificate exist but the local civil registrar (LCR) where your birth was registered hasn’t forwarded or transmitted the said files to the PSA yet. To obtain a copy of your birth certificate, you must first request an Endorsement. The hospital attendant or midwife (if you’re born at home) failed to register your birth with the local civil registrar within 30 days from the time of birth. As a result, no record of your birth can be retrieved either from the PSA or the local civil registrar. If this is the case, you must file a Late Registration of Birth. Your birth records exist in the local civil registrar but for some reason (e.g., due to fire, mishandling, etc.), they got lost. Through a process called Reconstruction, the LCR can help recreate your birth certificate and forward it to PSA for encoding. Among the three mentioned above, the first one is the most common reason why PSA can’t issue your birth certificate. Since your birth records are still intact but haven’t been forwarded to PSA yet, you can personally visit the local civil registrar where your birth was registered and do a follow-up. File a request for endorsement of your birth certificate with the civil registrar’s office who will then verify if such record exists. If upon checking the database they’re able to prove your birth is registered with them, you’ll be asked to pay an endorsement fee. On the other hand, if none of your records are found either at the PSA or the local civil registrar, it means you should file for a Late Registration of Birth. After paying the endorsement fee, the civil registrar will then prepare and sign the endorsement letter with an attached copy of your birth certificate retrieved from their database. You may get a copy of this endorsement letter along with the tracking/dispatch number, reference number, and date of delivery so you can follow up on the request with the PSA office. After receiving the files from the civil registrar a few weeks later, the PSA will then encode your birth certificate. As soon as you’re informed that your PSA birth certificate is available, you can now request a copy either through a walk-in application or by ordering online. If you don’t have time to personally process the endorsement, you can use the online endorsement instead. Simply fill out the online application form and wait for the courier to pick up your payment and the documentary requirements which include: Printed and duly accomplished application form. 2 original copies of the Notarized Special Power of Attorney. Original copy of the “Negative Intact” or “Negative Results Certification” from the PSA. Photocopy of any of your valid government-issued IDs. Original copy of the Service Agreement with your signature. Original or photocopy of your birth certificate from the LCR or previously issued by NSO/PSA. About 7-8 weeks after the endorsement is filed with the local civil registrar, you’ll receive 2 copies of your PSA birth certificate.
  7. Greetings! Just follow what the Department of Foreign Affairs is asking, and it will be okay. reference: DFA Office of Consular Affairs Please read the following: Supporting Documents for Adult New Applications In addition to the core requirements, the following supporting documents will be further required in the following cases: In case of Late Registered Birth Certificate If Birth Certificate was registered at least ten (10) years ago, application will be treated as a regular application, and no additional supporting documents will be required If Birth Certificate was registered less than ten (10) years ago, applicant must submit IDs that pre-date the late registration or current IDs with NBI Clearance In case applicant has NO Birth Certificate or Report of Birth: If applicant is born AFTER 1950 - applicant must first file for late registration with Local Civil Registrar (LCR) or Consular Office with jurisdiction over the place where applicant was born. Applicant will then submit the original copy of the PSA authenticated late registered Birth Certificate and IDs that pre-date the late registration or current IDs with NBI Clearance. If applicant is born ON OR BEFORE 1950 - applicant must submit original and photocopy of PSA Authenticated Certificate of No Birth Record and Affidavit of Two Disinterested Persons attesting to the identity of the applicant (Affidavit should include photocopy of IDs of the Two Disinterested Persons indicated in the presented document) If an Applicant's marriage has been dissolved and wants to revert to her maiden surname Applicant must submit original and photocopy of PSA Birth Certificate and acceptable IDs. Applicant must submit original and photocopy of the annotated PSA Marriage Certificate (MC) or Report of Marriage (ROM) stating that the marriage has been dissolved; OR If applicant has lacking data in Birth Certificate or Report of Birth Applicant must present original and submit photocopy of proof of filing of supplemental report from the Local Civil Registrar (LCR) If applicant has discrepancy in data in Birth Certificate / Report of Birth and other documents If the discrepant data is in the BC, the applicant must submit annotated birth certificate authenticated by PSA reflecting the corrected entry. If the discrepant data is in the other documents, the BC will be followed. Discrepancy in first name - Applicant must submit the original and photocopy of the petition and supporting documents for correction of first name filed with Local Civil Registrar (LCR) or consulate Discrepancy in other data - Applicant must submit annotated birth certificate authenticated by PSA reflecting the corrected entry If applicant is a Dual Citizen Confirmed Online Appointment(click here) Government Issued IDs (Refer to the list of valid Philippine Government Issued IDs or their secondary citizenship/residence counterparts) If the applicant possesses dual citizenship from birth (i.e. one parent is a Filipino while the other parent is a citizen from which the applicant's other citizenship is derived; or, have both Filipino parents but was born in a country which applies jus soli citizenship; etc.) - Original and photocopy PSA-authenticated Birth Certificate/Report of Birth If the Filipino citizenship was reacquired or retained as specified in RA 9225: - Original and photocopy of identification certificate issued by a Philippine Foreign Service Post (FSP) or by the Bureau of Immigration (BI) If applicant is a Naturalized Filipino Citizen Original and photocopy of Identification Certificate of Naturalization from BI If applicant obtained Filipino citizenship by Election Original and photocopy of Affidavit of Election of Philippine Citizenship Original and photocopy of Identification Certificate of Election from BI If applicant has been granted citizenship by Act of Legislation Certified true copy of the law granting citizenship Foreign Birth Certificate authenticated by Philippine FSP
  8. Greetings! I think you are referring ro a civil wedding as church wedding will take a lot of additional requirements and time. Even civil wedding needed you to wait for 10 days for your marriage license to be released. reference: How To Get Married in the Philippines 2022 (Civil and Church Wedding Guide) (filipiknow.net) " The marriage license is usually released 2 weeks (10 days) after you apply for it. Local civil registrars tend to interpret the guidelines differently so depending on where you’ll be applying, it may take either 10 consecutive days (including weekends) or 10 working days (excluding weekends) before the license is issued to you. However, the law is clear (Article 17 of the Family Code) that the waiting period for the marriage license should be 10 consecutive days. Anyone of the applying parties can pick up the marriage license from the local civil registrar. No delivery option is available as of this writing. Once issued, the marriage license can be used wherever you want to get married in the Philippines. However, it is only valid within 120 days of issuance and “shall be deemed automatically canceled at the expiration of said period if the contracting parties have not made use of it.” Also, I would like you to read the following: reference: Message for U.S. Citizens: Change in Notarization Requirements for Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage, April 6, 2021 - U.S. Embassy in the Philippines (usembassy.gov) reference: MC NO. 2021-04 Local or Philippine Notarization of Affidavits in lieu of Certificates of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriages.pdf (psa.gov.ph) Goodluck, I hope the above helps. NG
  9. Greetings! To the members of this group who are Knowledgeable in this topic, please help us clarify things out. Thank you kindly, NG So, if the sponsor did not make his income of 125% quote for this year 2021, he would need someone to help for sponsorship. Correct? If this sponsor lived with his son and daughter in law. And her daughter in law is willing to help, what form does the daughter in law need to fill and sign? FORM I864A? because the sponsor is living with them? And if the sponsor does not live with them, Form I-864 Joint sponsor? And does the spouse (the sponsor's son) who currently do not work due to health issues, does he need to fill and sign Form I-864A too? just because both filed as married with IRS? Please help. Thank you much, NG
  10. Greetings! reference: Interview Preparation (state.gov) Step 10: Prepare for the Interview After the National Visa Center (NVC) schedules your visa interview appointment, they will send you, your petitioner, and your agent/attorney (if applicable) an email noting the appointment date and time.  After you receive an interview Appointment Letter from NVC, you must take the following steps BEFORE the interview date. 1. Schedule and Complete a Medical Examination You (and each family member or “derivative applicant” applying for a visa with you) are required to schedule a medical appointment with an authorized physician in the country where you will be interviewed. This exam must be with an embassy-approved doctor, also referred to as the Panel Physician. Exams conducted by other physicians will not be accepted. You must complete your medical examination, along with any required vaccinations, before your scheduled visa interview date. Please visit our List of U.S. Embassies and Consulates for country-specific medical examination instructions. After your exam, the Panel Physician will either send the exam results directly to the embassy or give you a sealed envelope. If the doctor gives you an envelope, do not open it. Instead, bring it to your visa interview and give it to the consular officer. 2. Register for Courier Service/Other Pre-Interview Instructions 3. Gather Documents Required for the Interview Every visa applicant, no matter their age, must bring certain documents to the interview, including photographs, and the original or certified copy version of all civil documents submitted to NVC. You do not need to bring your Affidavit of Support or financial evidence you submitted to NVC. What happens if you forget to bring something on this list? The consular officer will not be able to complete the processing of your visa. You will have to gather the missing items and provide them to the embassy or consulate, and may have to come for additional interviews. Failure to bring all items on the above list can delay visa issuance. Step 11: Applicant Interview Prior to the interview, ensure you have followed the U.S. Embassy or Consulate interview preparation instructions. On the scheduled date and time of your interview appointment, go to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate with your printed visa application (DS-260) confirmation page. A consular officer will interview you (and accompanying family member beneficiaries) and determine whether or not you are eligible to receive an immigrant visa. As part of the interview process, ink-free, digital fingerprint scans will be taken. Important Notice You should not make permanent financial commitments, such as selling your house, car or property, resigning from your job, or making other travel arrangements, until you have received your immigrant visa. Who Must Attend the Interview You, your spouse, and any qualified unmarried children immigrating with you, must participate in the interview. All traveling applicants required to participate will be named on the interview Appointment Letter you receive from the National Visa Center (NVC). If your spouse and/or qualified unmarried children will immigrate at a later date and travel separately from you, they are not required to participate in your interview. They will be scheduled for a separate interview appointment. You should contact the U.S. Embassy or Consulate directly to arrange separate interviews, if needed. Your sponsor/petitioner does not attend the visa interview. What to bring to the Interview The applicant is responsible to bring all required original or certified copy civil documents to the visa interview. Failure to bring all required documents to the interview may cause delay or denial of the visa.  You must bring the following documents to the interview: Appointment Letter – The interview appointment letter you received from NVC. Passport – For each applicant, an unexpired passport valid for six months beyond the intended date of entry into the United States Photographs – two identical color photograph(s) for each applicant, which must meet the general Photograph Requirements. DS-260 Confirmation Page Supporting Documents – original or certified copies of all civil documents you uploaded into CEAC. Your original documents will be returned to you when the interview has been completed. Any photocopies provided may be kept. English Translations – If documents requiring English translation were not sent to NVC, you must obtain them and present them on the day of your interview. For more information please review the U.S. Embassy or Consulate interview preparation instructions.  Visa Fees – If your visa application fees were collected by NVC, you do not need to pay again. However, if you or any family member did not pay all the necessary fees, you will be asked to pay any unpaid fees at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate.  Failure to Appear for Interview - If you cannot appear at your scheduled interview, contact the U.S. Embassy or Consulate as soon as possible.  If you do not contact the U.S. Embassy or Consulate within one year of receiving your interview appointment letter, your case may be terminated and your immigrant visa petition cancelled, and any fees paid will not be refunded. Need to change the interview date and time - Instructions to reschedule your appointment are available at U.S. Embassy or Consulate interview preparation instructions.
  11. Hello! Just my two cents. The answer is YES. She is a medical foreign graduate who wanted to practice medicine but have not yet passed the National Board of Examiners Examinations or its equivalent. She did not take the third test yet plus the required residency must be completed. It is like, if you are not licensed or have no license, then you could not provide any medical services. reference: How do International Medical Students Practice in the USA (internationaldentistcentral.com) "To become a licensed medical practitioner in the United States, a foreign medical graduate must not only clear a series of theoretical and practical examinations, but also complete a residency hospital program in a particular specialty in order to acquire a license. Licensing is a must for all international medical graduates even if you have a medical practitioner license in your home country; unless you are a foreign medical graduate from Canada."
  12. Hello, My thoughts, if it was not performed by the authorized people and was not registered? is that still valid? To the eyes of the law from 2019 to 2022 you are not divorced as it was not registered. Or am I missing something? Here is what I read: reference: How to file for divorce in Kenya - MMS Advocates " Islamic Marriages Sec 71 of the Marriage Act, 2014 states that the Islamic divorce shall be governed by Islamic law. Where a Kadhi, sheikh, imam or person authorised by the Registrar grants a decree for the dissolution of a marriage the Kadhi, sheikh, imam, Mukhi or authorised person shall deliver a copy of the decree to the Registrar." " PROCEDURE OF FILING A DIVORCE SUIT IN KENYA Divorce proceedings in Kenya are commenced by filing a divorce petition. The person filing this document is known as a petitioner. The Petition signifies that a spouse desires to end their marriage which subsequently initiates the process of divorce. The Petition outlines the grounds for divorce and is accompanied by the following documents: – Verifying Affidavit– this is a legal document that sets out the petitioner reaffirms the contents of the divorce petition that they have brought before the court and which is made by Notice to Appear– this is a legal document that is served to the respondent to be reminded that they are supposed to appear in court failure to which the case will continue and judgment will be given in their absence. List of Witnesses and their statements– this is a legal document that sets out the persons that the petitioner wishes to use in the divorce petition that will testify on their behalf List of Documents– this is a legal document that sets out the supporting documents that the petitioner will use in their divorce Once the Petition is filed, it is served together with the Notice to Appear, notifying the Respondent of the case. Once the Respondent acknowledges receipt, he is required to enter appearance and file a Defense and/ or a Cross Petition."
  13. Greetings! Unlockable is right! If I had to do it all over again, I will never go to K3 route. The hassle of gathering the papers, the waiting and the applications once here in the USA. I think once married; the best way is always Cr1 route. I guess we do not really have to let you know because you already started it. I will just say Congratulations and just hang on tight until everything is settled. My kind regardsm NG
  14. Hi, what is required? Please resend your question with the topic. Ty. BG
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