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  1. Greetings! Like they suggested have her scan the photos, also there are a lot of internet cafes and photo labs in Peru, in fact a lot of internet cafes or all hotels offer internet services. Ty. BG p.s. there are so many photo labs in Peru as well.
  2. Greetings! First things first, Check if the visa category is current, for F3 category, India's current F3 category is December 2008 while Philippines is June 2002. It is still a long time of waiting. If this could have been current, you can try to ask for an expedite processing or interview. Which is you can request to NVC by writing to them his reason, like medical condition and a reason of how it will impact him as a petitioner and along with the request is an official letter from his physician or the hospital that includes her medical diagnosis, just make sure that the letter is official with all doctors or hospital information, these along with all immigration case numbers etc. must be emailed to NVC, but because the category is not current, NVC could not do anything. I hope that everything goes well. NG "Can I do anything if I’m told there is no visa available for my relative? No, there is nothing that the NVC can do to expedite the petition if a visa is not available in their category."
  3. Just like any other countries you are not allowed to work on a visit visa period.
  4. nelmagriffin


    Overstaying in the Philippines means paying P500 pesos per day plus penalties. Please read the attached related document. reference: Extending Your Visa In The Philippines: Cost And Process – About Philippines
  5. Note: Tip: Please make sure to let her know your Governor's name, state representative and senator's name.
  6. Greetings! Back in my country, during my medical, I never have to fill any of this form, so I think that panel will be the one to fill this form. So, relax and let the medical panel team do their work. What you needed to do at this time, is to research about your dad's maintenance pills and find a way to get a better discount as without insurance it is very expensive and with mental disorder it is very crucial not to miss a dose. I mean to have him covered with medications you must search for a better and affordable insurance; I remembered the lowest quotation that I was given back in 2009 for my mom was $549 monthly without any medical condition. So, research ahead.
  7. Greetings! What If you will gather all the documents and ask your doctor to make a certificate related to this condition then have wife apply for an emergency visit visa. At this very moment, what is important is that both of you must be together for support, (whilst waiting for immigration visa to be process and approved.) I am hoping that everything will be okay. God Bless! Salamat, NG
  8. Hello! Read On page 9 of 14 of the form itself. reference: Form I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record (uscis.gov)
  9. Greetings! I think that you might want to read the following: reference: Medical Examinations FAQs (state.gov) Medical Conditions/History What if the applicant has a history of harmful or violent behavior? Applicants with any history of harmful or violent behavior resulting in injury to people or animals, or harm to inanimate objects must provide information that will allow the panel physician to determine if the behavior was related to a psychiatric or medical problem, or to drug or alcohol use. Harmful behavior includes attempted suicide or self-harm, no matter how minor in nature. What if the applicant has been treated or hospitalized for psychiatric or mental illness, or alcohol or drug abuse? Applicants treated or hospitalized for psychiatric or mental illness or alcohol or drug abuse must present written certification including the diagnosis, duration of treatment rendered, and prognosis. What if the applicant is being treated for a chronic medical condition or is taking medication on a regular basis? Applicants being treated for chronic medical conditions, or those taking medications on a regular basis, should be familiar with the medical conditions being treated, and the names of the medications they are taking. Applicants unsure of their diagnoses must present a certificate describing the condition(s), the current treatment, and prognosis with a list of prescribed medications.
  10. I guess, I am just confused with your statement. So how did you submit passport requirement if it is still inside the packet? that you mentioned that you did not open. Confusing.
  11. A. "Maybe it's because of my document? My Immigrant "Visa" is for the states, The page itself in the Passport I'm not able to show it, since my passport is inside the Yellow Packet which the US Embassy gave, and it specifically tells you not to open it, and leave it for the port of entry in America. It does however have a message at the back stating that it is the Visa. Any help would be greatly appreciated." I am confused, I thought everything is electronic nowadays. So, how will Philippine and USA immigration officers stamp your passport or use it, if it is in the packet? Back in the days when it is was not electronic. they do send you the packet with an instruction not to open it, but the passport is outside the packet, Plus, you also mentioned that you gave the requirements and one of this is your passport, so it is very confusing. It is contradicting your statement. " I was able to register yesterday, January 25, and an automatic e-mail messaged me assigning me to an agent. I sent the following requirements: Visa (Picture of the Yellow Package), Passport, ID immediately."
  12. Greetings! Here is what I read, this is from a US Embassy from a different country, but I am pretty sure that this is a standard, however if you want to double check, please contact your embassy. reference: Ask the Consul - Adding Derivatives or FTJs - U.S. Embassy in the Dominican Republic (usembassy.gov) Did you know? You can add a “derivative” to your immigrant visa petition just by accessing your CEAC application! You will need all of their information, including first and last name, method of contact, and relationship to the principal applicant. Keep in mind that a derivative can be either a spouse or a child younger than 21 years of the principal applicant. You can make this change from the case summary page’s status chart. Go to the list of visa applicants under “Applicant Information”, click on the drop down box and select either “follow-to-join” if you’d like the derivative to travel later, or “accompanying” if you’d like the derivative to travel with you. The change will be reflected one or two hours after making the selection. Don’t forget! Once you have made your selection, fill out the required application forms, obtain the required civil documents, pay the required fees, undergo the required medical examinations, and schedule your appointment at the Visa Applicant Center. If you want to add a derivative but already have your Embassy interview scheduled, please let the Embassy know before the interview – our contact information is on the paperwork you received. You will still need to complete all required processes – their own application, civil documents, medical exam, VAC visit, and pay all required fees. Keep in mind that if you’d like your child to travel with you, they need to be present at your interview!
  13. All you need to do is to have your spouse go to the county/ clerk where vital record is kept and request a copy and within minutes it will be given. (Birth certificate)
  14. TIP: Please know your governor, state representatives, senators
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