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  1. Hi there, I had called the number in Canada and was told I was eligible. In the end, I didn’t end up applying because I was hired in the US very quickly after crossing the border.
  2. Update on Post Border Crossing: 5/27 - Crossed the Border 6/1 - Appt at DMV to convert SK license to NY 6/6 - USCIS Status changed to "Card being produced" 6/8 - USCIS Status changed to "Card was mailed" 6/9 - SSN Received 6/9 - USCIS Status Changed to "Card was picked up by USPS" ( w/ Tracking number) 6/11 - Green Card Received 6/12 - NY state license received.
  3. I received my interview letter December 2020 on a Friday and it arrived at 4:21 AM EST
  4. Hi! Yep, it actually still does, and then under case status - it says "card is being produced"
  5. Hi! I crossed 5/27 (after 5 PM) and on 6/6 it changed to "card being produced".
  6. Hi everyone, I crossed at Portal border crossing on May 27th.. Only took about 45 minutes. It is so surreal to finally be here! Fingers crossed for interview letters soon! 🤍 hang in there.
  7. Thanks @HD_BIRDS ... Little late for me now, but this would have been super helpful a few months back! Our attorney has let us down multiple times so this really comes as no surprise that we were given false info!
  8. Hey Dania, I've actually seen this on here too.. I was actually surprised at this because our attorney had told us that a TN visa is not dual purpose visa. In other words, if you entered on a TN visa subsequent to applying for your IR1/CR1 visa, it would void your spousal visa. (and vice versa). This may not be accurate - just sharing what our attorney told us! 🥴
  9. Thanks @Prairiegirl3 & @Hawk Riders 1 & 2. In NY state, it appears you need to exchange your license within 30 days of establishing residence so waiting for green card / booking an appointment would have been a tight!
  10. Hey - just wanted to let you know I was in same boat. I had my interview in January and it was totally fine. I brought evidence that my spouse owned his property in the US, and that he was legally entitled to be in Canada. No issues with domicile!
  11. Dr Cheema is the only Doctor in Western Canada unfortunately. It’s Surrey or Ontario / Quebec. Apparently there used to be one in Calgary but he retired.
  12. I use XE. Love it. GREAT time to be moving CAD to US if you can.
  13. This is absolutely so offensive. Shame on you. It takes years for many families to get pregnant.
  14. Thanks @mam521 and @Hawk Riders 1&2! Unfortunately no ITIN yet. I can get on my spouses insurance, however I have a job lined up starting June 1 where I am eligible under their insurance plan - so was hoping for something short term!
  15. Hi - Does anyone have any suggestions for a "gap" health insurance to cover the time from when we the cross the border to when they are eligible to be added on to their spouses insurance? ...I was previously going to be using Seven Corners but they no longer have the "new immigrant" insurance I was looking at last year. They have now suggested I go on their "Liaison® Travel Medical Insurance for International Travelers" but this isn't sitting right with me because technically you are a resident of US when you cross the border, and not an international traveler. They told me it was no problem, but just wanted to investigate other options. I will be doing a 30 hour drive home and not having appropriate coverage is worrisome..
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