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  1. Don't try to force it or it will block you like it blocked me! I think your best bet is to simply wait. Try tommorow, it should work. The issue is that the data is not yet uploaded to their system and so it's confused.
  2. Hello, first-of-all, congratulations! I am in a similar situation, I'm flying on Friday (had my interview on the 10th, they will deliver my passport tommorow. Living on the edge they call it). Can I ask about the pre-clearance? I have never heard of it. I'm flying Prague - Paris- Minneapolis. So will somebody interview me in Paris?
  3. We dont have anything like that here. I guess I could ask my doctor to write something with her signature on it, but it has to be in English and I dont think she speaks English... So I'd need to write it and let her put a stamp on it, which is kind of ridiculous and shouldn't be neccessary but I guess if I wanna have some peace of mind..
  4. Hello, I am finally moving to the states on the 20th this month I have however a question about bringing prescription meds with me. I have pcos for which I have been taking a specific type of the birth control pill. My doctor kindly prescribed 5 packs or 15 months worth of the pill, which is obviously way more than the 90 days worth of they talk about on the TSA website. I probably won't need all of it as we are thinking about starting a family soon with my husband, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. Where I come from, we get the pills in strips with the name of the meds on the back of it. My name is not on it and my prescription was a qr code that became disfunctional once scanned at the pharmacy. How should I pack this? I'm worried they will be suspicious at the amount and confiscate it. Im thinking spliting it between my carry-on and my two checked begs, that way I have at least something left when I arrive? But that would probably seem even more suspicious to them 😕 I am also bringing some other meds, some prescription and some not, mainly pain killers used for period pain/back pain, allergies etc. but don't have the prescription for that either. I wouldn't even bother bringing these but I'd rather have it in case I need it and can avoid a (expensive) trip to doctor's in the states, at least for a while. Any advice or personal experience will be greatly appreciated 🙂 Thank you!
  5. That is weird. We just submitted the W2 my husband got at work and it was approved (took the entire 2 months though).
  6. I think that depends a lot - do you already live with your spouse/fiance in another country? How long have you been together and what are your needs (some people handle the separation better than others)? do you have kids/ expecting them? Eg. Me and my husband have been long distance for 5 years (met online), seeing each other once or twice a year for 4 weeks on average (1/10 would not recommend). So waiting 7 extra months to save the ROC fee is ridiculous to us (nevermind I will hopefully make that money and more in the time I will already be in the states where my earning potential is higher than back home). Some people have aleady been living together, maybe they can visit each other more often so they wanna avoid the hassle of ROC. Others are maybe expecting a baby so its important to move as soon as possible. So I think it depends, people's life situations are the variable that matters, that even if at first sight certain type of visa "doesn't make sense" for most, it probably still makes sense to thousands of poeple with particular life situations that they're in.
  7. They tend to forget that not every USC lives on the coasts in a big city. We are in rural Iowa (I mean, my husband is and hopefully I'll be there in about 2 weeks lol), and the wages aren't that much better than here in Czech Rep. We think a dozen times before we spend a dollar and when I think how much this has cost us already and how much it will continue to cost us... makes me sick. It could have been many a nice vacation that we never had, to say the least
  8. I watched a yt video on this earlier today and they made it sound like they changed the fees based on their perception of who might be able to pay more (eg. a us citizen who sponsoreed their spouse is likely going to be better off financially than a first generation immigrant who needs to pay whatever feeds for whichever process). Thats kinda effed up imo. It is insane that they will likely charge us this much and yet not much will change, we will still need to wait ages 😕
  9. I am immigrating in 2 weeks on CR-1 as our 2 year anniversarry is in 6 months. It is just sad that this will only incentivise couples to stay apart for longer. We have done 5 years long distance, so we're to a point where every extra day is just too much, nevermind I already have my plane ticket purchased. But I nearly about cried when I saw the proposed fee. They're putting arbitrary cut off for married couples for no reason and then jack the price up like this to remove conditions that didnt even have a reason to be there... for what? Gosh I'm so mad with this entire process, every time I think nothing can surprise me anymore, they come with something that totally flabbergastes me.
  10. Hello, I contacted the new medical center and they confirmed that 2 doses of a 2-dose vaccine are sufficient. I still have to get tetanu and flu shot though. It was a matter of the previous doctor being an id*ot, demanding things he had no right to. Nevermind they charge insane amounts for the medical in Czech epublic (used to be almost 800USD, now its about 650 at the new place)
  11. "The National Visa Center (NVC) completed its processing of your immigrant visa application and forwarded it to the U.S. Embassy/Consulate General, where an immigrant visa interview has been scheduled. Appointment information is located at the bottom of this email." That came from NVC. I dont have anything from Prague embasy as I havent been able to finish the registration on the ustraveldocs website (for the reasons already mentioned) and they recquire that I finish that and make the appointment as if to confirm it. It says that in bold red letters ono the page, but i cannot access it now as my account has been frozen. So im kinda screwed until someone helps me figure out the error on the website, but the customer service is about what youd expect it to be (at least in my experience so far). I wont have the interview lette from the embassy until I finish the registration process and I dont think theyd let me go to the interview without it.
  12. Yes, they did (we're doing CR1), for january 26th, but I was supposed to log into the ustraveldocs account and register my case there and book the time and date they sent me, but it wouldn't let me do that because of the error message that didn't make any sense. It didnt ask for any payments in the step where I got the error, it literally only asked to confirm case ID. But then the error read what I wrote before which obviously made no sense. I didnt see any options to pay anything anywhere on the site either (I think I'll have to pay the embassy fee through the website eventually?). The whole thing is weird and so far I have heard nothing from ustraveldocs or pragueivp... I get that they take their time, but I don't know what I'll do if they keep ignoring me and the issue with the error will persist. None of the phone numbers here in czech work, it is just a loop that always finishes with "to find out more about xyz visit our website..." and they hang up Anyways, thank you for your answer
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