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  1. That's reassuring to know. So, I guess I should feel content in knowing the hard part is over. It's been a long and stressful journey, but I'm glad it's nearly over with.
  2. Thanks! I think after 5 years I'll apply for citizenship instead of renewing the green card. 6 days and counting!
  3. I can't wait for it all to finally be done with. It's been such a long time coming! Thanks! I can't wait! This last week here is the longest week ever Thanks!
  4. Nice. I've already paid the $220 fee. Good to know it's a relatively simple process. I'm hoping Ireland preclearance makes it run smoothly. Yes, she's waiting as patiently as possible
  5. Hi. So, I am flying to the U.S. Next week and have my spouse/immigrant visa which I got around 2 weeks ago. The whole process was quite nerve racking and had me probably worrying more than I should have. Anyway, is there anything I should prepare for when I get to the border officers? Or is it pretty much a straight forward process of confirming details given I've already done the interview etc and been accepted. I'm naturally quite anxious when it comes to all this and just wondering if anyone else can give some experience or insight. I'm coming from the UK.
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