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  1. Hey there, I moved to the US last October and I'm currently waiting for my green card interview or employment document. I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with getting a license here whilst having a UK drivers license. I've read some people just get them exchanged whereas others have to redo the whole drivers test with a written and road test. I know it's state specific so if anyone has any experience with Wisconsin or similar that'd be great! Thanks!
  2. Hi all, I’m posting in the UK forum as i need correct advice/information based on the country I’m moving back to. I’m living in Pennsylvania but will be moving back to England later this year and taking my dog with me. I’ve read so many different resources online and I think I’m getting a list together of things I need to do but if anyone has been through this please could you tell me your experience and anything I may need to know? Thank you.
  3. I felt like this was the only place I could really vocalize this, as we’ve all been through the same life changing move. I moved from a small town in Somerset, UK in August 2018, so this August I will have been living in america for 2 years. I’m as depressed now as I was when I first moved out here. And I feel so angry at myself because I landed my dream job as an interior designer, I have a beautiful house, a perfect dog.. and on paper I have the life I always dreamed of. But I’m so unhappy. After all this time I still feel like an outsider. I don’t feel like I belong here or fit in. For some reason people don’t understand me half the time and it’s not like I have a particular accent. I miss England. A lot. I miss familiarity and I guess the feeling of being part of a community. It’s probably also worth mentioning that my husband and I have been having a lot of issues on and off since I moved out here so I feel completely alone. I don’t feel connected to him or like we’re in the same level in any way. So that doesn’t help. I’m not entirely sure what I’m looking for by posting this here. Just.. understanding, I suppose. Thank you for reading ❤️
  4. I am moving from the UK to the US on a K-1. I completed the medical for my K-1 in March but the following day the embassy announced they were suspending all routine visa appointments, so I was unable to book. Our lockdown restrictions here are set to be gradually relaxed starting from next week, so my thinking is that the embassy is likely to start routine visa appointments again from June barring a new lockdown order. Does anyone have any insight into what the booking process will be like for appointments? Will people who had cancelled appointments be given priority, or will it be first come first served? My medical expires September 12th so I'm sincerely hoping I can complete my appointment before then and avoid having to re-do it...
  5. I have a U.K. Defined Benefit pension with Centrica. I have never filed this on the FBAR (see: various threads on here from me in 2013 panicking about FBAR). I requested a benefit statement from this pension before I moved to the US, and it was around £10,000. Moving on a K1 and getting married, that was nowhere near the $100,000 reporting threshold for FATCA so I never worried about it. My ex husband and I divorced in 2018, so the FATCA limit would have dropped down to $50,000. It doesn’t apply to 2019 because I married my USC wife so the limit went back up. Here’s where I’m confused. I paid about £10,000 into this defined benefit scheme over the course of 5 years. If I do ‘retirement illustrator’ and choose lump sum, the cash amount is around £10,900, which matches about what it should be and was told to me when I left and froze the pension. But the ‘transfer value’ says £51,000. What on Earth? That’s nothing close to the actual cash amount I actually ‘own’. My understanding is that it’s like an incentive to get rid of you from the scheme. Centrica (British Gas) is doing pretty horribly right now closing down multiple offices, so I imagine they’re trying to bump off as many of us defined benefit pension people as possible. Things are so shaky with them at the moment though that they might not even be around when I retire. So what do I do about FATCA? Does the incentive count toward my reporting threshold or it doesn’t because it’s not actually my money and just a carrot they’re using to get rid of me? Again, it doesn’t apply to my 2019 taxes because the limit increased but if I missed it for 2018, I need to correct it. P.S. my mum in the U.K. sent me a cash gift of $15,900ish through PayPal. I saw this comes off some lifetime allowance thing somewhere? What do I do with that? I was married to my USC spouse at the time if that matters. Thank you.
  6. Hi all, ive read alot of forums regarding this kind of issue, I have 3 juvenile offences from 12 years ago one was a reprimand, referral order and a conditional discharge 6 months. All minor crimes when I was a nuisance of a teenager, I have since enlisted and served in the army for 10 years and I'm due to leave in march, scheduling my k1 visa interview for February. I have one adult caution for battery which was just threatening someone and got cautioned for it, should I be worried about all of these, or will my juvenile record be overlooked due to my 10 year service In the military? All of these showed up on my acro report I literally have no idea what is going to happen, any advice would be great, cheers.
  7. Hey Everyone, Still completing the I-129F, but thinking ahead a little. My beneficiary was born and lives in Northern Ireland - I know that he has to go to his interview in London. My question: is it going to be an issue that he has an Irish passport? It's all I've ever seen him use. Does he need to get a UK one? As if this whole process wasn't complicated enough 🙄 Thanks in advance for any guidance!
  8. Hi Everyone, I just created an account to ask a few questions. I don't have much info to add to my timeline yet since I have not yet submitted my packet. I think i'm thinking too much... For the I-129F, the form asks if the beneficiary if currently in the US to provide I-94 info and passport number, etc. The I-129F instruction sheet says to include the 1-94 in general. Does that mean that my beneficiary has to request his I-94 travel history via the DHS website? Even if he's not currently here? And does he also need to send copes of his passport as well? Apologies if this is a stupid question...I've just read and re-read the form and instructions about a thousand times now and I'm going cross-eyed.
  9. Hi all, I've been looking online for visitor health insurance for while I'm on the K1 visa but I have a few questions. Firstly, what kind of coverage should I be looking for? Inpatient, outpatient, urgent care coverage with co-payments? What kind of policy maximum and deductible? I don't understand the majority of the terminology used for this since I've never had to purchase health insurance before. Is there a minimum amount of coverage I need to get in order to get through the port of entry? Do I even technically NEED it to be allowed through? What kind of proof would I need to show? Secondly, how long should I be getting coverage for? I understand that I will have to change from a vistors plan to a standard one at some point - will that be after the K1 90 days runs out or after I receive a green card? If it's the latter, how long will AOS take? Will 6 months of coverage be too much or not enough? Sorry if these are stupid questions, I'm very new to this! Thanks!
  10. Hi all, I'm trying to gather all of the documents I need for the K1 interview at the London Embassy. I read somewhere at the start of this process that you should gather more recent evidence of your relationship to take with you as proof, though I can't seem to find anything in UK specific forums or on the official embassy website. Should I be looking through our chat logs again and printing evidence or is it not necessary?
  11. Hi everyone, I fly in exactly one month, so have put together my checklist of things to do before I leave. Is there anything else you think is missing? • Renew medical driving license (expires early next year - mine are only issued for 3 years due to diabetes) • Contact HMRC to arrange income tax refund (anyone know if I can do this the day before I leave, or do I have to wait until I’ve left and then do it? My last day at work is 8th November and I’m emigrating on 13th November - I’ll receive my last wage packet on 24th November - so does this mean I need to wait until after 24th November?) • Cancel phone contract • Contact pension company to arrange transferring money to 401K (I’m with Fidelity, who also operate in the US, so luckily, my pension can be moved over). • Print off all payslips for 2019. • Scrap car (31st October) - notify DVLA of change of ownership. • Register for proxy vote online • Call student loan company to let them know I’m moving/find out how much I owe them. • Print off AOS forms and check what documents I need to bring with me for that (if anyone has a list, I’d much appreciate it!) • Arrange for suitcase to be shipped (flying with two, will have a third shipped separately, as cheaper to do that) • Get six months supply of meds from GP (appointment is this week to arrange this).
  12. Hello, My boyfriend and I are currently considering marriage visa options. I am a US citizen and he is a UK citizen. We eventually would like to live permanently in the US, but we're considering spending some time in UK first. Our options are: 1) Fiance visa (K1) - He will come to the US to get married then apply for adjustment of status. 2) CR1/IR1 - We will get married in the UK through their fiance visa process, live there for a few years, then apply for his US green card through CR1/IR1. I am wondering if anyone else has weighed these two options? What are the pros and cons of each you found? Is there a reason one of these options is a better idea? Thanks for your help!
  13. Hello My fiance has an interview for his K1 visa at the London Embassy in about 3 weeks. We are confused by a few things because all the sites say different things, so I've got a few questions. 1. Do I need to bring the ORIGINAL I-797 NOA? We never got that in the UK, and it is currently at my moms house in Florida. I have a photocopy of it, and can get the original but I don't know if I actually need it. 2. I've seen people/sites say you need the ORIGINAL I-134. How am I supposed to get the original if it was sent off to the embassy in the packet? I have a copy of it (A copy of the whole I-129 petition), but I don't understand how I'm supposed to produce the original for this. 3. For my I-134 I'm using an annuity fund, which the majority of isn't taxable. So I can provide photocopies of my annuity fund agreements and monthly/yearly payouts that are stated on there, and again does this paperwork for the fund need to be ORIGINALS? Or can it be a photocopy. And would I need/should we print out my bank statements showing these deposits being made into my account monthly? 4. Does my fiance need to take MY (us petitioner) ORIGINAL birth certificate, naturalization/passport/etc. to his interview? Or will a copy of my certificate/passport suffice? Or does he not need anything of mine? The sites are all so conflicting. 5. Do I need the Original I-129 approval notice? Again, this is in Florida and we are currently in the UK waiting for his interview, so I can get all this sent over but I'd rather not have to send originals with sensitive information over but if I must I will. 6. Can anyone who has had a RECENT interview at the UK Embassy in London for a K1 visa tell me what documents they brought with them? I get the general sense of my fiance's passport, ACRO report, DS-160 confirmation, etc...but what about all the rest that I've read about people bringing? One site says one thing, his confirmation email with instructions says another thing, the london embassy site says another thing, it's so confusing. 7. I read on this forum that I (USC petitioner) can attend the interview if he requests that I come, but when we called the UK embassy in London they said I would not be allowed in. So which is the real answer lol. 8. Lastly, regarding my I-134...does anyone think it will be an issue with the fact that it's an annuity fund? I make well above 100% poverty line on it, even well above the 125% and I've got the paperwork/proof of it. It's just the majority of it isn't taxable income. Thanks in advance
  14. Hello just curious how the Embassy in London is.. how are the immigration officers? Did you have a good or bad experience? Was your case complicated or not? Thanks!
  15. I've already posted this elsewhere but I was told to post it here too. I'm starting to stress myself out about the medical questionnaire. Question five asks if you have ever taken drugs. If the applicant has but a long time ago and not for a sustained period of time, would the answer to this would have to be yes, right? Now I've read a few posts that say if you answer yes to this question you have to do a drug test and you may get banned for a year. Does anyone know what the procedures are? Would the drug test would be taken on the same day or would it be at a later date? And what are the chances of the whole case being thrown out? Cheers.
  16. Hello, I moved to the US on a K1 in October and applied for AOS, EAD/AP in November. I received an RFIE today for AOS/i-485 and it's in regards to my Birth Certificate. I am completely confused why I got an RFIE, as the document I submitted is a CERTIFIED copy issued by my government in the UK. It's a full birth certificate, written in ENGLISH. This birth certificate has been used for years and accepted at every point it has been used, by the UK government AND during my K1 application. I don't understand why now it's suddenly an issue. I have included the relevant pictures below with personal information blanked out, if anyone has any advise please let me know. Thanks!
  17. Hi all, Our CR1 case has been complete for a couple of a month and we have been waiting get an interview date for ages. 2 days ago, we got two notifications from NVC in our CEAC: (1) Appointment Cancellation Email that says " We previously notified you of the date and time of your immigrant visa interview at the U.S.Embassy/Consulate General in SINGAPORE, SING. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have to cancel this interview. We will schedule a new interview appointment as soon as possible and notify you of the date and time. There is no need for you to take action at this time." The weird thing is that we NEVER got a notification for any interview being scheduled for us. (2) We got another notification soon after mentioning that our case has been documentarily qualified - which is the SAME message we got when our case got completed back in February. All our documents have been received and approved for ages. Why this mail again? Has this happened with anyone before? We changed our embassy location from Mumbai to Singapore on 3rd July - could this be because of that? Thoroughly confused. (2)
  18. Hi there, I’m hoping someone can help me out with confirming what I need next? I require a police certificate from 8 months I spent in NZ, living with my fiancé on a working holiday visa. I am UK resident, filing for a k-1 in London. When looking for what to do I can’t find a definitive answer as the NZ police checks are automatically part of their K-1 process. As such, I have applied to the Ministry of Justice for a Record Check and filed a Section 14 Vetting Form from Police NZ. If anyone could confirm whether either of these are what’s needed, what happens next or just more information, it would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Matt
  19. Hi everybody, My new wife, a US citizen, and I (British) discovered that we are expecting a child recently and we have decided to have the baby here in the US and in order to stay together we are hoping to adjust status from the VWP and apply for a green card through a concurrent filing. I have read the step-by-step guide on visa journey as well as the information on the USCIS website and was just looking for some clarification from the experts here at visajourney. With a concurrent filing of both the I-130 and I-485, should my wife and I provide two separate cover letters? One for each form including a checklist of documents? Do I, the spouse, filing the I-485 need to include both a UK police certificate and the medical examination documentation (I-693) when filing or should we wait until USCIS ask for these documents? How long are medical examinations valid for? Given that my 90 days in the US ends on October 2nd and the due date of our child is September 29th, is there a specific time or sweet spot period when we should file the petition and documents? Would Australian bank statements showing a joint checking account open for about 6 months be useful supplementary evidence in proving a bona fide marriage? How many sworn affidavits of knowledge of the bona fides of our marriage are good to include as evidence? Should my wife, a citizen who has been living and traveling outside of the US for the past 3 years, file and backdate her tax returns before or after we file? Thanks a lot in advance, A worried, desperate and excited father-to-be.
  20. Good morning all, I was wondering if LPR's had any experience hiring a car. Let me give some background info. I am a British citizen living in the USA, I have my Green Card interview in 2 days so I'll be an LPR (hopefully) by the time my UK trip comes around I hold a Missouri drivers license We have a Bank of America credit card We are with Geico insurance I am from the UK I want to hire a rental car in the UK We are going to the UK for 2 weeks over October/November So long story short, can a British LPR hire a rental car in the UK using a Missouri driver's license? If so, what will I need? I have never hired a rental before in any country so I am clueless where to begin. Any help would be appreciated!
  21. Hi again (apparently I’m going to be posting a lot today! 😆), Today’s voting day for our European MPs (please god, not Farage 🙏)...and it got me thinking... I know after emigration, before naturalisation, I won’t be able to vote in the US...but does that mean I’ll still be able to vote in the UK elections (whilst on a green card in US)? Thanks in advance! Zoë
  22. Hi, my fiance and I received our NOA2 nearly 4 months ago and it is going to expire on the 21st. From what I've read it is easy to get an extension in four month intervals. Unfortunately we are having issues getting his medical information and him and I are both having separate medical issues of our own on either side that have sidetracked us a bit (me - US and him - London). We were never able to schedule a medical exam for him or the interview, however, we are confident that we can do this within another four months. What are our steps to asking for an extension? I've read that a simple email would work, but is that correct? And I believe that it would be from me to the UK, but where could I find the email for that? Also, how much information is necessary for me to give for why we haven't been able to proceed, and what are the chances of us being denied the extension? Thank you.
  23. Hi! Does anyone know what situations you need to update the DS-160 for (as in, create a whole new one to submit). We've some minor changes since i last submitted the DS-160 but I don't want to resubmit the whole form again unless it really is necessary. Everything on the form was 100% correct at the time of submission, but my interview is on the 10th Oct and my last day at work is 3rd Oct, so technically my current employment will have changed (I did write in the Job Duties section that I was finishing on 3rd to get ready for moving) The other potential update is that my fiancee changed his name legally in the US to make my name change process easier (we are taking on a new married name rather than hyphenate or take each other's names). He has sent me an official version of the name change document for me to take with me to the interview but is this grounds for updating the DS-160? I think my main concern is, if I update my job on a DS-160 form I'll have to update my fiances name too. Does anyone have any experience with this or similar issues? Any help would be appreciated.
  24. Hey guys, I am planning on filing a K1 visa for my fiance. I live in California and she is a British Citizen with a British Passport living on an OCI (permanent visa) in India. We met last April and she visited me this past fall on a tourist visa. She is now back in India and we are planning on getting officially engaged this fall (going in September) and marrying later next year (depending on when the Visa arrives). My question was on how the procedure would go: After sending in my 129f package, getting both NOAs, and the application reaching the NVC. Which Embassy would the application go to? Would it be in the US Embassy in London, the UK Embassy in India, or the US Embassy in India? How would the wait times be impacted and where would she need to go in for her interview? Should she prefer one over the other? How does her being a British Citizen living abroad impact the application? Thanks guys
  25. Hi all This forum helped me massively during the whole move to the States (I'm from the UK), so I guess this is now my time to ask a question. I got married in May 2016 and I currently have a conditional green card. Completed the interview in November 2017, so my CR green card expires this November. So- the love of my life was hiding the fact she was an alcoholic while dating long distance. When I met her, she was working in a winery (for a very low salary) and I told her that the drinking was a dealbreaker, along with helping her realize that working in a winery was also counterproductive to her goal of stopping. They practically paid in wine. She eventually started a new job as a customer service rep at a tech startup. Was great. After broken promises of therapy and sobriety, what I endured was a lonely and often unstable life at home with her. Constant lying and staying out drinking. Her family members turned against me the minute I asked them to help her. She called it controlling. We argued and I started becoming depressed. I took small jobs in catering and waitressing. In 2017, I landed an excellent job but her drinking and mistreatment were disrupting my life. My grandmother passed away and I was unable to get back to London to attend the funeral. It was traumatic and instead of my spouse being there, she went to a bar the same day and stayed out until 3 am. It was the last straw. I went back to London for 3 months to stay at my family home and recoup. When I went back to the States to seek a divorce and file taxes with her, she was reluctant. Meanwhile, her salary kept going up. We tried therapy, I slept on my friend's couch. I went on job interviews and tried to see how I could make it work still. My friend could no longer host me and I moved back in with my wife who started a 'sober life' with the help of regular therapy. The arguments and family resentment never stopped. I came back to London with a temporary job offer and just ran for it. We talked on the phone and she begged me to come back as things would be different, better in every way. From July 2018 - October 2018 I went to live with her and try again. I was applying for lots of jobs and also studying on my own savings. She got another salary increase, and her work life seemed to be going so well. But she would condescend me and scream at me in public. She was angry about having to pay for our rent. The therapist was suddenly not needed and her drinking became harder to hide. I asked to consider an amicable divorce but this was off the table. When I came back in October for my mother's 70th, I discovered she was sleeping with the HR Manager. I flew back to collect my belongings and immediately her lawyer was in touch to get me to sign a waiver for any equitable distribution. Basically, to sign to me agreeing I won't ask for any money. She fears this the most as her salary went up 200% since we met, and I'm unemployed. Divorce is all she wants now. I'm being pressured daily to sign this paper. I wasted my savings, my money on the immigration paperwork, and my time. I have no base in the US so I have to stay at my family home here in England for now. I'm also nervous I'll lose my green card, or worse - my right to return as a tourist, and I have NO idea how to apply alone. We will still be married for 3 years next month. Does anyone have any advice as to how and when I should apply to extend my green card, or even if it is better to hand it back so I'm at least able to visit my family? I'm totally stuck with what to do next... and the time to send off for my conditions to be lifted is August. Thank you so much if you read all of that!
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