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  1. Hi all This forum helped me massively during the whole move to the States (I'm from the UK), so I guess this is now my time to ask a question. I got married in May 2016 and I currently have a conditional green card. Completed the interview in November 2017, so my CR green card expires this November. So- the love of my life was hiding the fact she was an alcoholic while dating long distance. When I met her, she was working in a winery (for a very low salary) and I told her that the drinking was a dealbreaker, along with helping her realize that working in a winery was also counterproductive to her goal of stopping. They practically paid in wine. She eventually started a new job as a customer service rep at a tech startup. Was great. After broken promises of therapy and sobriety, what I endured was a lonely and often unstable life at home with her. Constant lying and staying out drinking. Her family members turned against me the minute I asked them to help her. She called it controlling. We argued and I started becoming depressed. I took small jobs in catering and waitressing. In 2017, I landed an excellent job but her drinking and mistreatment were disrupting my life. My grandmother passed away and I was unable to get back to London to attend the funeral. It was traumatic and instead of my spouse being there, she went to a bar the same day and stayed out until 3 am. It was the last straw. I went back to London for 3 months to stay at my family home and recoup. When I went back to the States to seek a divorce and file taxes with her, she was reluctant. Meanwhile, her salary kept going up. We tried therapy, I slept on my friend's couch. I went on job interviews and tried to see how I could make it work still. My friend could no longer host me and I moved back in with my wife who started a 'sober life' with the help of regular therapy. The arguments and family resentment never stopped. I came back to London with a temporary job offer and just ran for it. We talked on the phone and she begged me to come back as things would be different, better in every way. From July 2018 - October 2018 I went to live with her and try again. I was applying for lots of jobs and also studying on my own savings. She got another salary increase, and her work life seemed to be going so well. But she would condescend me and scream at me in public. She was angry about having to pay for our rent. The therapist was suddenly not needed and her drinking became harder to hide. I asked to consider an amicable divorce but this was off the table. When I came back in October for my mother's 70th, I discovered she was sleeping with the HR Manager. I flew back to collect my belongings and immediately her lawyer was in touch to get me to sign a waiver for any equitable distribution. Basically, to sign to me agreeing I won't ask for any money. She fears this the most as her salary went up 200% since we met, and I'm unemployed. Divorce is all she wants now. I'm being pressured daily to sign this paper. I wasted my savings, my money on the immigration paperwork, and my time. I have no base in the US so I have to stay at my family home here in England for now. I'm also nervous I'll lose my green card, or worse - my right to return as a tourist, and I have NO idea how to apply alone. We will still be married for 3 years next month. Does anyone have any advice as to how and when I should apply to extend my green card, or even if it is better to hand it back so I'm at least able to visit my family? I'm totally stuck with what to do next... and the time to send off for my conditions to be lifted is August. Thank you so much if you read all of that!
  2. Hello VisaJourney, This is a tough one for me to type out- my fiancé and I have had a few rough days. Basically, he went to his interview at the US embassy in London last Wednesday and we were put into Administrative Processing immediately after the interview. I feel like this might be a little different because when I search the VJ forums for some similar situations and guidance, I saw that most Admin Processing occurred after being “approved” at the time of the interview. Here’s a bit of background info: Andrew and I met in 2011 at a music festival in Florida and became friends. We didn’t start dating until 2017. We got engaged in 2018. Before we even began the process, he told me that he had an arrest on his record from when he was 19 (we are both 31 this year). This arrest occurred at a train station when he was highly intoxicated. He apparently got into an argument with a worker at the station and this worker called the authorities. He was taken into custody and made to sleep there. The next morning, he told the officers that he didn’t remember anything that had happened and they told him that both his friends who were there made statements that he was being aggressive and that the arrest was warranted. They told him to sign a paper, a “confession,” admitting to what he’d done because there were witnesses. Andrew has never been a violent person, even as a silly college kid on drunken nights and definitely not any time since, so this was very strange-sounding to him. Very upset by what the police were telling him, he signed and exited the station to find his friends waiting, both saying that he had not been aggressive with the worker and they told the Police this. The woman at the front desk also made him sign a paper acknowledging what he was being charged with…. ASSAULT. He asked the woman why it said assault as that was not what happened, and the woman said “we have to file it under something.. don’t worry about it.” You can see from this story that Andrew has been trying to forget about this night since it happened- to the point that over the years, he has forgotten the date/time of the event. He doesn’t even know what type of assault he was charged with. He has not had ANY trouble with the law since. Because of all of this, we decided to hire a lawyer to get us through the process. Included in the paperwork was Andrew’s Police Certificate which stated “No Live Trace”—obviously meaning that there is *something* on his record. Our NOA1 was received on Aug. 16, 2018. Our NOA2 was received on Jan. 14, 2019. His interview was at 11:30am on April 3rd. He was very nervous about being asked about his arrest but would give them any information he could remember. He said the woman interviewing him was cold and unfriendly, which made him more nervous and eventually she asked about the arrest. He couldn’t provide the specific time/date of the arrest or what kind of assault he was charged with.. Our mistakes are known here: We were naïve in thinking they wouldn’t press for those details/ thinking they’d already looked up the details themselves. We also wish our lawyer would have prepared us for this At the end she filled out and handed him the piece of paper that said our case was going to Administrative Processing. When he asked how long that might take, she just said “I don’t know.” Is there any advice anyone on here could give us about this? Our story seemed unique enough that I couldn’t find anything similar and we are so worried/upset by this result. Will they just look into the arrest themselves or have us get the additional records from ACRO? Will there be a second interview? With something like “assault” will there just be an automatic denial??? We’re really struggling to stay positive here. Any advice would be appreciated.. -Allie & Andrew
  3. I have my medical tommorow and I am soooo nervous. I have a history of self harm and still on medication for anxiety. I have all my documents and a letter from my doctor but I know its going to be enough. I cant wait to get this over with.
  4. Hello, I moved to the US on a K1 in October and applied for AOS, EAD/AP in November. I received an RFIE today for AOS/i-485 and it's in regards to my Birth Certificate. I am completely confused why I got an RFIE, as the document I submitted is a CERTIFIED copy issued by my government in the UK. It's a full birth certificate, written in ENGLISH. This birth certificate has been used for years and accepted at every point it has been used, by the UK government AND during my K1 application. I don't understand why now it's suddenly an issue. I have included the relevant pictures below with personal information blanked out, if anyone has any advise please let me know. Thanks!
  5. I posted about whether to file the 2 or 12 page I-130. I filed the longer one, with the two biographical forms. I just read about a new I-130A form ... was this supposed to be in our packet? I did not see it on the instructions! Thanks.
  6. I am filling out the I-130 and see that for addresses, it requests a province. What does this mean for in the UK? Specifically for in London. For example, I need to provide the province for the London US Embassy at this address: 33 Nine Elms Ln, London SW11 7US located at the London borough of Wandsworth. However, after much research, I am still not seeing what the 'province' is. Any help is much appreciated. Sincerely, A very stressed (but determined) wife
  7. I had my medical yesterday at Knightsbridge’s and my experience echos the positive accounts shared by other users. It’s nowhere near invasive as one would imagine and the people working there really are lovely. One thing that really made the experience an easy one (other than turning up with everything they asked for) was the medical letter I acquired from my GP regarding my long history of depression and agoraphobia. The physician conducting the medical assessment remarked that the letter was excellent and provided all the necessary information. The only question I was asked was if I had received counselling to which my answer was no, I wasn’t questioned any further. If you need a medical letter from your GP especially from one that doesn’t know you (as was the case with me) consider providing them with this outline and a note explaining your history in your own words and how you currently feel. It might provide some helpful insight and gives them something to refer to once you have left. This is the outline I provided the GP with as the basis for my letter: Diagnosis? Treatment? Duration of treatment and illness? Any prior or subsequent mental health or illness? Have there been any incidents of self harm, harm to others or suicide attempts? What is the prognosis and your opinion of the patients mental state. Is she a risk to herself or to others? I used my appointment to discuss my history and current mental state and explained that these questions needed to be addressed in the letter which they were and she even included parts of the note which I wasn’t expecting. I know it won’t guarantee the same results but it helped me and the Knightsbridge physician’s reaction made it feel worth sharing. 🤓
  8. My fiancé had his photo taken at a photo booth outside of Sainsburys. I lined his up to mine, and they were the same size, and from I could tell from the front, the same dimensions. His definitely doesn't look way smaller than mine. The only difference was that his has a white border around the frame of the picture, and an off white background. Has anyone else used a similar pic? Neither of us realized that there is a difference between US and UK photos, as there isn't much of one.
  9. Hello! I thought I'd publish my start to finish experience of going through the K1 Visa Medical, I am sure it will be pretty detailed so hold on to your butts. In late July I booked my appointment by calling Knightstbridge with my LND number from the NVC. The soonest date I was offered was Tuesday 27th August, so there was about a 1 month wait on booking. That was okay though, as it allowed me to do a little bit extra overtime and increase my savings prior to the bill. August 13th rolled around and so I pre-booked train tickets, a rather steep amount as it was a 450 mile round trip. I had initially planned to take a 9:30am train, but decided last minute to go an hour earlier, which was a sensible decision. I left my house at 8am, did the 2 mile bike ride to the train station, and set off. I arrived in London Paddington for 11:30am. Unsurprisingly, both trains were 20minutes late which is consistant with the UK train service you can expect to receive. I am familiar with the London Underground and how to get to where I needed to, but for those worrying about getting lost: Don't. It's dead easy. If you're coming by train, before you exit Paddington near the smokers corner, head down to Bakerloo Line (Southbound) and take it for 3 stops til you get to Baker Street. Then you simply switch onto the Jubilee Line (Southbound) until you reach Bond Street. I arrived on Bond Street at about 12:15pm, so with time to spare I decided to get some food from Pret, just around the corner from the Bond Street station. From here, it was about a 7 minute walk to Bentinck Street, and the first building you see is 11 Bentinck Street, which in the e-mail from Knightsbridge is the building to look out for. I was there! Alas, it was only 12:40pm, so I was almost an hour too early for my appointment! However, conveniently around the corner, past the Korean Streetfood shop there is a Pub where you can get a free water, recharge your phone, sit and wait or use the toilet. Knightsbridge Doctors from the front Press the buzzer for Flat 4 here, it is all clearly marked. The Appointment I arrived promptly for 1pm to my 1:30pm appointment, as I expected to be filling out paperwork. I was told to go and wait in the waiting room, which was pretty comfortable with big leather sofa's and water refreshment. At your designated appointment time, you are supposed to come back up to the desk. It's at this point that you will be asked to provide any documentation that you have. You're probably familiar with the list already, but what you will need is: Passport (Bring your original, and they like a copy - if you do not have this, they will make one) 4 US or UK style passport photo's. (Mine was a copy, I used a photobooth locally to get US Visa Photo's and did a colour scan onto photo paper to save costs) ACRO Police Certificate (I did not even bring the original, a copy of this will suffice) Vaccination Records (Mine was again, a copy) Completed Medical Questionnaire (Link is found in your email from Knightsbridge) - ALSO: DO DOWNLOAD THIS STRAIGHT FROM THE EMAIL, THEY UPDATE THIS PERIODICALLY AND THE ONE I HAD FROM 4 MONTHS AGO WAS OUTDATED, BUT I CAUGHT IT IN TIME. Something legitimate with your LND case number. I brought a copy of the letter from the embassy with the barcode on the top of it. Try to avoid handing over originals, as they will keep these documents (Passport is the exception). The guy next to me made life particularly difficult for the receptionist as he had no copies, and they were all original and he was kicking off about needing them all back. So make life easier for them and you, copy everything. I did this and kept them in a plastic wallet and handed it straight over. When the receptionist is done with the paperwork, they will give you another short questionnaire which takes 2minutes to fill out and a sample cup to pee in. You can pee in the cup at anytime during your appointment, which is a good thing as there is only 1 bathroom which is high in demand. After about 5 minutes after handing in my sample cup and completed questionnaire, I was called over to do my chest x-ray. This was pretty quick and simple, shirt off, lean on the machine, done. 5 more minutes in the waiting room later, another Doctor called my name, shook my hand and took me into the office. I can't stress enough how relaxed these guys are, I can't speak for them all but the Doctor I had (Doctor Clarke) had an excellent bedside manner, and a great sense of humour and was overall a pretty funny guy. I was asked the usual basics, to confirm my DOB and my name, as well as confirm any previous surgeries (In my case, tympanoplasty). I was asked if I smoked, had ever taken drugs, if I drink - how often etc. The usual Doctor questions. He then asked me to remove everything except undergarments, and lie on my back on the bed to perform some routine tests. In my case he tested my breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, eyesight. Nothing invasive at all. A blood sample was taken, though he had trouble locating a vein to draw from. My medical went smoothly with just one or two caveats. Lack of medical history. This is just due to my local GP being generally useless in almost every way. 5 times I had visited prior to my medical to request a Patient Summary or short break down of medical history. I even set up my records online, and signed my consent to share all of my patient history on there so I could access it. No bueno. All I got was my last 3 consultations. As a result, when it came to pay I was handed a consent form and letter to my GP requesting the information. The other issue was high blood pressure, I believe this is due to me using Panadol on a headache in the morning. I had no knowledge that NSAID's will send blood pressure through the roof, oops. Whilst it's not grounds for dismissing my case, the Doctor was being a Doctor and told me I needed to go to my GP, get a repeat blood pressure done and have the results, and an action plan faxed over to him. After being walked back to the waiting room, the time came where I was called up to pay. The receptionist went over what the Doctor had told me , so get consent signed, get results faxed over etc. She showed me all the paperwork, handed it to me and took payment. £330 was my total I paid, with no vaccinations needed at all. Job done! For those of you stressing prior to your appointment like I was, you can relax. It's really not that bad at all, and I'm not exactly in great shape. I have my interview in 2 weeks tomorrow, but in the interim I'm scheduling an appointment with my GP to get the rest of my medical signed off. I am unsure if Knightsbridge have 'held' my medical from the embassy until I fax further information, however I want it sorted ASAP so I can fly out on my preferred date on the 28th of September. Below I have included what forms I was handed post medical, with personal information blanked out. Total bill, along with a printout of FAQ's US Department of State form 3025. You will require this when you apply for Adjustment of Status. *DO NOT LOST THIS* Letter to my GP requesting a re-take of my blood pressure, attached underneath is a letter with consent form with a request for further medical history for my GP to fax to Knightsbridge. That's it for my medical experience, the whole thing took about 90minutes from start to finish and truthfully, I don't know why I was worried. I wish any prospective medical attendees the best of luck, just remember to be prepared! This whole process is about preparedness.
  10. Hey guys I've been using VisaJourney for advice all throughout my K1 process, but this is the first time I've needed to actually post something. I hope you can help. So me and my Fiancee have been going through the process since February last year. Yesterday (Friday 25th of Jan) was my interview date at the new US Embassy in London. I arrived half hour earlier than my appointment slot and was let in earlier too. I was given a number and sent upstairs. After sitting down for a few minutes I was called up to give in my official documents and answer some questions, I was then told to sit back down and that they'd call my number one more time. Another half hour passes and I'm called back to a different window with a lady who asks me some more questions pertaining to our relationship. She then says that they "should be able to approve that." I'm taken aback by how quick this was but I did clarify by asking "Did you say I was approved?" to which she responds "Yes." I then ask if that's it and if I can leave and she says I can. I leave the embassy probably about 50 minutes, maybe less, after entering. I get anxious sometimes and now I'm terrified I've done something wrong and that I was meant to stay in there or something, especially since they say you should expect to be in there for 1.5 hours on the embassy website. I've checked the visa status on CEAC using my case number on the IV section and it just says "Ready" Am I overreacting or is this a common occurance
  11. Hello all, for the k-1 visa interview, I have requested two UK police certificates but both were lost on the way. I think it very strange and am wondering if it has happened to anyone else. I requested the first one about two months ago, and because the certificate itself was very expensive (over 45 pounds), I opted for free delivery -- Royal Mail standard airmail that usually takes 7-10 days. But it didn't come after I waited for a month. Then I requested a free replacement copy, but it still hasn't come after three weeks it was dispatched. Out of urgency, I eventually had to pay another 54 pounds for an additional copy to be sent by international courier. Is it super bad luck of me or is there any problem or fraud in their mailing system? Has anyone ever received copies sent by ACRO's free delivery option?
  12. Hi there, I’m hoping someone can help me out with confirming what I need next? I require a police certificate from 8 months I spent in NZ, living with my fiancé on a working holiday visa. I am UK resident, filing for a k-1 in London. When looking for what to do I can’t find a definitive answer as the NZ police checks are automatically part of their K-1 process. As such, I have applied to the Ministry of Justice for a Record Check and filed a Section 14 Vetting Form from Police NZ. If anyone could confirm whether either of these are what’s needed, what happens next or just more information, it would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Matt
  13. I'm a UK citizen and am a software developer and my fiancee is studying forensic science to masters in the UK and living with myself, she will finish in 2020 and we plan to move to the USA ASAP and we're not the biggest fans of the UK culture. We are planning on starting the process of the K1 in Januarary 2020 so by the time graduation comes round hopefully the visa will be granted by the time of graduation approx september to october. Can we apply whilst we're both in the UK? To give reference we're both 20 years old at the time of writing. We obviously want to spend a minimal amount of time away from other and ideally both enter the USA on the same flight. Her parents have agreed to be sponsors for the visa. We have also been considering getting married and going down the marriage visa route (CR1) but this takes considerably longer than the K1 based on what I read. That is not ideal but with the K1 I am worried about how long the adjustment of status will take till I can work. Based on experience what's the best route for us to take? Many thanks in advance
  14. Hello! I was wondering if my fiance should apply for health insurance when he arrives? I have great insurance with the company i work with but i know i cant add him on till we are married. Any advice is appreciated!
  15. Hello, i am worried i sent my fiance my work letter authorization too early. I gave him one signed late August and then i gave him another one late September. His interview is in a few weeks. Would i need to send him another one? If so does it have to be a wet signiture or could i email it to him?? Thank you
  16. Hey, so i'm hoping to get a clear understanding of exactly what we need/need to do to move into the US through the K-1 visa. I've researched everything online but it's not clear enough for us :( basically our story is: My fiance is obviously American, but she lives here in the UK with me and has been for the last 6 years or so.. but now wants to move back to California (where her dad lives) and i'll be moving with her. From what we've researched online, my Fiance needs to meet a minimum income requirement etc, but does that mean she has to have a job in America, before we even move?? Because obviously we both live here in the UK so she doesn't have any American income, but we both earn money here from our current jobs... so is it really the case of, before we can even apply for the fiance visa, she needs to find herself a job in America, for us both to move?? Hope this makes sense to you and hopefully i haven't missed anything out Thanks, Ben
  17. Hi! Does anyone know what situations you need to update the DS-160 for (as in, create a whole new one to submit). We've some minor changes since i last submitted the DS-160 but I don't want to resubmit the whole form again unless it really is necessary. Everything on the form was 100% correct at the time of submission, but my interview is on the 10th Oct and my last day at work is 3rd Oct, so technically my current employment will have changed (I did write in the Job Duties section that I was finishing on 3rd to get ready for moving) The other potential update is that my fiancee changed his name legally in the US to make my name change process easier (we are taking on a new married name rather than hyphenate or take each other's names). He has sent me an official version of the name change document for me to take with me to the interview but is this grounds for updating the DS-160? I think my main concern is, if I update my job on a DS-160 form I'll have to update my fiances name too. Does anyone have any experience with this or similar issues? Any help would be appreciated.
  18. Hi all, just wondering if anyone has gone through a process where the daddy is a US citizen but the mama is a Brit. I'm currently going through the K1 process and we are looking at the CRBA process. I wanted to know whether you had to get a DNA test and have it signed by a court? Also, did the US father have to provide high school and college transcripts to prove citizenship to the US? Any help or support as we navigate this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!
  19. Expatriate Englishman living in the greater Houston area since 2001 . . . made my on-line application for citizenship today . . . seemed an auspicious date. Disappointed to learn that processing times are running 17 - 20.5 months Ho hum
  20. Hi Everyone, We're currently between NOA 2 and NVC stage in the K1 visa process and I was wondering, at what point is it best for the beneficiary to hand in their notice at work and leave their job before eventual Point of Entry. I have to give at least 1 month notice at my current job. I'm stuck on what to do because obviously I want to have as much quality time with friends and family before I leave, but at the same time I don't want to jump the gun and leave too early. I'm also having trouble finding any information on how this affects the process, does it matter if I've left my job already by the time I have my Embassy interview, no I still need to be in work until after the interview? I really don't like the idea of having to wait yet another month after the interview just because of my notice period. I'd love to hear other people's experiences of when they finished working before POE. Many thanks!
  21. Hey everyone- My British wife finally got assigned an interview date in the London embassy, scheduled 17 days after our notification. Official guides we had been sent said to wait until the interview was scheduled before arranging a medical exam. Immediately after getting the interview date, she called the medical clinic and they said there weren't any appointment slots available until the day after the interview, which we grabbed. Now we know that she won't be able to get a formal visa approval at the interview because technically the application documents are incomplete- Does anyone have any advice on how to avoid/resolve this? They said there is a long waitlist for filling in cancelled slots so that doesn't seem to be a viable option. Any idea how long it would take the medical clinic to send records to embassy/get approval? Any way to expedite that process? Thanks! -B
  22. We received our NOA 1 in late July and are eagerly awaiting NOA 2, although we appreciate that we won’t likely hear until after Christmas. I am eager for my husband to move to the States as soon as his visa is issued. He, however, wants to make sure that he gives a month of notice and travels a bit with his father before relocating. Ideally, he’d like about two months total. Should he give notice when we received NOA 2? Is there any notification that is roughly two months away from the medical/interview? I suppose I am a bit confused about what goes on at NVC and how long we can expect it to take. It seems that some individuals emigrating from the UK start scheduling their medical and such as soon as their file arrives at NVC. We will definitely have all the paperwork (vaccines, police record, etc.) ready in advance, so I don’t expect any delays there. But are there other delays we should consider? Thank you in advance for any insight!
  23. Hello we are February filers getting our NOA2. Does anyone know where to get the american passport size photos for the interview? When I filed my petition I had to literally photoshop and reprint his passport on photo paper and trim it myself.... Thanks
  24. My husband and I currently are residing in the UK. In April 2015, my husband (then fiancé) came to the states from the uk on a K1 fiance visa. We were married in June 2015. He then received his green card and right to work shortly after that. To to make a very long story short....He’s a music teacher, and we had some issues transferring all of his teaching credentials over. The dept of education wanted him to go back to college for a specific teaching music degree, even though he has his teaching qualifications as a general teacher in the uk and had been teaching music for 7 years prior. Anyhow...we decided to move back to the Uk together, as my special needs teaching qualifications from the US were accepted straight away. So in late 2016, we started my visa process to come to the UK. I’m here now....I arrived in April 2017 and everything has been fine. We’ve just been kicking around the possibility of moving back to the states to be closer to my family....as I’m not sure I love it here. But after residing here in the UK, my husband had to forfeit his green card. My point...if we want to return to the states to live....do we have to basically start the whole process over again, but with a K3 this time?. Or, is there a different, faster route we can take since we’ve already been through it once before? Thanks in advance.
  25. This is a common-case DCF London guide for spousal visas (I-130 for IR-1/CR-1). NOTE: Always do your own reading and research, and double check everything on the official sites. This is a GUIDE to show what to expect, not the official manual from the embassy. Read the whole thread to check for updates and caveats from other VJ members before beginning. The London Embassy provides it’s own information at the following URL, and also includes links to all the required forms, a complete and very detailed checklist, and an example completed I-130 form: http://london.usemba...4_domicile.html 2.4. Complete DS-2001 and write a supporting cover letter noting the date of your medical, your planned travel date (if known) and your email address. It would be prudent to include your LND number, also. This form and letter may be sent before or after the medical, but should be sent only when you’ve collected all the required documents listed above. Yes, you can send DS-230, DS-2001 and cover letter in one pack, if you prefer, all forms are mailed to the same address. Tip: If you are on a tight deadline and would like to travel to the USA ASAP, make sure you specify a travel date in the cover letter that accompanies the DS-2001. Although London cannot guarantee dates, they do generally appear to make an effort to schedule interviews in time for travel dates that applicants specify. They do not require evidence of your travel plans. If you are able to, you may also wish to state that you’re available for short-notice appointments in case a cancelled slot becomes available. Tip: Now you have your LND number, you case will also be live on the CEAC website, where you will now be able to track the progress of your visa application: https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker What happens next? You will now be awaiting an invitation to interview letter (“Packet 4”). Once you believe your medical results and all forms have been received, you can call the DoS line or the embassy to enquire as to whether an interview has been assigned (see contacts below) ahead of receiving the physical letter. Extra: Although not necessarily required for interview and London rarely asks to see it except in cases with red-flags, you may wish to use this wait time to compile some relationship evidence for your interview file, such as: Joint rental/mortgage agreement Holiday photos Wedding photos Jointly named bills Joint insurance or bank statements Birth certificates for any children you have together -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 3: Interview and visa! You can read reviews of interviews from the London embassy here, to get a really clear idea of how it will go: http://www.visajourney.com/reviews/index.php?cnty=United+Kingdom&cty=&dfilter=5&topic=IR-1%2FCR-1+Visa Roughly, these are the major things to expect: 3.1. Aim to be at the embassy about 30 minutes before your appointment. Remember you may not take any electronics into the embassy, including electric car key fobs etc. A nearby pharmacy called Gould’s will hold your items for a small fee. There will be a queue to enter, and may take some time. Your interview letter will be checked and you’ll be assigned a ticket number once inside beginning with I. Listen/watch for your number (it will likely not be at the exact time of the appointment on your letter). 3.2. At the first window, your original documents and photocopies will be handed over to a clerk, along with your passport photos, passport and your fingerprints taken. Your I-864 and evidence will be checked and collected (and this is also where you domicile evidence may be requested). You will be given a courier sheet to complete, and asked to pay for your visa ($230). They will also hand you a CD with your x-ray on it from the medical. You’ll then wait again. 3.3. At the second window, your original documents will be returned, you’ll be interviewed after swearing to tell the truth and signing your DS-230 Part II. You’ll be asked some questions about your marriage, partner and likely their family. Answer honestly to the best of your knowledge and you may be given the opportunity to share any relationship evidence you brought with you (rarely needed). Assuming the interviewer is satisfied with your responses, your visa will be approved and your passport will be held to place the visa in it. 3.4. Pay the courier (fee varies depending on delivery option you choose). They may advise you on how long to expect for your visa to be delivered and explain how to track your passport. It will usually be delivered within 10 working days. 3.5. Your passport with visa will be delivered along with a large sealed envelope. The sealed envelope must NOT be opened under any situation, and should be taken with you on your journey to the USA in your hand luggage to be handed over at the Point of Entry (POE). The package with your passport should also inform you about paying for the USCIS Immigrant Fee ($165), which is required to be paid before production of your actual green card, which will be received a few weeks later after your US entry. Note that your visa will act as a temporary 1 year green card until you get the proper one. Notes: The petitioner does not need to be at the interview. The petitioner may return to the USA at any point after initial I-130 filing and abandon their residency in the UK. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact information: At petition stage (I-130 filing) you can email the local USCIS team in London with any queries: USCIS.London@uscis.dhs.gov The general enquiry phone number is (extortion line, £1.23 per minute) for the embassy: UK 0904 245 0100 Department of State line (DoS): US 202 663 1225 LondonConsular@state.gov seems to work for making additional queries about interviews/adding spouse to embassy access list https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker Progress tracker post-NOA2. Address to mail the I-130 petition: USCIS Field Office Embassy of the United States of America (DHS / USCIS) Post Office Box 2444 London W1K 5WT Address to mail DS forms for visa application (Packet 3 return): Immigrant Visa Unit US Embassy 24 Grosvenor Square London W1K 6AH The US Embassy in London is also on twitter: @USAinUKCGCorner And they blog here: http://www.usembassy.org.uk/visaservices/ More about the USCIS Immigrant Fee: http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5af9bb95919f35e66f614176543f6d1a/?vgnextoid=3a2bb75e8109b310VgnVCM100000082ca60aRCRD&vgnextchannel=fe529c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1RCRD -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Share your own questions, timelines, process updates and caveats in the replies. Thank you to Nich-Nick in particular for her help compiling this guide, and to the UK guinea-pigs who have been kind enough to try it out!