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Found 21 results

  1. Is there a site like VisaJourney for moving to the UK? This site was great when I moved to the US, wondering if there is something similar to help along with the process of my USC Wife going the other direction back to the UK.
  2. Read a post recently about the importance of detail when filling out the DCF London contact form and am now worried about my submission. (I haven't received a reply yet but it was submitted very recently.) A couple questions... 1. My main worry is that I asked about filing CR1 for my UK spouse through DCF in the contact form and now I worry I should have asked for I-130. The reason I did not say I-130 in the form is because I know this is the first step to filing CR1 anyway. Other than that I was as detailed as possible. Should I be worried about this / could this be a potential slip up that affects me? And if so... 2. If needed, can further detail to your enquiry be added later? There was no email confirmation of submitted enquiry that followed up my enquiry, so I don't know if this is an option. I may just be letting worry get to me too quickly, but if this is something I have slipped up on I'd rather know now!
  3. Hi. So, I am flying to the U.S. Next week and have my spouse/immigrant visa which I got around 2 weeks ago. The whole process was quite nerve racking and had me probably worrying more than I should have. Anyway, is there anything I should prepare for when I get to the border officers? Or is it pretty much a straight forward process of confirming details given I've already done the interview etc and been accepted. I'm naturally quite anxious when it comes to all this and just wondering if anyone else can give some experience or insight. I'm coming from the UK.
  4. I had some PTO left over from this year which I can roll over till January (only), so I thought I'd use it to go home and visit family. The flight is booked and paid for already, I am due to leave on 1/12. On 12/13, a friend (also British) called me to ask about some visa stuff, which prompted me to check my old I-797s; and to my horror I saw that the 24 month extension period had already expired. I logged onto USCIS straight away and checked online and saw that my case was approved, so had a huge sigh of relief. Now I am back on the roller coaster ride of emotions again - the language on the website led to believe that I would receive my actual I-551 in the post before Christmas. However, I actually received another I-797 that says my request was approved, but also that I should not travel. Has anyone else here experienced a similar issue? Did you have to get an I-551 stamp at the local USCIS office? Are appointments easy to get? Are you able to travel with just this I-797 (I travelled many times on my old extension letters)? Does the GC actually arrive way before 60 days? I am transferring in Dublin if it counts for anything - they were very good with traveling with the extension letters in the past. I'm also hopeful that should not travel is not must not travel.... Any information and advice is greatly appreciated!
  5. Hey everyone! We're currently in the middle of a IR 1 application, but due to delays some tax forms were out of date. We resubmitted, but by the time we heard back, my passport was expired and took a long time to review. Resubmitted, but have yet to hear back. In the interim between submitting the renewed passport and getting a reply, the police check is approaching 12 months since being received which we should have noticed when uploading the passport, but alas. The police check was previously accepted, but I imagine when they review the case they will request a new one. I anticipate review next week based on waiting times on the NVC website, but will uploading the new police check now add us to the back of the queue? It seems as though uploading new documents to the portal changes your submission date to the date of upload, as that's what happened with the passport. Are they likely to take a good while to review the new police check? Should I just wait for a response and be ready to resubmit? We had the petition approved in 2019 but due to covid and some employment situations, we opted to delay the process until late last year. Really don't want to add another 3 months onto the application after they review and request a new police check x
  6. Hello, As a UK citizen and resident since my childhood I am wondering how best to fill in the DS-260 question regarding my secondary school degree/diploma, since we don't have high school diplomas in the UK. Should I just state my GSCE and A Level results? Or maybe how many passing grades I got in each? Thanks in advance, Harry
  7. Hello all! So, I've been wanting to travel to see my Mom in the UK, and I haven't seen her since moving 11/2019. We are very close, so it's hard to not see her all this time. I hold a Green Card (conditional) and it expires in 5/2023. Is it safe to go and visit her? Will I essentially not be allowed back home because I'm not a US citizen? I'm so paranoid that I could potentially throw away everything I've built here so far. I know the Green Card is used for re-entry, but COVID regulations freak me out. If anyone has any leads, I'd really appreciate it - Thanks!
  8. Hi all, I know it’s probably been asked a billion times but I wanted to see what current wait times are for some folk. I entered on my IR1 a few weeks ago and just wondered what people have been waiting to get the card in the mail. my SS card came like 4 days after I entered, which amazed me and my family lol I entered through JFK. Also is there a way to track the deliver/print/process of the card? Whenever I put in the receipt number it just says “payment had been made” or something to that effect. The email has a bunch of other reference numbers but I’m really not sure what anyone of them mean. mad always thanks in advance
  9. Hello guys, I recently got approved for an IR1 in May. The day after my approval, my husband began escalating his verbal abuse and vitriol towards me and eventually blocked me on everything claiming he wanted nothing to do with me over some very pathetic arguments we had been having. He then unblocked me and we tried to work things out as things between us were not going well. He kept dumping me and taking me back in a constant cycle over very minuscule problems and abusing me/threatening me over messages. It got so bad to the point where I just allowed him to dump me. I then entered the USA to activate my greencard. I had hoped that in this time, he would calm down and we could work things out but his behaviour got worse. He asked for me back and I said no. He is now threatening to report me to immigration services and claims that I used him for a greencard. We were together for almost 4 years, I entered the marriage in good faith but ultimately could no longer stay as his behaviour started to make me concerned for my safety. I put up with a lot of abuse from him from day 1 because I loved him and believed he could change. I am now worried because he emailed me telling me that he will report me to immigration and tell them that I left him shortly after I got approved. And that I have been trying to file for a divorce (which I have because I do not believe we can work things out). How will I know once he has done this? Will my green card be taken away from me? Will I be able to tell USCIS my side of what has happened? (I have an extensive file of evidence including: emails, whatsapp messages and voice recordings of his abuse). I have also applied for a re entry permit so that I can go back to the UK to take care of my ill mother but I ultimately want to move here and make the USA my permanent home. Will his false report affect my re entry application? I apologise if this is confusing or lacks context. I just need some help.
  10. Hello, I'm currently completing my DS-260 submission for a CR1 to immigrate from the UK to live with my spouse. I am currently completing a PHD in the UK but am unsure of my career plans after I have graduated. I have some general ideas but nothing certain. On the DS-260 form, it asks what career you are intended to go into on arrival. For a CR1 visa, how important is this section likely to be? And how specific would my plans have to be? Thanks in advance
  11. Hi my nephew got acceptance into Yale, which is the good news! The bad news is that F-1 (student visa) UK appointment is showing as end of August. How can I expedite to get a fast track/emergency appointment please? Thanks in advance
  12. Me and my girlfriend feel that our relationship isn't the most "normal" and we worry about how strong our proof of relationship/marriage will be for either K1 or CR1 respectively (we are unsure about whether to do K1 or CR1 but leaning towards CR1) We already know that we want to get married and will do either K1 visa or CR1 visa depending on whichever one is most likely to be accepted for our case. We have known each other for 6 months, 2 online and 4 months in person living in the same house together 24/7 and never being separated once. Since I was in the UK without a visa, I left before it got too close to the 6 month deadline, worried about my ability for future UK visits given her ESTA was denied at Port of Entry when trying to visit me in the US (treated as immigrant without visa, no strong ties to UK) We always had marriage in mind as an end goal for our relationship when we got into it in the first place, always kind of treated one another like a husband and wife, and after 6 months of our relationship together none of that has changed in the slightest. Due to this amongst other factors of only knowing each other for a short time, not having many pictures together, not going out on dates much mainly staying at home, not getting along with her family for pictures and not being able to meet my family for pictures due to her ESTA denial , her being 18 me being 25, not wanting to go into much detail about how and why we met (personal reasons), etc. we worry how our relationship would look like for a K1 visa, thinking that CR1 visa might look stronger. If we did marry online then met up for consummation purposes basically right now and submitted the CR1 visa asap, would our case be strong enough to be approved, or would it be stronger to not marry and submit the evidence we have (some pictures together, spending money on one another, living together for 4 month despite not having easy legal ways to prove that, letters from family recognizing relationship, call logs, chat history on discord, and whatever else evidence we can put together) for K1 visa?
  13. Hello, I am in the process of applying for a CR1 visa to immigrate to America to join my wife, who is a US citizen. I'm in the process of filling out the Online Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration Application (DS-260) and am wondering about what counts as a UK vaccination record. Does the Patient Access PDF count? Also, I am unsure about precisely which immunisations I am supposed to have had as a 29 year old man. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Harry
  14. Hello, I couldn't really find a relevant forum so I'm hoping this might reach someone who has some insight. I am a UK Citizen currently on a 10 yr Green Card expiring in Sept 2022. I have applied for US Citizenship. Mostly because: 1: Our long term plans are to live in USA 2: My mother in UK is unwell and I may need to return and live there for more than a year to care for her and I don't want to have my Green Card rescinded or need to apply for exceptions after 1 year. So, the best course of action seems to be to gain Citizenship that way I can work and live in the UK as a UK citizen but then return to USA as a US citizen at a later time. I do understand there are tax implications to do that and I'll need to file when I am in UK. My question is, do I have any big blind spots or concerns with this course of action? Plus my wife is a US citizen and will need to work in the UK so any insight into wat the best plan/Visa type for her would be appreciated. Thank you, Tim
  15. Hello, So my fiancé and I are in the process of getting our K-1 visa. We have an approval estimate of December 2021. I am British and my fiancé is American. As soon as I have the visa in my passport, I plan to go over there and get married as soon as possible. I want to take the last name of my future husband and was wondering how the name change affects the whole chain of status once I am over there? Has anyone from the UK done this and how did you do it? Any tips etc would be greatly appreciated! My passport and fiancé visa will be in my maiden name so I’m just wondering how it all works and how I go about getting my name changed on these documents once I am married. Thanks for the help and guidance xxx
  16. Hello, My husband and I are getting our packet ready to file for Nov 10th. i am am almost done building it but im not sure what to put the packet in. i have a report cover that can fit about 150 pages and sheet protectors to protect the papers along with dividers to show where things are. is that too complicated for them? i did it the same way for K1 Visa and AOS.
  17. Hello, I am not sure if there already is a I-751 November 2021 Filers Group yet but we are submitting our ROC package November 10th and this is what our package consist of: Payment in the amount of $680.00 (I-751 application and biometric fee) G-1145 (e-notification of Application/Petition Acceptance I-751 application Front/back copy of Permanent Resident Card, Copies of California ID’s, and Driver License Copy of my Husbands California Learners Permit Certified Copy of Marriage Certificate Copy of Joint Federal and State Tax Returns (2019 & 2020) Print out of My Work Benefits for Joint Insurance (Health, Vision and Dental and Life Insurance) Showing my Husband as the Beneficiary. Letter from our bank confirming our joint bank accounts 24 Months (quarterly) of Personal Checking account Statements 24 Months (quarterly) of Personal Saving account Statements Letter from our bank stating the name change of our bank Copy of our Lease Agreement Copies of most recent rent invoices Copy of family cellular Phone Plan and statements Copies of Credit Card statements showing we are authorized users and a letter explaining why we haven’t charged until this year. Four affidavit letters Photos
  18. Just got approval today for k1 fiancé visa. My fiancé is in UK and he is traveling to US at the end of the month. My concern is that in March 2020 he arrived at Chicago OHare airport on an ESTA from London UK and was denied entry. When they denied him entry they also said that he overstayed his previous visit even though he never stayed beyond the 90 days that the ESTA allows. I think it’s just because his travel plans changed from the original return date and he didn’t realize that he had to notify anyone. They thought we were going to try to get married but I was technically in the middle of a divorce at the time so I couldn’t legally get married. They still denied him entry and kept him overnight then he had to pay for his flight home the next day. My question is will this denial come up when he arrives at Chicago O’Hare again this month with his k1 visa and sealed paperwork in hand?
  19. Hey guys, I had my interview 10th Nov and I was refused due to AP. Since then, my CEAC status changed from Refused to Application Received within the last 2-4 days. As per usual, the page says to check after 2 business days but I have a feeling it will take a little longer. Is anyone else going through the same or Has anyone been through the same?
  20. Hello, My husband and I are finishing our paperwork for submittal. One question we have regarding the I-130A — when entering addresses for the UK, in the ‘Province’ field, should it be left blank since there really aren’t provinces in the UK, or should we put the county? i.e for Manchester, put Lancashire as the Province? One other question, and I’m probably just nitpicking, but want to do it correctly… in the instructions for the 130 (not even sure if it says this in 130A instructions) it states to put NA in unused fields. Do people generally put NA throughout in all blank fields, or would you just do this in the first field of the section to indicate no info will follow? thanks in advance for any assistance!
  21. Me (US citizen) and my fiance have decided to stay living in the UK together, instead of using our granted K1 visa which is in my fiance's passport. This is because the EAD waiting times are sadly too long. - Is there anything we need to do, in terms of notifying the US embassy, or sending back the packet of docs? - Will this affect travelling to the US at a later point (getting an ESTA). Thanks in advance!
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