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  1. Hello, I am Italian and I am waiting for my interview at the US Consulate in Naples. My husband and I started out CR1 petition on April 3rd, 2019. Visajourney has published a very helpful Megathread regarding the latest announcement from President Trump and the immigration suspension order. Since this website represents a great support for us, while we are waiting to join our beloved ones, I was wondering whether other Italians are in the same situation as mine. My first appointment (April 21st, 2020) has been cancelled and I'm (hopefully) waiting for another one. How about you? Feel free to send me a message, maybe we can create a group and stay up to date regarding this incredible situation. Thank you, Mirna
  2. Hello everyone As of March 22 i received an email from the US embassy scheduling my appointment, i had my medical examination in the same day , my appointment should have been april 01 , on March 20 the US department of state suspended all the routine immigration visa services worldwide , but i emailed the embassy inquiring if the appointment wss cancelled or not, but there was no response, on April 01 i went to the US embassy and as soon as I arrived they told me there was no office in duty to interview me , yesterday i opened CEAC and found that last update on my case is on April 13 although i didn't have my interview,
  3. Is anyone else having trouble getting an appointment for the US embassy in Mexico City? The ACS appointment system doesn't show any available dates.
  4. My fiancé and I have applied for a K1 Visa and we are near the end finally! However, recently I have felt super discouraged because we cannot schedule an interview and was wondering if anyone has experienced this or has any advice? We have submitted everything, paid all fees, and the status of our visa is "READY for interview...please schedule an interview". However, every time I get on the website to schedule an interview for the past 2 weeks it just says " no appointments available". I refresh it very frequently and check often, and still nothing. When I emailed the embassy they said it was just a "first come first serve" type of thing. There is a time estimate of 6 days for nonimmigrant visa appointments, but no kind of time estimate for the k1 interview. I just don't know if I need to expect to wait a few weeks to a few months. It's so hard and stressful to not know any timelines or what to expect...I just feel in the dark. thank you for any help!
  5. As much information as there is on the state.gov site, it is SO confusing. Can anyone explain how they paid for the K1 visa so that the interview could be scheduled? I am specifically talking about Cuban applicants that have to go to Guyana for the K1 visa interview. The instructions on the US Embassy in Guyana site state to pay cash to an account at a Scotiabank Guyana. There are no retail Scotiabanks in the US so how is this fee paid? I just want to schedule the visa interview and it seems there isn't a single answer. I've emailed the consulate already; waiting for a response but hoping someone could enlighten me on this process during the interim. Am I supposed to wire money (which I feel is completely unsafe)? do I email the embassy for an appointment? What's the protocol here? Thank you.
  6. We received the email from the NVC that our paperwork is being sent to the embassy and it said we should follow the instructions on the website for applying for the Visa. I am a bit confused about the steps to take from here. I am sending the sponsor form and other documents to my fiance in Nigeria, I know he has to fill out the DS160 form. Must this be done online? Also, does he call for an interview appointment or will the embassy give us an appointment when they notify us they have received our paperwork? I'm nervous we should be calling for the appointment now. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi everyone, does anyone have an idea when is the best time to schedule an appointment? I’m afraid of freezing my account again. Where can I check the availability of date? Is that even a possibility?
  8. K1 visa here. i have been having trouble getting past the 'upload passport' section after creating an account at ustraveldocs. i have already completed the DS-160 and completed the payment. however, every time i log in it sends me to this page with the notification about the DS-160 and upload passport. even if i upload my passport, all it says it that my account will be updated but i have already done this twice in 72 hours and it still sends me back to this page. no other option but to log out. i have tried using a chrome, safari, and firefox. i have also tried changing my password. other noteworthy information: upon creating an account the system tells me that there is already a previous account with the same email and the only choice was to merge it. system also directs k1 visa to immigrant category before creating an account. has anyone encountered this issue? attached is a screenshot of the page im currently locked in, preventing me to schedule an appointment. any help is very much appreciated
  9. Hi All, Struggling to find any info online - so creating my own thread. Some information like dates will be vague because I am sure they are following my every click My wife (US) and I (UK) have been in the spouse visa CR1/IR1 process since June last year. After being together for years, we got married in Summer 2018, and applied for the visa straight away after weighing up fiancé vs. spouse visas with finance and work opportunity etc etc. I have finally been sent a London interview date of October XX, 2019. While we are happy to be at this stage, I am actually very unfortunately unable to attend this appointment as I will not be in the UK at this time. There are no options on the CSRA online portal to re-schedule this appointment, or even let them know I won't be able to make it. I called the embassy helpline on two occasions and spoke to two different people who told me to just miss the appointment and then I'll be able to re-schedule - but this sounds dangerous to my visa and potential future, and something I'd like to avoid at all costs. Has anyone been through this before? Anyone know any inside scoop on this? I have been terrified of doing something wrong during every step in this process and now I am at risk of failing during the final stretch. Any help at all would be appreciated. Thank you, unionmac
  10. So I've been working on getting my F2B visa approved since 2011, was living in the US and was adviced to choose the "consular process" route outside of the US, which included a physical exam that cost me around $500.00. At the exam I was questioned about past drug use, which I responded as "no" at first and then I mentioned that when I was 15, someone gave me what looked to be a regular cigarette, which I tried twice but did not recognize or enjoy. Untill this day have no idea what the contents where other than mostly tasting like regular tobacco, and in seemed like a joke was being played on me. Its probably one of those deep memories that had never came up until that question was asked, I was trully embarrased to share it with the physician assistant, since I was being tricked in the moment it happened or "pranked". After this small interview they took a random urime sample (drug test), I assumed since I've had history of "tobacco abuse" in the past, ever since the day I've been looking around the web, and apparently, drugs are inadmissible grounds when it comes to immigration and I am wondering if this will delay my visa proccess. Im sure everything I said at my physical will be shared with the consulate on the day of my interview (T- 4days), and keep going back and forward about what to say if the question comes up, I feel like someone was trying to drug me, and there is no other way I can look at my situation. I regret ever even mentioning, it was a very personal story and not intended to trigger the worst case scenario. Thanks for your answers Sincerely, the guy.
  11. Is anyone from Amman, Jordan has CR1 Visa got his/ her interview scheduled recently?
  12. Hello, please I need some help here, I'm adjusting my status from Visa b1/b2 to Resident permanent for a citizen husband, I received the notice of biometric appointment with my married name (I requested to change it for married name) well... I have my appointment in August 7, My concern is that I don't have any ID with my married name yet! What can I do? My married license has my maiden name too... I'm nervous about that... Also My passport is expired since June, my only ID I have is a Visa laser b1/b2 wich expires until 2025... Can I show that ID? Hope I can receive answers here, Thank you in advance
  13. Hey guys, Earlier this week, I was trying to schedule an appointment for my VISA Interview online, but I'm facing certain troubles. The process was going good and I made a payment, as required, during the process using IMS. Later when I was to put in a receipt number of my payment, I put the 12 digit IMS Receipt number, but ever since, it's been showing the message "No valid record can be found for the entered receipt number. Please validate that your receipt number is correct and that you have paid the correct amount for the visa which you are applying for" . I googled my problem and was guided to wait for two business days before contacting the operators/authorities. It has been more than four business days as of now. What should I do next?
  14. First time posting so please forgive if I'm not doing it correctly lol 1.) I recently received an e-mail that says i should schedule my interview (IR-2)! It also included a checklist of documents to bring/scan. Am I supposed to bring only those with Xs? 2.) If my mother (petitioner) got her citizenship through marriage, am I still required to bring her CENOMAR (from PSA) and annulment documents even though they weren't marked in the checklist? 3.) Can ALL AOS documents be photocopies? My mother mailed the originals to me but they still haven't arrived, I'm worried that they won't get here on time because I plan on scheduling an interview as early as possible. Additional tips are also appreciated, especially regarding the documents because I'm very nervous and I really want everything to go as smoothly as possible. Thanks!!
  15. Hello, I wish to have your opinion concerning my situation: My American fiancee received a notification explaining that my file left the NVC heading to the US Embassy in Paris (K1 visa) on the 30-APR-2019. In the email she received, there is a website (https://travel.state.gov/content/travel ... ek-1.html) that explains the different steps and in particular the following: the DS 160 as well as the appointment at the embassy but also that I have to wait to receive a letter/mail with instructions. I'm very stressed about that situation because I still didn't receive anything from the French embassy and I just don't know what to do. I've sent some emails, I've called and I got nothing. I'm very surprised because I didn't think I had to wait that much time just to get some instructions from the French embassy... What should I do? Should I just wait? It's getting very stressful ... Thank you very much in advance for your help
  16. I was trying to reschedule both appointments before the deadlines but it turned out that I was late to get the biometrics part rescheduled before the deadline. Is it's even possible to reschedule the biometrics appointment and the interview since I missed the biometrics appointment? The interview is two days, so what will happen since the biometrics appointment was missed? I was told that that automatically cancels the interview? if so what should I do next if I want to reschedule them? I tried to reschedule in this website: https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-BR/iv/groups/20869694 but I didn't see a option for it.
  17. Hey guys, I have a question that may sound a little silly. Our case has been approved, we were issued our case number, and the embassy in South Africa received our case. The case was received by the U.S. Embassy in Johannesburg on the 9th of April. My question is, do I have to wait for them to contact me first by sending the Packet 3 before registering my appointment for the interview on the website. If so, how long does it take to typically receive Packet 3? Thank you so much!
  18. I was trying to schedule an appointment thru InfoPass. When I try to click on the site where our local USCIS office is this information showed up. This is the first time that this happened when I'm scheduling an appointment. I was trying to make a schedule to ask if they can give me a letter of extension for my stay here in the US. My I-751 is still on process and my school already hold my student account which means I can't enroll for the summer term. The extension letter that I gave to my school will expire on August of this year but they already took hold of my account and they wanted to have a newer letter or my 10 years green card. I was wondering why are they not accepting any appointments and the ting that I wanted to do is not on the options. Are we still under government shutdown?
  19. Hi there. I already had 2 reschedule online because the first time is we had found an earlier appointment back February and the second time was because of the sputum collection. Everything is cleared now and we had it rescheduled to the 29th of April. Is there any way to know what are the available appointment dates as of the moment? I’m planning to have it much earlier and I can’t see it anymore online since I needed to cancel this one and I might need to pay another MRV fee.
  20. Hi guys i need your help! Tomorrow is my doctor appointment and i don't feel my best. I have flu symptoms and mostly cracked voice . I am afraid that i won't qualify as healthy. I don't know what to do . I'm trying my best to drink warm fluids and just take paracetamol but no good news. What to do and what to expect? I would really appreciate your answers. Thank you
  21. Good evening I just had my vaccination earlier this morning. I have completed the 3-day sputum collection from January 30, 2019 to February 1, 2019. I waited for 2 months, and today marked the 60 days of waiting and I went to Saint Luke's Medical Center Extension Clinic. They said that they are not allowed to tell me the results of the culture test and the results will be revealed at the day of my interview. They told that I can now reschedule the date of my interview after the long 2 months delay. The questions that I want to ask is - do they really reveal the results of the culture test at the interview date or should have they told me on the spot after 2 months in SLEC? Another question is right now, the appointment dates for April are all booked out and is there any way that the US Embassy will open more slots this month?
  22. Is anyone else at the stage of scheduling their interview appointment online with the Ghanaian embassy? I log on the site at least 20 times a day, every single day. Not counting the times that my fiance is also checking. And each time, it says "There are currently no appointments available at this time". Have you guys notice a time frame that they are releasing new dates? Like should I be looking around the first week of the month or the last? I am so frustrated. So close, yet so far!
  23. Hello everyone! My spouse and I got our i-130 approved on 01/30/2019. She is in Mexico, no waiver required on our case. We filed on 09/12/2017 while living in Puerto Rico (I am a US citizen) and after Hurricane Maria hit PR we left for Mexico. So it changed from an adjustment of status (she was on a tourist visa) to a 2 step process. Finally got approved on 01/30/2019 and were told by USCIS the waiver/pardon is not required because she was never illegally in USA. Just wondering how much longer do you think it will take to get the welcome letter and then the appointment.
  24. Hi Can anyone suggest what I should do. I am on pending i-485 but I received my combo cards (work authorization & advance parole) last year. Since it is going to expired in coming March. I called the office and heard I could send applications for the renewal in 90days, so I got everything ready and finally the post reached the office in mid-Jan. I thought it’s not the first submission just requesting a renewal of card. And I have stated the expiration day also on the form. Assumed they will send a new card to me soon, I need to travel back home, so I booked my travel ticket.. Now I only got NOA letters saying they are processing the applications. Can anyone tell me how long the office usually sends the new card to you? Is it possible the government haven’t sent out a new valid card to us before the old card expired? I am worried to travel outside without a valid combo card. What should I do next ? Thanks 🙏🏻 I need to travel outside the end of next month.
  25. This is just a general post to let those know that if you are attempting to schedule an Infopass appointment online at the USCIS Boston Field Office (located at the JFK Federal Building downtown), the website online always says there are no appointments available. However, if you go to the office in person, there are kiosks available and you can schedule an appointment. There were a bunch of time slots available starting as early as next week, which did not show up online. When I asked the reason for this, they did not have an answer. It also seems like you could schedule an appointment for someone else if you needed to, you just need the person's name and phone number to book an appointment. This is the website to book appointments online: https://my.uscis.gov/en/appointment/v2 Also, for whatever reason, Infopass appointments are closed and unavailable just for this week (until tomorrow 2/15/19). Hope this can help someone!
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