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  1. It will come soon. I was reading on USCIS website its usually within a month. Did you give fingerprints for your AOS?
  2. can you meet up anywhere else in the world?? 2 years and 6 months not seeing each other is really long time
  3. YAY! You will probably get the extension letter in a week. Your case is in Texas service center
  4. Hi everyone, Here is my timeline too: 8/16/22 Packet arrived at Elgin, IL 8/19/22 Text message (Vermont case) 8/22/22 Check cashed 8/27/22 Received extension letter
  5. Thank you. I will just wait and see. I was not sure if they can even rejected it so fast ( due to mistake in the form ) but for the check probably they could. I am hoping this message means its accepted
  6. Hello everyone. My case was received on 08/16/2022 and today I got the text message. The case status says: On August 16, 2022, we received your Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, Receipt Number ......, and sent you the receipt notice that describes how we will process your case. Please follow the instructions in the notice. Does that mean that is not accepted ? Check hasn't been cashed yet as well. What did your case status usually stated when they received it ?
  7. I Adjusted my status from tourism visa after got married and I was lucky got approved in 4 months. It all depends, If you are not in USA and come with this intend its not good . I did not plan it but Covid happened while vising my husband originally for 1 month and he proposed to me and did not want to be separated. We got married during my 6 month stay permitted and I was never asked any questions about it.
  8. Yes, Family member will be a great option. What other documents you can provide that are shared since you do not have any joint bank account?
  9. This is what the translation agency sent me when I asked them to translate it so i guess its marriage certificate?.....
  10. Hi. It is marriage certificate from church. I am was confused how to name it but my husband proof read the whole thing and said it all looks good.... Hope they do not say anything about it. Also in my country, i can ether register my marriage from here or have another one because they do not consider this one here in Bulgaria unless has apostle, translation etc i wrote : Copy of Marriage Certificate, Married on 08/27/2022 in Bulgaria (church certificate My package is arriving on Tuesday, maybe i should call Fedex and have them send it back to me and I will resent again ??
  11. We got married first in USA and when I received my GC we went in my country and we did another wedding/marriage in the church so its marriage certificate from another country. I already sent it like this and I though is really strong evidence because we put money into a wedding with my family oversea.
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