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  1. wow, so just because you didn't put "N/A" they sent it back. My issue right now is getting my tax return. I can't get it online because I don't have a mortage, loan, or credit card to confirm my identity and the IRS is not taking mail forms to request the tax transcript. I don't know what to do
  2. I married my wife while she was on a visitor visa, so she is inside the country. What visa is that considered then?
  3. My wife and I are recently married and I'm filling out all the forms. I don't think you right? I-944 applies to all new immigrants. It as to be applied along with the I-485 as of February
  4. Hello Guys. Thank you all for the information you provided. We are doing I 944 right now and on the instruction for it says that we need to provide IRS tax transcript. We tried so many times to get it online and the system can not verify me even I provided everything that was needed. I called IRS and they told me that at the moment there is no other way to get the transcript but online. So do you think its okay If we send the documents without the requested transcript ( we can send 1040 and W2 )? And my second question is about the education part. Which education evaluation services are the fastest ? Thank you!
  5. hey everbody, I am currently filled out the I-765 (work authorization). So I have a social security number, but it was only valid for my J1 work and travel. In the form, it is asking in the very beginning it is asking "reason for applying". Because I have used my social for work and travel purposes, should I select "Renewal of permission to accept employement"? Also, on number 14 it asks "Do you want the SSA to issue you a social security card", what should I select? Because do already have a social security number but its only valid during work and travel purposes.
  6. Hello guys. I am at the same situation with the I 944. I have bachelor degree diploma and I am about to get my master diploma next year. For the master I can present a general reference with all the subject I had during the master program. I will have the university to sigh it and stamp it. Do you think that would be accepted?? And for the bachelor, I am wondering which is the best option, Is it possible to use the service of some colleges or university in the States to acredited my bachelor diploma?? Thank you in advance!!
  7. The 944 is also all of her information, correct? Because I'm starting that form now. At the beginning it doesn't say beneficiary of petitioner, but I am assuming that this form is for the beneficiary?
  8. Quick question guys, I am work on the I -485 and on question 13.A it says "In Care of. What am I supposed to put there?
  9. On the i-944, i havent filled it out yet, just a quick glance. When we have to provide income, I make enough, but it uses the word "household". We are living with my parents for the time being, but I am not dependent on them financially. Since we are living with them, must I include them as part of the "household" even though I am not financially dependent on them?
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