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  1. No, thank you for the information. I will try
  2. At first it was Texas, than they moved it to Nebraska, and we didn't know that untill we filed our firat inquiry for outside normal processing time
  3. Hi, I am a US citizen. We filed I-130 petition for my husband on 02\01/2020. They received our case and sent us an acceptance notice. Now it's been more than 14 months and case is still pending. We filled many inquiries for outside normal processing time and they say they are unable to determine when the adjudication of our case will be completed and no further action is required from us.My husband was a green card holder, we lived in the US, but had to come back to Bulgaria for circumstances that we could'n change. He stayed more than a year outside the US and lost his green card. Now we are appying again but it is taking so long maybe due to the global pandemic situation. Is there any way he can get an immigrant visa and wait for the green card in the US?
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