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  1. I fully understand your situation because in more ways than one, we are in the same boat.. I honestly feel useless at times haha! Since I have no money of my own, can’t drive, tries cooking but hubby is the better cook so he prefers to cook for us instead, not yet pregnant and today is my 36th birthday, having trouble obtaining my SSN, worrying about how to start compiling for evidence if and when we get our AOS interview.. so yeah, I’m not in the very best of places right now too.. One good thing that’s happening right now is that my husband is a really great person.. he is very supportive of me, in every way.. also, I have an excellent relationship with my in laws.. It’s good to hear that you’re undergoing therapy. Also, I am trying to learn Spanish for two purposes: makes the time pass by, and hoping that it will be useful in finding a job in the future ( our judge friend told us that they hire interpreters for $50 an hour ).. I also communicate with my family and friends on a daily basis.. reading books and magazines help out a lot, too. I keep our two houses clean ( workdays we live in an RV Park, weekends in our other home).. so yeah, anything to make me feel a little productive 😊 You / we will get through this.. we are blessed that our spouses are not bad people ( some married spouse-beaters).. let’s take one day at a time and before we know it, we are actually loving living here 😍😘 I wish you all the best!
  2. Thank you for correcting me @geowrian.. apologies for the wrong info OP..
  3. hi OP, https://www.uscis.gov/policy-manual/volume-7-part-b-chapter-3 I’m not sure if this will help, but you can check:
  4. Off topic guys, my apologies.. we just received a letter from Blue cross Blue Shield that they need my SSN or ITIN to be added to my husband’s health insurance.. * we tried to apply for my SSN about 17 days before my I-94 expiration ( I know, I know, I’ve beaten myself for that 😞😞😞) but was put on manual check, haven’t heard from them yet ( of course if we do hear from them, it would be to learn that “ We cannot issue a SSN as of this time ) so this route is a dead end * currently waiting for my biometrics appointment ( tomorrow in fact, in Oklahoma City ) * I’ve tried to research on our best course of action, seems like my only option is to apply for an ITIN ( which means my husband needs to file for his taxes ASAP ) for two purposes: to have an ITIN to be presented to the health insurance and for my husband to file as married filing jointly .. Any inputs ? Thank you guys 😊🌞
  5. Sounds about right .. thank you! Will discuss this with him 😊 happy New Year!
  6. Hi guys.. I ( non-US resident, spouse of a USC) arrived in the US last Sept 2019 and we got married last Nov 2019. 1. I was working in the PHILIPPINES until August 30, 2019 ( in my home country, income taxes were automatically withheld) 2. No SSN yet ( screwed up with the SS Office, long story ) 3. AOS ( filed last Dec 2019, biometrics on Jan 8, 2020 ) 4. Not sure if I will get my EAD and SSN before April 2020, in time for the tax filing of my USC hubby 5. Obviously unemployed since Sept 2019 😂😂😂 6. want to get this right since it can be an added evidence if and when we do our AOS interview 😊 **** Question: do we have to file taxes as MFJ or MFS, taking into consideration that I don’t have my SSN yet. What are the forms that we need to submit ? *** thanks in advance for your inputs.. I do apologize if this has been asked in other forums.. also tried researching in IRS website but I got overwhelmed by their info 😂
  7. I feel you guys.. had the same situation last year and the first 3 quarters of this year. My husband ( then fiancé when he visited me ) went to my home country in May 2018, and we didn’t see each other again until I came here in the US last Sept 2019 through my K1 visa. That’s a solid 16 months of being physically apart. I would have gladly given up everything if I could have visited him, but alas, my tourist visa was denied, and he couldn’t visit me again because of his job.. so we had to endure 16 months of separation. We talked as much as we can every single day ( during our breaks from work which is also difficult cause we had different time zones), emailed each other, took photos of each other and send to one another, share what we were doing on a given time, what we had for breakfast, lunch and dinner, what movie we were seeing, etc etc. All the things that a “normal” couple would do because at that point , that was the only thing that we can do. You will get through this.. when you really love someone, no distance can stop you from growing closer together. Cliche I know, but it’s true.. the reward is so great: to be with him permanently. You can get through this. Keep busy, keep communicating as much as you can. Before you know it, June will be here.. good luck on your journey! 😊
  8. “ It’s more complicated than that “ is right .. there are things like RFE’s ( request for further evidence ), and other service centers are busier than the others, etc. Then there’s the matter of medical exams..
  9. Got our biometrics appointment on the 8th of January.. here’s to smooth and painless journey to each and everyone of us!
  10. Just received 3 messages from USCIS, acknowledging receipt of our case(s) 😊 waiting for our NOA in Mail now..
  11. .. I just now realized that I made a mistake on my I 485 form.. underlying Petition, I put N/A instead of my K1 NOA details.. should I legitimately be worried ???
  12. As I understand, she can make the letter, sign it, scan it, then email it to you.. peeps here say that wet signature is not a must for the letter of intent to marry😊 best of luck on your journey!
  13. Hi.. you can check her A number on your NOA2 from the K1 Petition ( Notice of Approval , beside the “ beneficiary” portion ) 😊
  14. We used the same wordings on ours, didn’t encounter any issues with it 👌
  15. As far as previous advise from our VJ members, yes, a scanned copy works.. you may want to check out previous conversations about this 😊
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