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  1. Thank you! It was well worth the wait... we came overly prepared but the IO never asked to see anything of our documents at all.
  2. Hi guys, we just had our interview today, got approved with just one question : how did you meet? That was it. She didn’t ask for any documents at all. A few minutes ago, I got a notification that New Card is Being Produced.. I hope everyone who’s still awaiting their interview date will have a smooth interview too!
  3. Wow that was a cool experience! Hoping that the rest of us will have a smooth one too 😍🙏 congratulations!
  4. Hi guys! Still no AOS schedule at 246 sigh.. so I’m getting ready to file for my EAD/Advance Parole combo card this November.. I’ve got a few clarifications / questions, hopefully someone can help me.. thanks in advance! 1. is it still free to file as long as I attach my AOS Notice of Action? 2. What do I write in the portion “ Your current immigration status or Category” Part 2, question 25. I am thinking of “Pending AOS” is that correct?
  5. Probably the best thing to do right now... sigh.. I hope we can get our interviews soon!!!
  6. Hi there... we are from a different location and is sitting at 225 days since we were ready to be Scheduled for an interview... AOS filing date was Dec 2019. I hope we all get our interviews scheduled really soon!
  7. It has been 213 days since our status changed to Ready to be Scheduled for an Interview... no changes whatsoever... I’m just thankful that I already have my EAD! How are you all?
  8. PECS

    Hi did you end up receiving your ssn after face to face appt at ssa?

  9. My reasoning was pretty straightforward: 1. I told them I cannot risk sending all my ID’s and walk around without proper identification ( cause they were insistent on sending original documents which I understand) 2. I had to explain to them that my husband’s health and life insurance were asking us for my SSN to be enrolled. This is very reasonable, given the pandemic and all that’s going on 3. I told them that my husband’s bank was asking for my SSN for me to be added to his bank account, which we badly need to commingle our finances in preparation for the AOS interview * ** they had answers to all of this concerns, and I just wouldn’t take no for an answer. I was persistent but very polite.. I alluded to their pride in making sure that they follow all protocols, but I had to do what I had to do. In the end, a supervisor granted me an in-person appointment, processed my details in about 15 minutes, got my SSN card after a week. Try and follow up at least twice a week, make sure you let them see that you are in dire need of an in-person appointment! I hope it all works out well for you 😊 good luck !
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