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  1. Yes we were married in 2019. So does that mean it’s possible to receive a check after doing that? I am the immigrant. I was thinking if I should have been filed taxes to get a stimulus check.
  2. No she wasn’t in US in 2019 and didn’t make a living. But will file 2020 taxes married filing jointly.
  3. Hey guys!! I just wanna know if I am eligible to receive the stimulus checks as a new CR1 visa holder. I haven’t filled taxes yet. I just came to USA in last December. Any opinion would be highly appreciated. Thanks guys!!
  4. Hey guys!! I will be moving to US next week. I will be turning 26 on February 6th next year. I was thinking if I should get registered with selective services once I moved in. As it’s just a couple months for me to be 26 years old. Any opinion would be highly appreciated. Thanks!!
  5. Hey thanks a lot for the information provided. What are your thoughts on transiting in London? Will I be needing special things to do prior arrival to London?
  6. Hi guys. Quick question. I’m planning to get the route through Heathrow UK to Dulles Washington. I was wondering if it will be an issue to enter the US as shengen is still banned. I’m a spouse of a US citizen, and this is the first time I will be going to the States on a CR1. Any thoughts and suggestions?
  7. Hi my case was just been approved yesterday. Thanks a lot. But did not need a hell lot more evidence for the consular officer to be convinced.
  8. You were the only one who made a positive comment about my case and guess what there was no need of submitting a lot more evidence for the consular officer to be convinced as others suggested. My case was just approved yesterday. Thanks a lot.
  9. Hello guys!! I have a quick question regarding my case. After the interview on Sep 10th I was told to submit additional documents(relationship evidence & petitioner's i864 with a joint sponsor) so after almost a month later on 6th October, i was informed by the embassy that the Consular Officer was done reviewing all the documents submitted but he was requesting a new joint sponsor instead of the previous one. So I submitted all the financial documents of a new joint sponsor on last 15th Oct and received a reply from the embassy that they received the documents and that they have submitted my file to the CO with the updated documents. My question is how long does the Consular Officers usually take to review a new i864 of a joint sponsor who has combined their household income with the spouse to meet the income requirement along with a i864A? There's no "last case updated" yet since Oct 6th. Any response would be appreciated!!
  10. We shared the same residence for almost a year before she moved to US. We stated that as well.
  11. My spouse is a dual citizen. She never lived in US before. She returned back to US just to maintain domicile in last feb. That’s why we don’t have that kinda evidence. We’ve had a lot family gatherings and trips. And I submitted those pictures as well.
  12. Yess. I just found one. Preparing the documents now. Probably we will be able to submit this week.
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