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  1. This happened to me and they also said the issue was on the embassy side. Don’t worry too much, I had my interview last thursday, went from refused to administrative processing a few hours after the interview (assume they found my medical) and to issued today - awaiting delivery tomorrow. once they have everything it should be pretty fast, you’re almost there... try not to stress too much! 😊
  2. Morning all, had my interview this morning and received 221(g) for my medical results - but the officer said everything was good otherwise and once received they will issue the visa. The whole process was painless and I’ll get a review up later today. For what it’s worth, I had my medical on the 7th and Visa Medicals confirmed on Monday that it was sent to the embassy on the 12th... apparently the issue is on the embassy side and they just sent over PDF copies via e-mail for those that the embassy didn’t have. CEAC says refused at the moment but will keep an eye on it over the next few days!
  3. @Lucky Cat @JFH Thanks for you replies. I sometimes think BoJo’s rules are more complicated than this immigration process 😅
  4. Thanks! I would only be back for around a month or so before moving over permanently so this would be great!
  5. @JFH After reading through this am I correct thinking that I would be ok to get my visa and head over for a week and then head back to tie up loose ends? Would this cause any issues at ROC stage etc? My wife needs me there quite urgently but won’t have enough time to sort everything out prior to my intended departure date and this plan, as mentioned for OP to follow, would be ideal for my situation as long as it didn’t cause any other problems.
  6. That’s good news, at least it can still be done & if we manage to arrange it early enough the wait shouldn’t be too much!
  7. We already uploaded ours to CEAC for NVC. I’ve emailed the embassy anyway, should hopefully get a response tomorrow and I’ll let you know!
  8. Once the medical is booked they send a second e-mail that states they are no longer required and that they take them electronically, no need for physical ones at all!
  9. My passport & UK drivers license are pretty much like that. I’m looking forward to the fresh start!
  10. I’ve been trying to figure out what photo they use on the Green Card... this is good to know as the one I’ve got my visa is one of the better ones 😂
  11. This is the first time I’ve received post from anyone during the process - the letter is dated august 6th. I have emailed them to double check if they want me to re-upload them or not, will let you know what the say.
  12. Perfect, let us know what he says, thanks!
  13. @LondonerCat Just wondering if you received a letter from the Embassy recently? I got one in the post this morning asking me to upload my civil docs, I-864 & tax returns to CEAC. Obviously, coming through NVC they are already there but wondering if they want me to re-upload then or not?
  14. Has anybody thought about how easy it’s going to be to try and get a drivers license once we are there? We aren’t really sure what the deal is with the DMV right now. I hope it’s open and we are able to schedule appointments to get a permit and sit the tests ASAP.
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