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  1. Filing for divorce without a response from him party just take a little bit longer to ensure that you have done your due diligence regarding notification and his failure to respond. But as mentioned previously, you don't require his acceptance to get divorced.
  2. If you are the one who filed, no need to call the court, you case supersedes his on this matter. He can contest all he wants. They both of you have to be in it to make the marriage work. Personally, I would try to get a split of assets or money if possible. It will give him something to think about if there are marital assets. If nothing else, it will force him to negotiate. His assets for him to stop contesting. FYI do not make this a negotiation for him to let you keep your greencard because that is not even up for debate. If you get some money from him, at least you can use it to party on his dime.
  3. Written, vision, driving ... If you have a foreign DL, most states not all will waiver the "practice" period. Most states have reciprocate agreements with each other. Some have with Canada and other countries but not all countries.
  4. No need for the immigration lawyer. File whatever the next step you need to file with immigration and deal with whatever USCIS response is. A lawyer can only guess what they have in their files about you that was said by your spouse. That said USCIS ignores most of those letters and comments by angry exes and soon to be exes. Correspond with him via paper or electronic means only. That way you have proof of all his stupidity. Besides your greencard, what is he trying to get from you? If nothing else, you might not even need a lawyer. Respond to every legal document sent. Else a default judgement might be entered in his favor. I think you are given more time to respond since you are out of the country. FYI he might try to pull a fast one by sending it to your last address, saying he did not know you are currently in the UK. If you think he has filed, check with the courts in the city where you or he lives. I think those are his choices of where to file. You will have to eventually come back to deal with the case. Even though he filed the case, you also have a say if this ends divorce or annulment.
  5. Status changed to issue late today. Waiting for notification to pick up passport now.
  6. When you go to edit your timeline, you need to select the correct country in 2 places "Beneficiary's Country" and "US Embassy" to fix this.
  7. Congratulations on the receipt of your IL and Goodluck.

    Please did you expedite your interview. I am trying to figure out the DQ’d month that is receiving IL.


    1. Dosrom


      Trying to figure out the IR DQ’d month receiving interview appointment in the Lagos consulate.

    2. Soksboy


      We expedited.

      I thought they were about mid December 2020 but someone else stated that they had gotten to January 2021.

    3. Dosrom


      Thanks so much for your quick response. Wishing you success. 

  8. Best guess is an error. The create dates for both images above are different.
  9. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/nvc-timeframes.html As of May 9th, documents submitted on Feb 21st are being reviewed.
  10. As has already been mentioned several time, K-1 is more expensive than CR1. If you switch to the CR1, you will come closer to the cost of going through with K-1. This early in the process, I think you should calculate the effort involved in terms of cost, time, processes and proceed as you think fit. If a "stable union' is used to get benefits as a married couple, then I think you are walking too close to the line for comfort. Search the forum, some people had engagement parties and were considered too married for K1. Stable union sounds even more than engage especially with what you plan to use it for. My 2 cents .... no stable union
  11. We have not gotten a single "60 days notice" from NVC and out petition has been pending for over a year. I will not put any stock in those emails. I would bet you that they are automated.
  12. My spouse is vaccinated and he has visited Nigeria about 2 to 4 times a year since we first met in 2014. With a pause in 2020. So I don't know what your husband is talking or worried about. Currently, since your husband is not vaccinated, he will have to test 48 hours before travel. 2 days after arrival and 7 days after arrival. If vaccinated, he will only have to test 2 days after arrival. Vaccine status and pretravel test result needs to be uploaded to the nitp portal
  13. Some times (too many if you ask me) the process does not work. You will have to visit the SS office. I know of some who got their SSN in as little as 3 weeks.
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