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  1. Hello. Please ignore my comment above. The DQ’d In February 2021 that left NVC to Embassy was expedited. dwheels76 correctly said they are now in 2nd week of January 2021. Thanks
  2. Congratulations on the receipt of your IL and Goodluck.

    Please did you expedite your interview. I am trying to figure out the DQ’d month that is receiving IL.


    1. Dosrom


      Trying to figure out the IR DQ’d month receiving interview appointment in the Lagos consulate.

    2. Soksboy


      We expedited.

      I thought they were about mid December 2020 but someone else stated that they had gotten to January 2021.

    3. Dosrom


      Thanks so much for your quick response. Wishing you success. 

  3. Hello. I observed from Nigeria timeline that some ir1 DQ’d In February 2021 has left NVC to embassy. Pls did you come across any feb 2021 receiving IL. Thanks
  4. That’s understandable. That they prioritizing IR1 and IR2. Hopefully they will give IL to IR5 in soon. Please keep us posted as soon as you come across IR5. Thanks
  5. Ask her to visit the National Population Centre for Attestation of age. Also visit the registry where her marriage was registered for the certified copy of marriage certificate.
  6. hello,


    I just wanted tor each and confirm if you actually got your IR5 interview date.

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    2. Deji


      Damn thats gonna be a long ride for me. I just got mines sent to NVC this month and my Priority date is MARCH 2021.

      I have to wait for DQ and then jump on the long queue

    3. Dosrom


      Sorry for the duplication.


    4. Dosrom


      Not necessarily so Deji. The Lagos consulate could ramp up interviews and don’t be surprised their interviews could be scheduled at the same time with those that have been waiting for years. 

      It happened with K1 visa interview in March.

      it could happen with other visas like ir5, ir1 etc.

      Hopefully, they scales the NVC hurdle in time. I wish you luck.

  7. Thanks so much for this update. Now we have info about IR5 visa interview in Lagos consulate. God continue to bless you and your family mightily.
  8. Please let us know as soon as you hear back from the Consulate. Some of us are few months behind you. Very few info on IR5 out there. Good luck.
  9. Proof of US citizen and proof of US domicile resubmitted on July 28 for Household member of petitioners. i
  10. Hello MC21, we resubmitted proof of domicile for petitioners spouse (Household sponsor) on July 28. i am sure we’ve submitted the documents earlier on. the petitioner is in USA army stations in Germany. Her husband is in the US. i hope this help.
  11. You will soon hear from them. Resubmitted for Dad on 28th July and he was DQ’d this morning. Now waiting for IL for both Dad and Mom, we hope they will have same interview date. Mom was DQ’d in May.
  12. The w2 documents submitted and surprisingly, all documents still accepted despite uploading additional documents. i was expecting the w2 to submitted. We are hopefully receiving DQ’d email for Pop soon. Mom’s was DQ’d since May. God bless y’all.
  13. I received similar RFE requesting for petitioners 2020 w2 which we’ve submitted and all documents accepted. The document was uploaded but not submitted hoping to see if anyone had such experience.
  14. Resubmit a document for Dad on May 20,2021. Mom was DQC May 20, 2021. All Dads doc accepted June 19, But no DQC email To date. Don’t know what to do
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