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  1. Definitely overthinking but I know what you mean. I would wait 30 days from when it should have arrived and then call USCIS. Easier said than done on waiting. You got this!
  2. Thanks so much! education is so expensive in the US! It’s unbelievable.
  3. Wow! 20 years? Are you Canadian? I’m shocked ICE didn’t come looking for you! Glad too!
  4. Hi there, I am planning on going to graduate school. I have a pending I485 and I am married to a USCitizen. I was wondering if I had to take student loans out, can my husband take out a federal student loan on my behalf? Or do we take out student loans with a private lender where my husband is the cosigner? Thank you in advance.
  5. She said I should receive my biometric date letter in 45 days of USICS receiving my application (all days not just business days).
  6. Called USCIS about biometrics they advised that I will have that paper 45 days after they received my application so I should be getting an appointment In two weeks. If not to call them back. Is that a rule anyone else is familiar with?
  7. Got our notices! Can I use my alien number for anything? I.e. submitting school applications? You have to keep saying “need to talk to representative” over and over again and it finally connects you.
  8. My NOAs paper form have not arrived in the mail! Though I have my receipt numbers by calling. Any idea how long they take? I was accepted Sept 3.
  9. Came to the country with every intention to return On a tourist visa. Even had a pending i130. Due to covid and extended border closures and the uncertainty of everything we had to file for an AOS. Talked to a lawyer and even she said it makes sense in our case. As 90% of my clothes are still in my country, and I had to cancel my apartment after I came... tons of evidence that I had every intention of going back. point being that there are some cases you can file AOS from tourist visa!
  10. Cant wait...I’m at the Detroit field office so who knows how long that will take!
  11. Yes!! I called this morning and she was able to look me up using my name/phone number/address! She gave me my receipt #. I did not receive a text or an email of any sorts. I imagine the letters are the main part anyway!
  12. Thank you so much! We sent a cashiers cheque so there is no way of knowing when they cashed it. But I am thinking sometime last week! Good luck, good news will come to you soon!
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