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  1. You already got your answer but I am also adding that there is definitely no need for SSN for marriage license for Texas. I was K1 fiance and did not need SSN in Bell Country in Texas.
  2. I came to Texas on K1 visa and was unable to get my DL before EAD/GC. The expiration date will be the same as for your EAD/GC. It was annoying but I used my international driving license to get around. I tried 3 different offices with no luck because there are some people who were able to obtain the DL during their AoS without EAD but I have no idea how.
  3. Fortunately it was all before the Covid situation. I can only guess how it will look now, if better or worse. Good luck!
  4. I flew Prague - London - Austin, I did not have any lengthy examinations. The longest wait was to get my luggage lol. I waited 2 hours just to get to my luggage, then the line for immigration was around 30 minutes and then the talk with IO was for about 15 minutes. Anything can happen anywhere, I had the best experience with Atlanta but I know many that would disagree with me. I always like to have some cushion waiting time because I will rather lounge in the waiting room than stress I would not make it.
  5. Also if he had chicken pox as a child, he does not need vaccine.
  6. We tried to expedite both our K1 and AOS because of my husband's deployment with no luck. War zone or no war zone, they didn't care. There are 4 specific categories that your expedition needs to fit it: Severe financial loss to a company or person, provided that the need for urgent action is not the result of the petitioner’s or applicant’s failure to: File the benefit request or the expedite request in a reasonable time frame, or Respond to any requests for additional evidence in a reasonably timely manner; Urgent humanitarian reasons; Compelling U.S. government interests (such as urgent cases for the Department of Defense or DHS, or other public safety or national security interests); or Clear USCIS error. If you can write your request the way it will fit in one of these with evidence, you can try it. We tried it based on his deployment orders and were denied.
  7. The year is from the time you took the medical till you sent the AoS, not till you have the interview
  8. I did my medical in May, no flu shot. Went for interview in January and they didn't say anything about me not having a flu shot
  9. "If you are a K-1, K-2, K-3 or K-4 visa holder the I-693 instructions state that you are not required to have another medical examination as long as your Form I-485 is filed within one year of your overseas medical examination." This is taken from this website. I assume that you filled your paperwork less than year from your medical, no?
  10. Did you do your medical for your K1? Did you send it with the AoS petition? It's the paper where it states all your immunizations and vaccines youve had ever since you were kid.
  11. They did not ask for my husbands birth certificate. We actually sent only my husbands passport with the petition and they didnt ask for neither at the interview as the lady said that she had everything from the petition. Thats just my experience. In my opinion I would only answer what they ask me but as you said, do not lie about it if it does come up.
  12. Mine arrived 6 days after approval. It went pretty quick from case approved to USPS getting it to me. I did waited 3 weeks for approval after the interview though.
  13. I felt so confident after the interview as the lady made it sound as I did so well. And then I read how someone has their status changed right after interview!! 😯 I guess these kind of things happen and I just need to be patient. Good luck with your case, I am sure that the good news will soon follow! ❤️🥰
  14. I hope so too!!! It makes me little bit less anxious knowing that it is not just my case that is waiting.
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