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  1. Military bases are US territory. Technically you were living in US as long your husband was stationed there. Even if you lived off post, his based of employment was on the base as well as your residence - that means in US
  2. I haven't even noticed that on my notice, but my interview took a place before the expiration. I googled lil bit and found the below: They mentioned the exact step you should take if you need the extension. It seems you just need to email your embassy Hopefully this helps.
  3. Why would you do that? Have you received your NOA2? I have never seen my approved copy of I-129f. Why do you think it is supposed to expire? Some people are waiting for their interview date much longer as some embassies are really busy and I don't think anyone had to extend their I-129f.
  4. Hi You are doing K1, right? You do NOT need DS260 for that (as far as I know). DS260 is for immigrant visa and as confusing it can be as you are filling your details for tracking K1 as immigrant, K1 is non-immigrant visa (or hybrid visa as some calls it)
  5. Hi ☺️ I would say that everyone experience is different. Some people get RFE for something that other people dont. My experience: We submitted my passport (I'm the foreigner), it's also good for showing the stamps if you travel somewhere together or to US. We didn't submit my BC as I brought it with me to the interview (but I guess it wouldn't hurt). We didn't submit G-325A. We sent both of our passport pictures with the initial petition. I hope this helps ☺️
  6. My fiancé bought a house after we sent in our petition. Just make sure you let them know if your mailing address has changed.
  7. I feel the same!!! I've had couple of people telling they were driving with their DL from Czech and their marriage license and they were just fine! I would feel much better with Texas DL in my hand
  8. Thank you so much this! I will follow this guideline. Thank you for your time!!! @missileman & @Jaquelly I will make sure to make the appointment online. Thank you for your advice ❤️
  9. Is that what DHS require? So I wouldn't need EAD to get Texas DL? All I need is NOA1, SSN and DHS letter? Thank you for your time!
  10. Well that is 90 days, correct? That would put me back to use my international DL as I can use that one for 90 days
  11. oooooh, that looks promising! Thank you so much for all of your time! I am so confused about all these I-XXX forms and stuff. We are more pressured to get my DL as soon as possible as my fiancé is deploying shortly after my arrival and I really need the DL to get around and not to be stuck home!
  12. I thought I couldn't do that and that's why it was such a issue to get DL in some states because you have to wait for EAD. As SSN anyone with any kind of visa can get that (I read about someone with tourist visa that got SSN)
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