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  1. This is great! Ok yes, to let them know it's possible if I run into any issues πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ Thank you so much πŸŽ‰ !
  2. This is insane...πŸ˜“πŸ˜“ Regarding form I-9, do you mean I won't have any trouble starting a new job by using the temporary visa in my passport, even if I'm still fighting to get my SSN ? That would be great..!
  3. Thank you ! I will call back but the person on the phone was rude with my wife who called on my behalf. He said the wait was 4 weeks and also said it's impossible because I'm supposed to get the SSN generated automatically with the visa. The agent did not want to hear about our issues...a mess...she will try to call again the closest agency that the agent suggested.
  4. I'm crossing the border tomorrow at the Montreal airport πŸŽ‰. I have one question though, back then I did not check the option to generate the SSN number / card automatically at border crossing because the potential issue (don't generate SSN sometimes) would make me wait weeks if it ever happens. But the SSA ( I called the San Diego office) still forces people to wait for a while before being able to get an appointment there πŸ˜“πŸ˜“...Is there a way to change the option that was on the DS260 at NVC stage by any chance ? Thank you
  5. Got my passport back and was actually ready exactly one week after the interview. Will cross the border at the airport in Montreal on September 24th. Do I have to go somewhere in particular to "cross the border" or do I go as usual through customs and that's it ? (Not used to airports at all...) Thanks
  6. Does the embassy keep the original 1040 tax form and original Canadian police certificate at the interview ? When going through my blinder, I realized they did not give them back to me (and I don't think I lost them)
  7. Received email to track the passport, should get it on Tuesday at the pickup location in Montreal. FYI I was freaking out not having the email yet but the status already "issued" with the message that I should contact the courier service if I did get it back within 5 business days. The email takes actually at least 2 business days to be sent after status changed to that state. That would be nice to add this information to the FAQ for future JV members.
  8. How much time does it take to receive the email to track the passport sent back, after seeing the status Issued on CEAC ? I see the message "issued", saying I should contact them if we do not have it back within 5 working days, but i did not receive any email for tracking so far...
  9. I think you have to wait anyways because you will need the number on the visa attached to your passport.
  10. We updated ours (gave the signed one) because the value of the assets used to meet the financial requirements changed AND because the last tax years changed anyways (now 2020,2019,2018). I was asked for the I864 and taxes stuff, but the officer did not mention anything about an updated version or the fact he wanted to see the 2020 tax return (I gave the 1040) but at that point in the year it would makes sense if he did. Also we uploaded every we updated/added before the interview. We live together and he bugged / stopped on it, then I handed him over a job offer of my wife's future US job (starting in a month) and her flight ticket (leaving in 3 weeks before me) to show she is in the process of re-establishing domicile in the US. He said "perfect" and I could tell that was what he was expecting in order to approve the visa. Hope this can help for those who actually live together in Canada, and still having the domicile in the US in the application.
  11. Answering myself; during my interview, I was not asked for my French passport, only the Canadian one.
  12. We were approved as well πŸŽ‰πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²πŸ·(interview this morning), the officers were really kind, especially the one who conducted the interview. CEAC is showing that the visa is issued already (with the note on undergoing AP), looks like it goes fast after the approval.
  13. Thank you! You make me realize the assets used for the financial requirements (our application is only based on assets actually) changed in value, and increased this past year (mutual funds) so I will update the form and bring the last bank statements, as well as the job offer of my wife ready to move back to the US (extra proof of domicile)
  14. 1. My wife (USC) is currently with me in Canada, and we hope she gets a job offer this week for a job in the US. She will still move to the US after the interview but I figured that this job offer letter would be a plus in terms of proof of domicile (we put the US, since we just graduated and the plan is to move to the US now) What do you guys think ? 2. Also, do we still have to update the I864 ? Because nothing changed yet; she will only sign the contract for this US job after the interview, or at least start after that's for sure. Thank you!
  15. No I don't have a TIN actually, my wife (USC) is working in Canada and we did her taxes married filed separately to avoid the tax hassle for now on my end. But I will definitely make sure to be added on her health insurance plan without SSN/TIN as mentioned above 😊
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