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  1. Hey all! I'm wondering if any of you had any luck applying for a SSN via mail/getting through to an agent over the phone at a social security office in California? I'm well aware that with the DS260 they ask if you want an SSN, I did select yes. I'm also aware that they actually submit an application for your SSN at the POE about 50% of the time, regardless if you said yes on the DS260. Like many of you who've recently immigrated, I'm in need of my SSN for multiple things. I immigrated less than a week ago, so I'll be patient and see if it will come in the mail. Thanks.
  2. I was approved for my IR1 visa on March 16th, 2020. My visa has already been picked up for shipment. Will keep you posted about POE. Canada-US borders are a little confusing right now.
  3. Yes, the Montreal consulate in Canada is extremely slow as of right now. Thank you ❤️
  4. Eee! I love it when people watch my videos ❤️ thank you so much.
  5. I got my interview letter today! I was eating spicy food and bawling my eyes out lol. DQ October 24th, 2019. Interview Letter: Feb 11th, 2020. Interview: March 16th, 2020. Montreal consulate in Canada Booked my medical with Medisys Montreal on March 10th, 2020, the gentleman was very kind over the phone.
  6. Hi friends. DQ Oct 24th, 2019. Montreal embassy is really slow, I really hope to receive the interview letter this month for March. For those who are inherently good, truthful, and unfortunately recently affected by the immigration ban... I cannot imagine the frustration and hurt you are going through. My thoughts are with you and I hope the issues are resolved and the ban is lifted soon.
  7. Happy New year! DQ'd October 24th, 2019. Interview letter will most likely coming in February for me according to certain stats. Once can only hope it comes sooner! Best of luck to all of you!
  8. Yes, that's true! But to add onto that, your credit will not transfer. American Express, with the help of Nova Credit, can use your international credit history from select countries to evaluate your Card application. While your international credit will not transfer to U.S. credit, it could help you get approved for a Card and responsible Card use could help you build U.S. credit history. Many factors contribute to your U.S. credit scores, including on-time payments and the portion of your credit you are using regularly (lower utilization rates may increase your credit score). Credit scores are likely to change over time, rising or falling depending on your financial behavior here in the U.S. https://www.americanexpress.com/us/credit-cards/features-benefits/us-newcomers/?intlink=us-CMS-GCRnewcomers
  9. Hello, first of all: YES I've read old forums, I've done my research on Visa Journey. However, the most recent that I've seen on this topic of 2018, which is now almost 2 years ago. From what I've seen, the most efficient way to gain credit as a fresh permanent resident in the USA is to have your US spouse add you to their existing credit card. I'm just wanting to confirm that this is the most efficient way going into 2020, as my husband and I are wanting to buy a house soon after my arrival as a permanent resident. My husband has excellent credit history, but isn't the breadwinner. I make the majority of our income, I have over 2 years of verifiable employment in the same field, and I've secured a job in the US for when I arrive as a legal PR. I'm aware that AMEX now is partnered with a service that can apparently bring up your credit history from Canada, as well. I am a member with TD, I did contact them. They won't transfer your Canadian credit over to the US, however, they will use your Canadian credit history to open a US credit card once you land and then from there you can build credit, but in my case, that isn't helpful, as I want to have credit attached to my name right away in order to secure a mortgage. If anyone has additional advice, I'm all ears. My husband is with US Bank, I'm not sure if they require an SSN or now to be added to the credit card account. We will be residing and living permanently in California.
  10. Random question: we are DQ and expecting my interview to be around March at the Montreal consulate. We have a joint sponsor that makes well over minimum requirements, but my husband was wanting to resign from him job to stay with me in Canada until my interview. What precautions are there when doing so, and what would I need to submit to the NVC?
  11. Ya no doubt, they recently just moved locations, so here's to us hoping that means bigger facility and more people to conduct interviews (I highly doubt it)
  12. Hi Camen, they have blocked the new health care rule temporarily for another month. You should be good to go. If you feel as if you need more, you can always purchase "intending to immigrate" travel insurance from a US health care provider. On top of you what you mentioned (proof of being added onto husband's employment benefits) you should be okay.
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