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  1. if your case is outside the processing time; then you can raise service request. Apart from that; I don't think you can do much unless you qualify for emergency requests. I submitted my application in Sep 2020 and received NOA in Oct 2020. I have not received my biometrics appointment letter yet. Hopefully USCIS picks up some pace and may GOD please help us through these difficult times. My USCIS LFO is SLC Utah too. Wish you luck and all the best!
  2. Wow. Congrats. That was quick. Did you expedite your case ? I received NOA1 on Oct 30th but have not received any updates since.
  3. Hi Danito, Congrats for getting one step closer! I wish to know how did you submit the request? By phone or online? Thanks!
  4. Sure will do. Please keep me updated as well if you receive any response/letter from USCIS.
  5. That’s Awesome. I filed in Sept 2020. Same SLC office Received NOA on Oct 2020. I believe it will take me 3-4 months more to receive my Biometrics letter.
  6. Same here. NOA received on Sept 30th. After that; nothing. No biometrics, no replies, no letters, no contact from USCIS. SLC office.
  7. Hi, I applied for AOS after marriage to USC (I 485, 130, 131 and 765). My USCIS local office is SLC, Utah. I received NOA on 30th Sept 2020. After that ; I have not received anything. No Biometrics appointment, no contact from USCIS, absolutely nothing. I have been seeing people in this forum getting at least something ; and I wish one day even I can post that my interview went well and my case was approved. Has anyone from Utah received any letter besides NOA for Sept 2020 filers? Thanks. Wish you all luck and congratulations to those who got their applications approved. May the force be with us all !
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