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  1. Hello everyone, Just recently came across this thread. My wife (Petitioner) and I (Canadian beneficiary) filed July 16th (PD Date) for the I-130 CR1 We have been tracking our case almost daily. We have logged in to our USCIS account several times to see if our case has been "touched" but we have found no dates indicating this. We still are awaiting an approval. As per Visa Journey, our most recent Estimated date of Approval is January 2nd, 2021. We are staying hopeful though that we get it before the end of this year. Good luck to all and hopefully we can be reunited with our loved ones soon. Melissa & Em
  2. Okay awesome. We were stressing out and thought this could delay everything. So given I am approved and get my visa and can enter the US via POE, I get a 2 year conditional visa within a few weeks? So we would essentially file/apply I-485 right before my 2-year conditional CR1 visa expires then right? to Adjust status and get the 10 year green card? Thank you kindly for your help. Melissa
  3. Hello, My wife (petitioner) and I (beneficiary) had filed online for our I-130 application. We are of course still waiting approval, but we came across a form I-485 and are worried now because we didnt know about this form nor filed it. Is is required to be completed and filed if I the benficiary am currently residing in Canada? I will not be moving to the US to be with my wife until the I-130 process is over and I get my visa. Is the form I-485 only for benficiaries living/working and filing in the US? Do we need to compete this now or at any time? Thank you kindly. Melissa
  4. For the immunization record, are loose/individual sheets of each immunization fine? I am a Registered Nurse and have all my loose sheets. I also have a one-document summary with each immunization name and the date I have received them, from my occupational health and safety office at the hospital I work at. Do you think they will accept this? By the way, this forum is very helpful! I am from Ontario and just filed my I-130 to move to Florida to be with my wife. So the medical exam I know is months away, but I want to be prepared and not have to scramble last minute. Thanks, Mel
  5. I read somewhere that the NOA1 is a statement that basically says the petition has been accepted - which I assume is what this is. Now the wait for the NOA2 begins. From your experience, when would you recommend to start the police clearance certificate from RCMP? I was told by them it takes 2-6 weeks after going in to get screening/biometrics done. Would a good time to go get this done (to avoid potential expiry after one year) be once we receive NOA2/Approval? To my understanding I need to have the certificate by the time I submit Civil Documents/NVC Stage Thanks. Mel
  6. Thanks for all your help! We ended up filing on the 16th. So far we only see "Your benefit request has been accepted and is under review." under our case but that is simply indicating we submitted it successfully online correct? This is not the NOA1? Thanks
  7. Hello, 1) I have been trying to get assistance with this section in my I-130A application for quite some time now. In regards to "Date to (mm/dd/yyyy)" for Address History and Employment history, what would I write/type if I CURRENTLY reside/work at a place? I have read some people wrote "Present" and some left it blank. It is kind of stressing me out, so I would really appreciate some help here. 2) Also, if I am adding a 3rd Employer under the Additional Information section - is this how I would format it? Also I put Item #1 even though it is basically my third employer, as I was uncertain if I could make up an item number. Also, it says to sign and date each sheet. Do I have to basically just sign the corresponding sheet, which would be Page 2? Thank you all in advance. Mel
  8. Thank you Ryan for all your help with all of this. We feel more confident in our application and ready to file. I do have one more question if you don't mind helping me out with. Under my I-130A, I have added 3 boxes of additional information. It says I must sign and date each sheet. Does that mean to sign and date each page that the additional information corresponds to? For example, if I am added supplemental information to Page 1, I sign the bottom with my signature and date of filing? Thanks Melissa
  9. For fields that we have no answers for, is it mandatory to write "N/A" or "none" in every single one? or can we simply just leave them blank? Also, with the Additional Information section in 130-A, do I have to sign and date every single page? or just each page where extra information was added to? does it matter where on the page I sign? Thanks. We just have these questions to be answered and then we are going to file in about 2 days! Mel
  10. Thank you for all of this! So for dates we can essentially put like "dd/07/2020" if we are uncertain of the day and it wont be marked as incomplete? We are just worried and dont want the application denied over something like a missing day. Thanks
  11. Does anyone know if the files we upload (e.g. birth certificate, marriage certificate, photos, joint finance statements) do they need to be named/formatted in a certain way? Or for a birth certificate, for example, we can upload it as PDF named "Birth Certificate"? Melissa
  12. I was thinking of doing this. Did you just write or type it out and attached it? Also online, should we compile all evidences into one mass PDF or it is fine to upload multiple files? We have: - joint bank statement, authorized credit card user statement, statement of spouse being added to 401k beneficiary - photos together, skype logs, timeline, travel tickets, wedding letter/gift from family members, premarital course certificate with both our names, etc
  13. Awesome, thanks. Does anyone know if USCIS cares how we comingle our finances? I (beneficiary) want to add my US Citizen spouse to my 2 bank accounts. She also is already an authorized user on a US credit card i have.Is it okay if she doesnt add me to hers? I am from Canada and right now we both dont have wills or property or assets to add both our names too. We are going to do all that once I get visa and actually move to the states.
  14. Thank you, i hope so. We are slightly worried it might be an issue we had no witnesses at our courthouse ceremony but it was just recently done and during covid the courthouse wasnt allowing witnesses. We were hoping to explain this but there isnt really a section to explain evidences on thebonline application. Mel
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