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  1. Thank you! I recall when i paid for my green card only inputting the 8 digit number without the zero in front. I hope that doesnt cause issues with processing my green card. I might call USCIS tomorrow to confirm the receipt paid is associated with the correct alien number. Thanks again for your help!
  2. Yeah like i called my local office and the general SSA line and both cant pull up info with my A number, name and DOB. So i have the appointment next Monday. Should I worry if they end up for some reason assigning me 2 SSNs? Also my Alien number is 8 numbers but everyone is telling me it is supposed to be 9. I wonder if thats why? Thanks so much! No one told me what I need to bring nor what forms to fill out.
  3. Damn. Im sure it is just a back log but i urgently need my social so i ended up making an appointment for next week. Wishing you luck with yours!
  4. Has anyone who has crossed recently hit the 3 week waiting period and still hasnt received their social? I hit mine tomorrow and my local SSA office is telling me to wait another 5 weeks before i can make an appointment to go in ?!
  5. I entered FL, USA on 10/26/21 and I still haven't received mine. I called my SSA office and they said to wait 6-8 weeks from POE before calling again and making an in-person appointment. I am anxiously awaiting it and going insane. Praying we get them soon.
  6. Yeah. So now all I can do is wait haha. My exam was written in Ontario and is valid for Florida licensure. They already verified my credentials too. Wish I could just have the actual social number haha.
  7. I did the application but the FL board of nursing cant complete it without a SSN number and fingerprinting biometrics (Which also require SSN to be done). My exam was done in Ontario so they accept it here as US and Canada both do the NCLEX. I am going to give it until tomorrow which marks exactly 2 weeks since entry. If I don't receive anything, Wednesday I will call and make an appointment with SSA. My main concern was if I would be complicating things by physically going into the office to apply. Thanks! Mel
  8. Hey everyone! I hope you all are well! I entered the US POE with CR1 2 weeks ago and stil havent received my SSN. I selected Yes onDS 260 Does anyone know if it is safe to just apply directly with my local social security office? Unfortunately as a nurse, I need my social to get licensed and therefore cant start work until I get it. Thanks Mel
  9. POE Review - YYZ (Pearson Airport): I received my passport in the mail on Mon Oct 25th and crossed POE at Pearson Airport on Tuesday Oct 26th. I was travelling with Air Transat - which operates out of Terminal 3. I got to the airport at around 3:30am. I checked in and processed my checked bags first with Air Transat, then proceeded to the security/customs line. At approximately 4am, the line was already with 15-20 people. Security opened at 430am, however despite my flight being at 7am and despite repeatedly stating I have to activate an immigrant visa, the security personnel proceeded to allow the 6am flights to go through security first. So there were now about 200 people ahead of me to go through security and customs; this caused me to get very nervous in case I was going to get held up in customs and consequently miss my flight. By approx 5:10 am I was finally going through security. I then made it to customs around 520am. There were two lines filled with people waiting, but it moved pretty quickly. The first officer I got was very friendly. I told him I was activating a visa - he said they dont say "activating a visa" haha I got confused but just went with it. We proceeded to talk about living in the US and he was giving me advice on nursing in the US (which is what my job will be). He then verified my US address and walked me over to secondary. I was the first person in secondary, the officer there was very kind as well. All he asked me was to verify my US address and then he spent about 10-15 min just reviewing my electronic packet and then said I was good to go. By the time I was leaving secondary, there were about 4 people waiting in there. By 5:43am I was out of secondary and officially a lawful PR! I had just an hour to spare before my flight, despite all my nervousness. All in all it was a very smooth and swift process. Now I anxiously await my SSN! Tips: - Terminal 1 - Security opens at 6am, customs at 630am; Airlines - Air Canada and United - Terminal 3 - Security opens at 430 am, customs at 5am; Airlines - Air Transat, Delta, american airlines - no matter how early you get to the airport, even if you end up being first in the customs line -- they will still prioritize those on flights earlier than yours.
  10. Just received my passport in the mail! We go the tracking number on Friday and it was just delivered today around 1:15pm, in Vaughan ON. I am flying tomorrow to be with my wife and will update everyone how POE goes! Wishing the best of luck for those still awaiting interviews, tracking links, and passports! - Mel
  11. I am praying for you that you get your status changed to "issued- final processing" today and that they even ship it out. It would truly be unfortunate if they do batch ship them out every friday and therefore you'd have to wait another week. That would be unfair for you (or anyone) to have to wait that long. I am staying hopeful for you and honestly, I'd spam their emails personally haha! Wishing you the best of luck! Mel
  12. Has anyone entered POE or even travelled through Pearson in the past few weeks? I have been trying to get ahold of customs to see when they open. Online it says 0430 hrs, but in my last experiences (May, July, Sept) they never open until 0630 hrs. I am hoping to change my flight to an 0800 hrs flight but fear I will miss it due to custom delays. Thanks in advance. Mel
  13. Just received my Tracking email from DoS! No estimate as to when I would receive it yet.
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