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  1. You can change consulate later in the process. Once USCIS approved it. I've only heard bad things about Quebec, like it's very slow. I personally would do it in London. You can schedule the interview yourself and it doesn't have to be right away. You can quit your job in Canada, get rid of things, send whatever you need to your wife, then go to London and take a holiday with your family and do the interview. Then move to the US.
  2. There are cases of TN visas given for "Data Science" positions. The TN can be given to Mathematicians including Statisticians, but it says nothing about Data Science because it's a new wording. So what you do is to provide proof of the requirements you meet given your background and expertise and that Data Science = Mathematician. USCIS are bureaucrats, so you need to think like one and give them facts in a silver platter.
  3. Can't you ask the lawyers of Employer B? That's why the lawyers are being paid. I wouldn't go with whatever someone in a forum is saying.
  4. I would think you'll be allowed, but just in case I would take the paperwork of your F1 status (because you don't have stamps on the passport) and also, documents about ties to Canada (like lease or ownership of house, job, etc.). Don't give them the extra info with your passport! Only give stuff if they ask.
  5. If you have another J1 then yes, but you don't need a waiver for the first J1
  6. I understand you came in a J1 visa. But if you have been 2 years in your home country you don't need a waiver at all. You have already completed the 2 years. So what I am saying is that you do not need a waiver. You already spent 2 years in your country. You can simply go to the consulate and get whatever visa you want.
  7. If you fulfilled the 2 years then you don't need a waiver. Why would you ask for one? If you need a visa, you just go to your visa interview with proof that you completed the 2 years in your country (like information of where you lived, passport stamps, etc) and that's it.
  8. Yeah, it doesn't matter how far back it was, they will ask for sponsor views.
  9. You need the consulate in DC, not the embassy. Though they might seem like the same, they are not. You can also try the consulate in NYC or any other. You might have better luck.
  10. Yes, I have a good friend that did the exchange with Rotary Club. You are supposed to host another kid while your kid is being hosted or later. Rotary Club also provides a stipend for expenses for the kids (not a lot, like a couple hundred dollars). That said, you have to participate of meetings and things, unless you are lucky to be in an area in which not many people live and the Rotary Club branch wants to send someone.
  11. She has to talk to the restaurant. They would have to pay for the lawyer and visa, and I bet once they know that she is not allowed to work in the US they will rescind the offer. Employees are not allowed to pay for their own visas. She got the J1 to do the trainee program, not to come to the US and find another job on another visa as soon as she got here. That's already problematic and don't think US government paper pushers aren't going to realize that. If she is in a trainee program, she barely has any experience. Unless she is a sous chef or a chef at at either a Michelin star restaurant or a luxury chain restaurant, she is never getting a work visa. Those are typically O1 visas, not H1B because H1B are for people with at least college degree doing more white collar jobs. She should finish her trainee program.
  12. K1 is to get married, not to be engaged. You should stay in the program and keep dating. You are allowed to date on a J1 visa.
  13. Keep evidence of all the times you visit each other (even receipts). I'm guessing you'll have summer breaks, holidays, etc. so take pictures and have evidence you spent that time together.
  14. Ok. There is no way to get any legal status unless you marry a US citizen. You have overstayed way too long and this length gets a 30 year ban (I think) and you can get deported.
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