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  1. Thank you for your words of encouragement. You were correct. I just needed to wait a few more days. Today the CEAC status changed back to 'Issued' and the current passport status now 'is still with post.'
  2. They received the passport with the 221(g) documents. For the past week (before Friday) the passport location was "delivered to post."
  3. Last night before I went to bed the status of our K-1 visa application changed to "Issued." Needless to say I was very happy and relieved. At that time I assumed that they had returned from the holiday, reviewed the documents I sent in for the 221(g) and issued the visa. This morning I checked the status and it had changed to "Application Received". The passport location is now "There is no status update available for the passport number submitted." Any thoughts/suggestions as to why it would change like this?
  4. And this morning the status is "Application Received"...
  5. I do not know about the other documents. I sent my fiance a PDF document/file with my affidavit of support, employment letter, IRS transcripts, and W2. She printed them and brought the copies she printed. Her interview was on 8/29 at Guangzhou consulate and they accepted the documents she printed out. (We received a 221g. But, it was for different documents (proof of relationship). The consulate accepted the ones related to income.)
  6. Already had the interview here. They gave us a 221g and requested a few more documents. We sent the documents and are waiting... Most of the steps in this process are a waiting game. Hope that your interview is soon!
  7. Wow... you are correct. I hope that @Greenbaum is OK.
  8. In the I-129f you will probably want her address in the Philippines. That way she will get the mail from the consulate after NOA2
  9. CEAC was not working for a few days. It finally gave me the status. Visa type changed from immigrant visa to nonimmigrant visa. Case created date changed from June to September 23. Case last updated September 24... From what I see in other forum threads this looks encouraging.
  10. JoeMc

    NVC website

    Yup... Most people are having the same problem you reported. Hope they fix it soon.
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