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  1. In 2018 I used PassportVisasExpress I remember it being kind of expensive. But, they sent a courier to the embassy to drop off the information and then to pick up the Passport/visa, then sent the Passport (with visa) back to me via overnight Fedex. I was satisfied with their service (there were no unexpected surprises and they sent me back a 10 year multi-entry visa).
  2. My wife filed her i751 in August 2021 and has a NOA (i-797) 48-month extension letter. It is at the YSC service center. She is going to visit (and help care for) her elderly mother for a few months (international travel). I cannot go with her because of work requirements (high school teacher here). We had an interview for AOS. So, I am hoping the ROC interview will be waived. If they require an interview and schedule it for while she is visiting her mom will I be able to reschedule it? If they approve and mail her new green card while she is away will she still be able to return/reenter using her old/expired green card and i751 extension letter? Less
  3. Not planning to apply for N400. Her English is not good. Also, China does not allow dual citizenship and we have reasons for keeping her Chinese citizenship.
  4. Greetings!!! I just saw this forum... My wife's ROC... I-751 sent end of July 2022 NOA dated August 11, 2022 YSC service center We have received both extension letters. Is being sent to YSC a good thing or a bad thing?
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