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  1. 16 minutes ago, electron86 said:

    I need to reschedule my immigrant visa interview at Montreal Embassy.


    In rescheduling section it says: "There is no guarantee that a visa will still be available on the date of your rescheduled interview. Please carefully consult the Visa Bulletin to make sure a visa is still available in the month you have selected before rescheduling your interview."


    Not sure how to check on that as Visa Bulletin just shows dates of processing and general number of visas issued that year. If visa is not available at the time of rescheduling is the application voided or I just have to wait when visa becomes available in the following months?


    Thank you for answers.

    Please give sone more info .. visas category. PD. 

  2. 8 minutes ago, SFA14 said:

    Thank you for the link. However this does not explain what to submit in case of name change/differences between passport and birth verification.


    also, based on the link you shared, it means the nikahnama suffices as marriage certificate?

    Yes i see that. Unfortunately n there seem to be no “name change “ info 


    let me move this to the  regional subforum when you might get some “ local” knowledge. 

  3. 15 minutes ago, SFA14 said:

    I am filing i130 petition for my mother. I just realized her name on the birth certificate has surname as her father and on passport her surname is of her husband (my father). When i saw this I selected yes for “was the beneficiary known by any other name”. Will uploading her birth certificate and passport suffice? Or do i need to upload her marriage certificate as well? Her marriage certificate is in the native language which is not english? Her marriage certificate is only “nikahnama” from Pakistan and not a Nadra certificate. Is this enough? I have no other document that clearly states the name change. The only place that reflects name change is passport vs birth certificate 


    this link will tell you what version of the marriage certificate is required. Always go directly to the USCIS source documents 

  4. 19 hours ago, EMBELL_17 said:

    I have been granted citizenship. My mom got here last week on ESTA. I want to file for her ASAP. Does her being here on ESTA make her eligible for I-485? I plan on filing the I-130 but need to know I am not committing any fraud or filing an incorrect form with the I-485.

    No you are ok. But unless she is ready and able to remain here until this process is completed, you may be better to choose for her to visit only  and go through the Consular processing   Just getting medications renewed here be a challenge and very costly and getting health insurance beyond “catastrophic” cover  prior to her getting her LPR status is not usually possible   Not being able to return to close up her house , deal with financials etc is big ask  

  5. 3 hours ago, bencdxb said:

    I landed in the US on Wednesday with my IR1, and had similar experience at SFO being taken off to a secondary CBP room. Was asked to verify a few phone numbers and addresses, but nothing major.


    Also waiting to hear about the SSN and wondering if I can just go to the nearest social security office to get it.

    Welcome. Yes you can go to the SSA office and get the process started 

  6. 53 minutes ago, top_secret said:

    With some considerable experience with international travel I can say that uninformed, misinformed and sometimes even just plain incompetent airline staff are just a fact of life.  If your travels are at all interesting, sooner or later almost everyone will have some kind of run in with them over something.  It seems est11 handled it expertly.  Know EXACTLY what the rules really are in fine detail and then stand your ground and politely escalate it up the chain until they follow the exact rules.


    I will withhold any commentary about it being Jetstar 😆🤣

    Agreed. Another situation where “caveat emptor” .. “buyer beware” .. Is really really important. Know before you go .. and yes OP did really well in the face of the challenges. 

  7. Just now, JayCeez said:

    So it's possible they just hold the decision instead of outright denying it? I didn't know they worked that way. I guess that's better than nothing.


    I will make an update whenever it happens. 

    Yes. The application can be held jn Administrative processing,  pending meeting whatever requirement the officer lists on the 221g given to the beneficiary at the interview   It will list specifically what must be done /provided before a decision is made 

  8. 9 minutes ago, JayCeez said:

    Yeah I can imagine it being seen as a red flag to an interviewer but, in my opinion, I always figured that was the point of giving people the ability to find a joint sponsor, for cases like these. 


    Right now I just paid the fees to the NVC and in the process of filling out all the forms so I don't have a date for the interview yet. 

    The interviewer may hold the decision until you are able to show insurance. Or not. Can you come back when the interview is done and let us know ? It will add to

     the collective wisdom and help others in the future 

  9. 10 minutes ago, est11 said:

    Exactly! I think Qantas, Australia's leading airline, have most likely seen several of these visa types before and understand the logistics of them. Jetstar. Unaware! I understand their consequences for sure but they failed and refused to read the fine print and kept insisting on seeing an ESTA. I would have booked Qantas, but I saved a thousand dollars flying with Jetstar. These days due to inflation, travel is a luxury 

    Yep totally understand. I’m paying $3000 USD for the same trip that i used to get for $1800 USD. 

  10. 5 minutes ago, JayCeez said:

    I don't have health insurance at the moment. I was planning on getting health insurance when she arrives. I'd get it now if I could but I'll have to wait until November for that. I do have a good amount of money in my bank account but it's just not enough to qualify alone. I'm hoping that they take that into consideration along with my joint sponsor even with my current situation. 

    I could see this scenario as a red flag. But I’m not the interviewer. When is the interview ? 

  11. 2 hours ago, est11 said:

    I had a very scary experience - I endorsed my green card in April 2024;  we flew to Hawaii for the stamp, right before my 6-month IR1 initial/temporary immigrant visa, issued by the consulate, expired (expiry date:May 2024).  We stayed a week in the USA and flew back to Australia to wrap things up with my American husband. So, there was no time for us to stick around for the actual physical green card to arrive in my hand.


    We flew out again from Australia to USA on 7/10/24 (USA date format). No ESTA this time (I am an Aussie), just the immigrant passport sticker in my passport that the embassy gives you after the interview in the Sydney consulate AND the I-551 which got endorsed in Hawaii. My green card has not yet arrived, and is still processing. But my social security card number arrived to our address in America, in May. My Immigrant fee is paid. All of my ducks are in a row.


    When we got to the Jetstar check in counter today, my husband hands them his American passport and I hand them my Aussie passport (with the immigrant visa sticker inside).  The Jetstar lady replies “this visa is expired” and points at the date on the sticker: May 2024.


    I respond “This sticker/visa and the endorsement stamp beside it acts as a green card for 1 year until my physical green card arrives at my US address, because we flew to Hawaii before that initial 6-expiry date, and had the IR1 stamp physically placed beside it in the passport next to the sticker.  If you read the fine print on the bottom, it says that ‘Upon Endorsement (stamped beside it by the immigration officer in Hawaii on April 07, 2024) serves as a temporary I-551 evidencing permanent residence for 1 year (from the time of the aforementioned stamp placed beside it by the officer in Hawaii)’”.


    My husband and I at this moment were in panic mode. She responded “Do you have an ESTA?” I respond “I am a permanent resident, I am a green card holder, ESTA is a visa, Green card is residency”.  She then says “I have never dealt with this situation before. I am going to have to hand you over to our service team”.


    Time for our flight was ticking.


    Once we got hand balled to a different check-in counter, my husband intervened to explain to the new service representative (all three of them) how it worked and to read more carefully.  The visa sticker in my passport showing the initial expiry date of May 2024 is simply based upon the six month window to enter the USA from the time of placement into the passport at the interview by the consulate. This sticker must be stamped by an officer on USA soil within that 6-month window, and indeed it had already been endorsed in April, when we flew there to do that.   She must look beside the sticker at that stamp ‘IR1’, dated April 07, 2024.  The paper visa is now valid until April 06, 2025, one year from that date stamp.

    The print disclaimer at the bottom clearly says ‘UPON ENDORSEMENT……which has been DONE….the visa is valid for 1 YEAR….. from that endorsement, pending receipt of the actual, physical green card in the mail.


    She continued to refuse and said “I still need to see a valid visa. All of them were absolutely obtuse and robotic.  She said, “I need to see a valid visa to clear you for this flight. I can’t clear you, otherwise it comes back on me!” (My husband and I thought: "over the top Aussie" by the book as usual, totally incapable of free thought or reason, and apparently also unable to read ).


    I then had to open my laptop and try to track down past paperwork that proves I have my green card. But in fact the aforementioned proof in my passport is already there, as explained.  I signed in to the NVC website at the counter on my laptop, searching for some help, and nothing appeared showing that I have a green card status, just that all the previous documents I uploaded for NVC were received. It was very stressful as time was ticking and we were about to forfeit our flights, accommodation, etc.


    My husband was very stressed and tried several times to explain to them the immigration requirement’s and encourage them to read the fine print….to these three clerks who had it in their power to ruin our trip. We tried to call the embassy but it was not taking calls.


    So here I was, stuck at the Jetstar airport check-in counter at Melbourne airport, by now one hour before our flight. They kept yammering on about the now totally irrelevant ESTA, and the expired immigrant visa, (according to them). These clerks stubbornly, robotically, mindlessly still wanted to see a valid visa.


    The representative finally made a phone call to someone in the USA thankfully, after nearly 30 minutes of refusal, and they ended up clearing me. We then made it just in time for our flight.


    I hope in future that when I do fly out of Australia again, I will have my physical green card and will never have to go through such distress again!!


    My only gripe with the USA is that they do not send a pdf or email letter showing some words that say my green card is granted and it’s in the mail processing, to pacify these dim witted nabob gate keepers in the Ozzie airport.


    Any comments, tips or advice would be greatly appreciated, and perhaps what you may have done differently.  Also, does anyone know where I could get an official letter on the NVC site saying I am a green card holder?


    Sorry to hear your experience. I used the stamped visa , without any problem, once when departing  Melbourne but that was with Qantas. With Jetstar having a much lower profile flying into the US, they would see very few of these. No excuse for poor service but understandable. And yes , the airline gets a very hefty fine .. and the employee would be “

    written up” if they boarded someone who was found ineligible to enter the US   Again no excuse but certainly explains the extreme caution. Thankfully someone finally

     had the idea of actually calling CBP using the number in their handbook


  12. Completed submitted joint sponsor documentation should be fine. You still need to put N in N the I864 as primary sponsor even if you do not meet the income requirements. Do you have health insurance  that will also cover your wife once she is here. Not having insurance may well raise the question of her becoming a public liability which may be an issue 

  13. 22 hours ago, EternalForeigner said:

    We’re planning to get a new card issued but I was wondering if the status changes automatically after entering the U.S. even before going in to the office to request a new card with the written restriction removed. When we used e verify it seemed to suggest no restrictions but I know the only way to know for certain is to go to the office. 

    Get a card to match the status 

  14. 3 minutes ago, DimaSta4321 said:

    Hi all, I am posting this for my very good friend. Trying to help her with bringing her mom to the US.

    She is a 29 y.o., she was born United States, and grew up in Mexico. Currently she lives in Los Angeles, and she is fully a US citizen with a passport.

    Her mom is a Mexico national, with a tourist visa into the US at the moment.

    My friend wants to sponsor her mom in order to bring her to the US. To my understanding that is a for I-130, correct ?

    Also, I see some information online that I-485 can be filed for her mom at the same time, is this correct ? Do you guys recommend doing it or not?

    What USCIS office processes these cases - NBC ? And what is the timeline ?

    Another question - her mom is 61 y.o. and she is fully economically dependent on her daughter, is this a reason to ask USCIS to expedite the case ? How would we need to go about this ?

    Is there an income requirement for this type case ? If so, what is the minimum income requirement ? Asking about income because she is a artist and her tax returns allow here to deduct a lot of things - last tax return was with 140K income, and 115K of deductions (so she paid around $300 in taxes for the whole year).
    And please point me to the right section on this forum if you know where it is.


    I would suggest your friend come onto the forum herself. There are  many challenges with trying to get the  specific info needed to answer as accurately as possible when it’s a 3rd party posting 

  15. 7 minutes ago, EternalForeigner said:

    I already did and it said 16 months like I’d mentioned in my initial post. That’s why I was wondering if there’s a thread here where people talked about their timelines for it. 

    When i applied for mine a couple of years ago, the estimate for me was 8 months (80%) and I had it approved in 5 


    you would have to do a highly specific time line search on vj site. Most I 131 applied for by members will be for AP 

  16. 3 hours ago, EternalForeigner said:

    I was wondering if there’s a thread here for timeline for I-131 travel document applications. On USCIS it says the processing time is 16 months for 80% of applicants. But is that accurate at all?

    Try using this USCIS site   It differentiates between re entry permit and Advanced Parole 



  17. 2 hours ago, JeanneAdil said:

    SS #'s are life (forever)  numbers so the parent with SS  # uses that one and no new one needed but the  person should make an appointment and have allong with Passport that shows I 551 stamp and have the restrcttion removed 


    Only thing i would add is that if the original SS card has the restriction wording on it , then it’s best to get a new one without this restriction on the card. Avoid confusion 

  18. 7 minutes ago, esme2604 said:

    I've been a bit worried I might need a co-sponser, which I wont have. In 2022 and 2023 my tax returns are  around 30k and 31k .. this is for a household of 3 including my spouse.  I believe I was short 1k from the poverty line.  After graduating college I landed a job, and now I'm making 115k a year... do you guys think showing recent stubs and job offer letter be enough? 

    Current income is what is needed in order to meet the income requirement. Have good documentation such  as payslips and employment letter. Transitioning from low income during studying to income with a job is common 

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