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  1. 1 yes 2 Keep excellent records of ALL contact with NVC and consulate correspondence .. hard copies and electronic records. Don’t rely on one form of contact every 12 months .. even if it’s the same “ reminder” sent several times each year , and putting a new document on your case at NVC each year 3. Yep. People are people and known to not read the notes fully .. If it gets sent to Sydney then you need to be very active with them in holding your case.
  2. Next option is to wait until one is at the consulate and email them asking them to hold the first one until the second one arrives. Hopefully you won’t need to do this.
  3. Immigration visa for a parent of a USC does not allow for “derivatives” .. that means that any child.. adopted or natural.. needs their own visa. The child cannot immigrate as part of the mother's immigration visa. Assuming the adoption meets all required documentation for the USCIS, the mother could apply for the child once she has her GC status but b the child cannot immigrate until the process is completed.
  4. Who is the beneficiary ? If it is your wife and she now has German residency, then you must wait until the case is sent to the Naples consulate then contact them to request it be moved over to Germany Consular If you are both resident overseas, do you have v what is required to meet the sponsorship and US domicile requirements?
  5. Nor do I. Referring to I 797 as advanced parole ?? It is a receipt number for an NOA. What did she use to enter the US What did she say was the purpose of her trip.
  6. Yes i see that. Unfortunately n there seem to be no “name change “ info let me move this to the regional subforum when you might get some “ local” knowledge.
  7. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Visa-Reciprocity-and-Civil-Documents-by-Country/Pakistan.html this link will tell you what version of the marriage certificate is required. Always go directly to the USCIS source documents
  8. No you are ok. But unless she is ready and able to remain here until this process is completed, you may be better to choose for her to visit only and go through the Consular processing Just getting medications renewed here be a challenge and very costly and getting health insurance beyond “catastrophic” cover prior to her getting her LPR status is not usually possible Not being able to return to close up her house , deal with financials etc is big ask
  9. Welcome. Yes you can go to the SSA office and get the process started
  10. Agreed. Another situation where “caveat emptor” .. “buyer beware” .. Is really really important. Know before you go .. and yes OP did really well in the face of the challenges.
  11. Yes. The application can be held jn Administrative processing, pending meeting whatever requirement the officer lists on the 221g given to the beneficiary at the interview It will list specifically what must be done /provided before a decision is made
  12. The interviewer may hold the decision until you are able to show insurance. Or not. Can you come back when the interview is done and let us know ? It will add to the collective wisdom and help others in the future
  13. Yep totally understand. I’m paying $3000 USD for the same trip that i used to get for $1800 USD.
  14. I could see this scenario as a red flag. But I’m not the interviewer. When is the interview ?
  15. Sorry to hear your experience. I used the stamped visa , without any problem, once when departing Melbourne but that was with Qantas. With Jetstar having a much lower profile flying into the US, they would see very few of these. No excuse for poor service but understandable. And yes , the airline gets a very hefty fine .. and the employee would be “ written up” if they boarded someone who was found ineligible to enter the US Again no excuse but certainly explains the extreme caution. Thankfully someone finally had the idea of actually calling CBP using the number in their handbook !!
  16. Completed submitted joint sponsor documentation should be fine. You still need to put N in N the I864 as primary sponsor even if you do not meet the income requirements. Do you have health insurance that will also cover your wife once she is here. Not having insurance may well raise the question of her becoming a public liability which may be an issue
  17. I would suggest your friend come onto the forum herself. There are many challenges with trying to get the specific info needed to answer as accurately as possible when it’s a 3rd party posting
  18. When i applied for mine a couple of years ago, the estimate for me was 8 months (80%) and I had it approved in 5 you would have to do a highly specific time line search on vj site. Most I 131 applied for by members will be for AP
  19. Try using this USCIS site It differentiates between re entry permit and Advanced Parole https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/
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