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  1. https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx?App=IV Use the link and input your details then submit
  2. my status changed to issued today exactly 14 working days after interview. Thank you all so much for your encouraging words
  3. my status changed to issued today exactly 14 working days after interview. Thank you guys
  4. Yes since like 8days ago.. Status kept changing and updating between administrative processing and application received..got updated again today to administrative processing(3rd time) from yesterday's application received (2 times)
  5. Hey guys does anyone have any idea why ceax status keeps updating from administrative processing to application and back 13days after my k1 was approved... I am waiting for the issued notification but haven't gotten.. Please any idea?
  6. Hello... Sorry to bother, just want to know if you have been updated cos my status is on application received too.  Thanks

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    2. coforever


      I was approved on the day of interview and they held my passport. My status was in administrative processing got updated twice then it moved to application received since Thursday.. Is this familiar ?

    3. Brklyn Belle

      Brklyn Belle

      yes, that sounds about right. it should change to administrative processing again then issued.

    4. coforever


      How long was yours in AP again before issued? Have you picked up yet.? 

  7. ebose any update on your case because i have same issue
  8. have your case been updated because i am kinda on thesame boat as you.

    1. Ebose



      It updated yesterday being the 10th. I picked up today

    2. coforever


      oh wow congrats, how was the status update because mine was updated twice and was in administrative processing, it was updated again yesterday to application received, is this familiar?

    3. coforever


      yesterday was 13th,

  9. Good day house, I have followed visa journey and it guided me through this process but now my question is for those that interviewed for k1 visa and was approved in Lagos Nigeria January or February 2020 how long did it take for your visa to be issued.
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