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  1. All of these are for I130 filling or visa interview?? am aasking
  2. I think you have to go back to ceac website. Log in using your email and your case number. Once you are in. Click to schedul an appointment. It will probably appear you have a current appointment date. So click on the resechedul option.
  3. So if i may ask. What financial documents did you submit? My wife worked here in korea just 1 year. What will you advice us to submit? Do you have to submit 3 years tax return? And did your wife take any addition of prove of relationship during interview?
  4. Mr Genuis

    Police certificate in South Korea

    Well. I wont stand against you submitting the one you talking about. You will only be and exception. The one most visa approval candidate submit and which is requried by the u.s embassy is one which contain a "check reply" and includes lasp material. What you saying you are going to submit doesn't include that. What the police told you thats what they tell every body. But it wont change the fact that is what is required. Its not wrong to try the worst that might happen is that your application might delay if they rejects it. Goodluck
  5. Mr Genuis

    Police certificate in South Korea

    Its near by anguk station. When you are at anguk station ask anyone around to show you the police angency. Its very close to the anguk subway station. I think the location on the map is correct.
  6. Mr Genuis

    Police certificate in South Korea

    I did it at the insadong police station. We told them we needed it for the American embassy, and they knew which one they needed. example here
  7. Mr Genuis

    Police certificate in South Korea

    You no where to go right?
  8. Mr Genuis

    Police certificate in South Korea

    Sure. I got it same day. it did not take more than 10 mins
  9. Check this information. It might help you understand what to do: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/the-immigrant-visa-process/collect-and-submit-forms-and-documents-to-the-nvc/step-4-collect-financial-documents.html. once you tap on it, click on financial document. It clearly explains which form you need to fill out and which your joint sponsor has to fill out.
  10. Hi. Generally within 35 days. You will get an approval. Sometimes even lesser. A friend of mine got marraid to a military and took them 2 and half week to get approve. Mine not a military took 1 month 4days.
  11. I will drop my case here. You call it confuse but the is someone here who needs it. And will not go with a false idear that they dont need photos for both of them. That will only slow down their process.
  12. i filed on December 10th 2018. And i strictly followed the checklist. What you might not know is that, when you do direct consulate filling...you go directly to the consulate to deposit your application. This consulate have their own checklist. So he was requesting document from us and we handed to them accordingly per their request. He requested for 2 photos for both my wife and i. we handed to them. After they have asked for all the required document they then ask., do you have any other supporting document to support your aoplication? we gave all we had. Ones that were not needed like the social media conversation between us wwhere handed back to us infact the refused to take it say its too personal( any document you submit when going for direct consulate filing which is not needed they give it back to you instantly) passport styl for both of us were major requirement and the asked or it before we gave them.
  13. But in my case beneficiary photos goes along with petitioner. My wife is here with me in korea. When we filed initialy we submitted 2 photos of my wife and 2 photos of me as required on the check list. After approval just the passport size of the beneficiary is needed during interview. I understood his question and even before i posted, his question was answered correctly by another brother.i just added more into it to clearify another reader in same situation. Perhaps in the future.
  14. All passport size photograph in all u.s embassies. No matter where or what you are applying for are the same dimension. I applied for non immigrant visa years ago same 2 by 2 I applied for dv lottery same 2 by 2 I applied for i130 at all stages before and after approval same 2 by 2 size photo. So the requirement at the instruction packet is same regardless if where you are even in u.s
  15. There are translators who are certified by the goverment.trained and authirised by the goverment. If this this is your case then its okay. Though we are in different countries. My marriage certificate was authorised by the translator because he is goverment certified and i had no problem