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    So visa appointment was on the 26th of march 2019 in Seoul. i went there 1hr 30 mins early as my appointment was at 8 a.m. i was the first person and i stood there for a while before others start coming.

    7:30 a.m the embassy was open an those whos appointment was 7;45 were asked to stand infront of the immigrant lin there are two lines, non immigrant and immigrant visas). my turn for security check. so like others, i turn off my phone and gave to the security lady. she gave me a card for later pick up of my phone (note, only one cell phone is allowed, no other devices are allowed).

    i got in after pased security and was directed to the 2nd floor. i waited there untill my tunrn. the young korean lady placed a sticker on my passport and advise me to removed my document from the file before going to the 3rd floor. she then gave me a small transperent bag to put my 2 pictures. she checked on my passport to see if its valide ( but for koreans, she checked all their documents, medical reports etc).

    i moved to the 3rd floor. that was where the long wait was. i spend like 1 hour sitted before i was called for pre screening. the beautiful korean lady i believe she is of her late 30s or early 40s. Went through my documents. she asked me how long i have been in korea. she went through and discardet the paper that were not necessary she return them to me and said my orignal birth certifcate will be return to me after interview. she then gave me a sticker to go and pay my application fee at the 2nd floor counter. i had enough money with me so i had to pay 325 dollars ( 390 000 korean won) i gave the old lady 400k she returned 10 k.

    i went back to the third floor and i rang the ittle bell the lady who pre screen me ask e to ring when i return from paying. so she came and collected the receipt of payement she asked me to sit the consulate will call me for an interview.

    i waited for like 1 hr 25 minutes, then an American Consulate called me. ( at this time i was happy because the was this korean lady i heard about that she complicate alot so i never wanted to go to her) so i walked to the consulate.

    the consulate ask me un related questions. well, some will say it was relevant

    but never read from somewhere. he asked me to tell him about .... called my wife's name. i simple told him she is my wife. she asked me to give details he siad he like details he then ask me how we met? where is my wife coming from? which state? what is the state like? do i have any family member in the state? any siblings? how many siblings? where is my mom and my that? well aske me so many questions why my wife change her school where she previousl worked? what was the exact name of her the injury she got? what caused it and he said he has never heard of teachers having injury because o work. he ask me about my status in the country i am if i got a visa?

    then he said under the immigration law petitioner has to prove their domicile to the U.S so the documents i provided where not strong enough, by then i was very frustrated after all that questions and i got very angry. i told him my wife submitted her current contract wich shows she is here temporary but the co said its not enough. i showed hin bank statements in u,s well all was not good enough. he said he need to see prove that my wife and i will leave korea and establish in the u.s.a. so he then listed some examples like, Assets, house lease, employment in u.s or any document to show that my wife is making efforts to re-establish in U.s.

    After all that he gave me a blue paper form 221 g. on it., he put a star on prove of domicile. and said i should try together with my wife and look for any documents. he said it must be somewhere we just have look again. and told me ones i have gotten the document.., i dont need to visist the embassy i should just mail it to them together with my passport.

    i walk away picked up my phone and told my wife. my wife sent me emails of her job interviwes in u.s, job offer, and some other documents which if i heard earlier would ave gotten my approval.

    so my case is on AP though i just mailed all the documents including flight itenary, documents from her dean requestinfg her to be in the U.s by this spring for her last class, also a letter showing she needs ro do practicals which was a requirement before she finished school or graduated. i send employment offer and document from her dean acknowledging her return to korea this spring to finish school and do her clinicals.

    i will updates when something show up.

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  1. You can go with the regular background check. It seems like the Embassy now understand its difficult to get the requested backgroynd check for non korean citizen. How ever, like i initially stated. I went to 3 different police station to get the one with check reply. They refused and claimed they no longer issue it. So i was adviced to go to jongno insadong police station and i got it from there. If you can get what they want, give to them. If you cant give to the embassy what the police gave you.
  2. Bro. Thats what i used and same thing 2 of my friends used. None of us are koreans.
  3. Yeah. You need a police ertificate with lasped. The one with check reply. The other one will ve rejected.
  4. You dont et packet untill your i130 os approve they will send you packet 4 (instruction Packet) thats what will help you to put provide the documwnts needed for your interview.
  5. Our case was cr1. They gave me a yellow packet with all my documents from the the we filed i130 till the the interview date. You are not allow to open it. If she said its computerised then for sure may be its a new law and perhaps she gave you a Disk or something with the recorded information. Have you received your passport already?
  6. Its depend on the visa you applied for.
  7. Its advisable to get it atleas a week. For unforseen circumstances.
  8. You do your courier service registration online. Yes you gonna fill up your Current Address. They did my biometric at the embassy.
  9. Well. First of all i didnt go through NVC. My case was directly with the consulate. Yes 320 is for each Applicant. You pay ones either through NVC or at the Consulate. Yes i had my visa.
  10. You can convert it to get the actual amount in dollars. Dollas fluctuate. You can go with 500 k as well but you wont spend it all. No 320 dollars is not equall to 320 dolllars.
  11. Either of them is ok. But my case i had cash
  12. I had 500 k with me in Korean won. But the fee in u.s dollas is 320 dollars
  13. Yes you have to pay fees. Interview fee. Ones they check you have all the documents. They will send you to pay the fee ,When you paay the fee you come backwith the receipt and give them. So yes you will pay interview fee cos i paid. And my interview was march 26th 2019
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