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  1. Yes, i did dcf in korea. I didn’t hear any problems with the police cert ( with those people i met in the embassy at least during my interview). I was also worried that they might actually reject my police cert, but they did not since it was clearly indicated on the packet what you should submit..
  2. I was ready in any case there would be some questions, I printed the instruction regarding the police certificate on the packet they sent me, stating what is for foreigners and for koreans.. but then there was no question, Which means i submitted what i gave them, then got my visa after 2 days..
  3. Just follow what the packet says about police certificate and you won’t have any problem. Submitted my police cert WITHOUT the criminal check reply and there was no problem...
  4. We got our form 1040. Sponsor is a civilian contractor in a US military base in korea, we are not required to file tax but we always do to be on track.. Current annual income is $xx,000 which is above poverty level of 20.. i am a little confused on part 6 items 25.a,25.b,25.c it is asking for a total income as reported on federal income tax return for the recent 3 years. If i will follow our form 1040. The total income on line 22 will only be $138... does this sound right? Your help is highly appreciated. This is the last form we are completing..
  5. However it does state that the ones with check reply Is ONLY FOR KOREANS...
  6. Did the packet state that you need a police cert with a LAPSE CHECK? On the packet they sent me they have a sample photo of what i needed. One for a korean national and the other one for foreigners..
  7. Anyone doing DCF at seoul who submitted last april 2019? Any updates on your Status? We filed last april 26,2019 and have not heard or received anything yet. I wonder if it’s the mailing address which messed up since my husband insisted using his APO address instead of our Korean address
  8. I got no packet too. When we applied for dcf i130 in seoul, we just submitted it last april 26,2019, paid the fee and that’s it... hoping to hear from them next week..
  9. Yes sir! Thank you for your kind advise. I plan to go to insadong police station before the day of my interview. I live down in daegu that’s why i spend 2 days in seoul when i had my initial appointment. Thank you very much and your kind advise is highly appreciated..
  10. Yeah that’s what i thought so. I went to 2 police stations and they gave me the same,
  11. Were you able to get the RIGHT police certificate? Dis the embassy accept the ONE that you have gotten first?
  12. I had the same experience but fortunate to get a schedule. It was sleepless nights waiting for schedules... good luck! No they won’t reply if u email them, you have to set an appointment online..
  13. Set an appointment, check it online... every minute every hour..
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