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  1. What hotline number did you call??
  2. Thank you! Do you have a number?? Just making sure i have the right one..
  3. Hi!have you already submitted an i-130? I am finding it challenging to schedule an appointment cause everything seems unavailable
  4. Hello! Did you find it hard to schedule an appointment submitting an i-130? Cause k cannot see any available appointments right now.. any tips when should i check?
  5. It’s the same link . Thank you.. i gues si have to check from time to time.. i hope to get an appointment soonest...
  6. Oh i see. Cause this is always what shows up https://my.uscis.gov/en/appointment/intl/KS/SEK/130/dates
  7. Hi! I have a question, did you find it very challenging to set an online appointment in submitting the i-130? Cause i cannot find any available appointments, it shows nothing and to check the next day... thank you