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Found 15 results

  1. 3 days ago I uploaded all of our AOS and civil documents. Today the NVC sent me a message saying I needed to upload my 2017 or 2018 tax transcript. I do not yet have the one for 2018. I uploaded my 1040 because I just got my taxes done on Monday and they told me I had to mail in instead of efile because my husband doesn't have an SSN. Why does the NVC say upload tax return OR transcript if all they will accept is the transcript?? I uploaded transcripts for 2016 and 2017 but IRS just received my return in the mail today so I imagine it will take days if not weeks for my 2018 transcript to be available to download from their site. This is so frustrating!! They accepted all of our civil documents. There was also an issue of my birth certificate being upside down but I've rotated it and resubmitted it. But what can I do about this 2018 tax transcript issue? Why aren't they accepting the 1040??
  2. Hi, We received a message today from the NVC on the FEDERAL INCOME TAX RETURN OR TRANSCRIPT section for both the Petitioner and the Joint Sponsor. We each uploaded a W2 PDF of the most recent tax year but both were rejected. This is the message we received: "We are unable to accept these documents as uploaded. Please delete these documents and submit them under the correct document type." I'm not sure how to correct this. We followed the upload directions correctly but still got rejected. Maybe resubmit them in a JPEG format? Everything else we uploaded has been accepted. We would appreciate any help with this!
  3. Got a notice from Chicago's lockbox that the I 485 package is rejected due to outdated used form. Huh ? I loaded the latest form from USCIS with expiration date of 06/2019 How do I go form here? Anyone had same nightmare?
  4. Dear Friends, Can anyone help me with my situation. I'm Chinese-Indonesian girl, almost 29yo. I just got my us visa rejected 214(b) : Failure to establish ties, this morning. I'm applying B2 visa for tourist, since me n my boyfriend haven't engaged yet. I'm currently having my own business which i tag along my dad n my sibling in it, that makes me own a family business. (But for info, this business is my baby since it's all my sweat, tears, n blood {no its not blood, just time}). I've bring along all the documents needed to show my assets in Indonesia, but the interviewee wont even look at it, since the documents still on my side, and i've asked to show it to him but he refused. I've told everything honestly,I even said that since my boyfriend already came to Indonesia for 2 weeks last July, my Dad only permit me to go to US for only 2 weeks too, just to be fair. My boyfriend is ABC, he even already sent me invitation letter, which the interviewee didn't see either even i'm already asking to show him. When the interviewee gave me the red paper, i know for sure i got rejected. And i asked him immediately before he gave me the paper, why i got rejected. (Maybe i'm kinda a bit mad when i asked it, since his face was shocked. it's bcoz i chose to be honest, eventhough my friends told me to lie) The interviewee said it's because: 1. i have a boyfriend in US 2. my business is family business, which makes it looks like i can leave the business easily. i answer him that i'm the president director of this company, which makes it harder for me to leave it. and I go to US, so i can meet my boyfriend's family, and bring along his parents to meet my parents in Indonesia. once again i asked him to see my legal documents, but he said the decision can't be changed. Please help me figure out another way to reapply the US Visa. Since i really need to meet my boyfriend's family before we go to more serious relationship. Thank you for your help, it means a lot for both of us. God bless
  5. Greeting, I am new to the forums, so I am not yet used to starting a topic. Anyway, I recently sent out the I-130 concurrent filing with I-485, I-864, I-131, and I-765 on July 31st and they received it and sent me the receipt notice in the mail. So, that is the stage I am currently in on the process, we are waiting for the mail in regards to the Biometrics Appointment. I have three questions. 1.) Is my husband still able to get an EAD combo card when I am not currently working? Does my current unemployment affect his chances of getting one? I am actively seeking work, and have pointed that out in my application I-864. (I am the United States citizen and my husband is from South Korea here working through OPT from his University.) 2.) Do we have to pay the fees again if we get rejected on the green card because I don't have a job if it comes down to that? 3.) For the Biometrics Exam, What exactly do they check, is that just photographs, and fingerprint? Or do they also do things like drug testing etc.? Sorry if these are amateur questions, but I trust the forums to let me know what they think. Thank you for your time and good luck to everyone on their journey.
  6. Hi guys..., it’s been a long time since the last time I was here posting.. anyway, so I received my aos(from k1) rejection notice today at the mail including everything we sent. Reason is Form was outdated. I am invited to resubmit the application. Just finished filling up and signing (with new date).. now my question is, since it got rejected, does this means I need to make whole new packet again with the new latest form that was asked? Or I can still reuse/resubmit all the other supporting documents that was returned. Any opinion will be much appreciated.
  7. My AOS packet (I-130, 131, 485, 864, & 765) was rejected and returned due to a simple number error on my credit card form. The packet was returned stapled into 11 sections, in an order that looks mostly random to me, with an attached plastic bag holding my photographs, original envelopes, and folders. Of course, there were also the I-797C notices and the green form. Do I resubmit this EXACTLY how I received it with the fees corrected (staples, weird order, plastic bag, & all) or do I go back and re-order everything to how USCIS requested it in the first submission? The USCIS website for original filing specifically says no staples, to clearly separate each application, and include cover letters, so I don't want to mess this up again by returning what they sent back to me if it's wrong. The only reliable info I can find about refiling is to return the original documents with the stamps now on them, and put the green paper on top. Nothing out there about the order, and no instructions on the 797 either. Help is appreciated!
  8. Upon checking my case status today, after sending in my I-130 package, I got the notice "My Case Was Rejected Because My Check Or Money Order Is Not Signed". At first I got really disappointed with my lack of attention for such a basic item. Then I decided to check the pictures that I took from my application before send it in, and was surprised to find my check perfectly filled and signed just as it should be. Did this happen to anyone else, or does anyone have any idea of why it could have happened? According to the message on the USCIS website, they emailed my application back to me, but I'm afraid that if I write a new check and send it back, they'll just reject it again, because, as I said it, the check was properly filled! Any help would be much appreciated!
  9. Hi everyone I am really shocked to receive news my petition to renew my EAD was rejected due to missing fees and outdated form. The form I understand I used mostly the one I sent long ago with my original AOS package. But it is to my understanding I do not have to pay a fee if my AOS is pending. Three days ago I received an e-mail that my interview was scheduled. But I haven't received anything in the mail. My renewal AP was approved and is now in processing and I didn't send any fees for it. My questions are: is a c9 category still valid for renewal of EAD? I sent the proof my AOS was pending. What else do they need to show I don't have to pay for it. Would it be wise not to send it and wait for the AOS interview and just wait for the GC ? Please help!
  10. Hello everyone! I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this, but I shall give it a try ! I apologize in advance if it's not the right one though. So I filed a K-1 visa based AOS and I just received the rejection notice in my mail today. The two reasons were that my I-485 was outdated and that the payment amount was incorrect. I took out two USPS money orders - one for $1000 and one for $225. My package contains the following forms: I-485(AOS), I-864(Affidavit), I-131(Travel Doc), I-765(Employment), G-1145(e-Notification) and all the supporting documentation. Are these the correct ones? I keep seeing people filing I-130 , but I cannot understand exactly WHO is required to do so. Am I? Otherwise what was wrong with my payment? AOS is $1040 and biometrics is $85, summing to $1225. Or is it maybe the fact that there were two money orders? Anyway, my husband and I will resubmit it this week and pay via the credit card form that is now available. I see that all my documentation has a unique identification number at the bottom of the pages and I want to know if I need to reprint everything once more for the new submission or just the outdated I-485. My new submission of the Form I-485 will have written on the front cover that it is an original submission still? Or will that have to change and to what ? It is my understanding that filing a concurrent Form I-131 with the Form I-485 means that the fees for Form I-131 are waived (or they are included in the $1040). I'm a little lost here...I'd appreciate any kind of help!
  11. I have submitted the I-130 and was rejected due to using an outdated for. The problem is is that my form is the same as the one on the USCIS website. This is making no sense to me and really confusing. The form edition date is 2-27-2017 and expires on 31July 2018 and the OMB number is 1615-0012. Does anyone know what seems to be the issue?
  12. Respected Sir/ Madam, I applied for visitor visa on 15-93-2018 as my father ( age 76 yrs.) is seriously ill in North Carolina U.S.A. My visa was rejected u/s 214(b). He underwent two major Brain surgeries in Duke and UNC health care hospitals in N.C. after he accidentally fell there and had head injuries. Now his brain is damaged and is paralized and getting down day by day.after second brain surgery. First surgery was done in Jan 2017 and the second opinion Aug.2018. My both parents are are green card holders and are living in USA. They are living with my brother who is a US citizen and residing there from past 20 yrs. In 2001 I went USA on visitor visa with my parents and with my daughter. After 6 months I extended it for 6 more months. Thus I stayed there for one year. In between I tried for H1 visa to work as teacher and got an offer letter from N.C. School. I did all this as I was living separate from my husband due to domestic violence there. I wanted to settle in US by working there with my 1 yr. old daughter. For separation I don't have any legal document as it was not taken from court. H1 visa was approved there in USA. Then I returned India for H1 stamping. But it was rejected in India without mentioning any reason. My daughters ( minor 17 yrs. old) visa was also rejected along with me. I then dropped the idea to go to U.S. But Second time I was called by a lady from Visa office that the officer Cope Aren Bell is calling me to take an appointment for H1 visa. I was confused. I asked for what? She said just come. I again asked for what purpose will he provide me visa? She said he is calling you to provide you visa please tell me on which date will you come. She called me three times. Ultimately I took appointment as I was told that I will be provided visa. But when I went there the officer asked me where are the documents of other employees of your employer? I said I don't have them. I have all documents related to me. He said you didn't bring any of the documents and also you are not qualified to work as a teacher as I was not B.Ed then. I said I was called by Cope Aren Bell. He said I am Cope Aren Bell and I called you. He rejected my H1. I was not informed on phone to bring the other employees documents. But was misguided that I will be provided H1 visa. So I really felt cheated. I wanted my money and hopes. Later I did B.Ed in India and worked for 2 yrs in India as a teacher. Later I stopped working. I think the rejection on 15 March 2018 was due my earlier visitor visa extension done and as I tried for H1 later. But this was done legally as per US laws only. If it was not legal then my extension would have been denied as it was my first visit. And H1 would also have not been approved. But in US this is legal but as per U.S. Visa offices in Indai this is illegal. Whatever may be this, but at present I am living with my husband in A.P. At that time I lived in M.P with my parents and my address in passport was also same as in Bhopal and now of A.P. At present I am a home maker and I want to visit just only to see my seriously ill father as we don't know how long will he survive. He can't return India. I told this also that I may not be able to see him. Then also the consulate officer didn't see any of my father's hospital documents and said no no. Now I want to try again. My brother said that he will try to take a letter from some minister in U.S. That may work. But actually they are not willing to see any of our documents. Just rejected seeing my past history. Please guide me how to convince them. My brother is saying that if my visa will be rejected again then he will bring my father to India else I may not be able to see him ever. But this will be very risky for my father's life as he is seriously ill and is very week and paralized. Please guide me how to try to get visa eat time. My daughter is studying High school Finished first yr. And we took a letter from her college that her Inter is of two yrs. course and has to join on 14 June 2018. My husband is not coming with me. We don't have any house on our name bug np,y husband own business under which educational institutes run. His income is from agriculture and business From business around 7 Lakhs. And from agriculture around 2 Lakhs. I have mutual fund investments on my name where I am second of third holder whaixh is more that 50 Lakhs. Please guide me what to do to get my visa to see my father. What to reply for their questions specially for return etc will the letter from minister be helpful? From which minister? Or please any thing which will help me. Your guidance will definitely help me to see my father. I will be very thankful and grateful to you. Thanking you with Regards! Rashmi
  13. I filed out a petition for k-1 visa, and for some reason my check didn't cash, so they sent everything back to me and said no further action would be taken on the rejected form. When the form asks if ive filled out for another beneficiary before, should I say yes because of the one last month for the same guy, or no, even though it is a new form altogether, but the beneficiary is still the same person as the last one. should I mention it was rejected because of the check? or does it only need mentioned if we were officially denied? the instructions are so vague. I don't know what to do
  14. Guys, help! I keep getting conflicting information! i submitted my i765 along with my i485 and payment a few weeks ago. My i485 was accepted but my employment authorization was rejected and sent back for 2 reasons. 1. Outdated form. ( which it wasn’t, it was downloaded the day I sent the package) 2. Lack of payment. please correct me if I’m wrong, but up until this point I was of the understanding that if submitting I765 along with I485 there would be no additional fee for the i765. So the total fees paid would be just for the i485. Am I wrong? Do I really need to resubmit with another $410 AND fork out for more passport style photos? Freaking out
  15. Hi. I had some quick questions about a rejection notice. It was rejected for incorrect fees, but on the I-485 I have the correct amount on the check for 1225. Was it rejected because I did not have the entire "Department of Homeland Security, Citizenship and Immigration Services," or maybe that I didn't have "and biometric services" along with what the check is for? Also, can I resend the same package that I was sent back from USCIS? They reorganized and stapled things together. Is it okay to resend the forms like that or would I have to reprint everything from scratch? Thank you so much! Jeff and Argelia Broadbelt