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  1. Zach2015

    Have a issue...

    Just maybe in your case, you shouldn’t rush this.
  2. Our status just changed to card is being produced. So for us, it only took 8 days after our interview was completed for ya to get approved for my wife’s green card.
  3. Well our status just changed to card is being produced. So when does the clock start ticking for the next phase? Is it two years from the date of issuance on the green card?
  4. I’m confused on why it’s being stated they can’t ask us that question, if you filed before the deadline. That was one of the officer’s first question. So do you have health insurance? We said yes and showed proof of medical and dental. Is it your advice for people to argue with the officer on the legality of that question being asked? not trying to argue, I’m just confused. Not sure it matters, but my office is in Florida and they were already asking.
  5. For some reason, they always change the EAD, but not the AP. I believe they change that part when the card ships. It threw us off too lol. congrats!
  6. Did you read my response? We filed in September 2019, they asked us about health insurance at our interview last week. My wife has had insurance through my employer once we got married.
  7. All I can say is we had our interview last week and they asked if my wife has insurance, we provided proof. Not sure if it’s required, but they are asking. We obviously filed before the 24th. So who knows
  8. We had our interview last week, but still in limbo because a decision has not been made in our case. So more waiting patiently.
  9. They never tell us anything. Some people get approved right away and some go under review and then get approved later on. I don’t think anyone can say for sure, why the system is this way.
  10. How did it go? How long were you there?
  11. This is the way I feel about people who expedite. The rules are clear when you come over on a k1visa. No working and no traveling, but people request expedites, even though they knew the rules. They get to cut the line. Crazy!
  12. You just have no luck when it comes to immigration. As far as people expediting, I will bite my tongue on that issue. I don’t think they lost your documents. Just testing your patience as usual.
  13. When mine was approved, it only updated the 765, but once the status changed to card shipped the 131 changed. Yes, it’s the same card. Not sure why they do it that way.
  14. I don’t think it’s required, however, yesterday at our interview the officer asked if my wife had health insurance and I provided him that she has insurance through my employer. We were not approved or denied. Our case is under review.
  15. We did our interview yesterday. The interview was maybe 10-15 minutes. Asked to see our rings, new photos, K1 Visa, AP/EAD card and joint bank accounts. He also asked if she has health insurance. We provided him copies of proof of insurance, proof that she is my beneficiary on my 401k and tax returns (he didn’t ask for any of that though). He asked me if I knew her parents names and occupations and how we met. All they asked her was the yes and no questions on the AOS form, such as drug trafficking and terrorism. Also said wow you speak English lol Our case has changed to case under review. I guess we will just have to wait some more while they decide if we get approved or not.
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