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  1. So, I am guessing each airline does the required taxes differently? Delta was great to use, for us.
  2. Just last week to come to the US and those were all the fees I paid for her.
  3. That is so weird. Because when my fiancé left a week ago, she did not have to pay the travel tax, personally. All the taxes were paid for in the Delta ticket I purchased for her.
  4. Didn't you post this like a week ago? Wasn't there a lot of red flags in your case?
  5. My fiancé did not have her passport either when she went. She just brought all the documents listed in Hank's link and she was fine. Once she gets her passport back, she will then go back to the CFO place and get the sticker.
  6. For my fiancé in the Philippines, I had to pay her embassy fee which was $265, her medical which was $300 (maybe more) and then her airline ticket to the US, plus all the other misc. expenses.
  7. I did a new letter of intent, some conversations and phonecalls. My fiancé told me that there were people there with like 5 notebooks of papers.
  8. I did not go to my fiancé interview a few weeks ago. They asked maybe 5-10 questions. I guess it depends on the person. I just kept telling my fiancé to be calm and confident.
  9. Philippines Passenger Service Charge of $10.80 Philippines Travel Tax $31.70 They also charges me fees for Japan and tons of fees for the US
  10. My fiancé's timeline was this June 28 interview June 29 AP July 2 issued July 6 ready for pickup July 9 she went and picked it up @Blessedme, I am not sure if this will help you, but this was my fiancé timeline and she picked up her passport at a 2Go branch in Manila also to get faster service.
  11. I can take her to the civil surgeon the first week of August and that won't be considered too early? Or should I wait until our marriage and closer to filing the AOS?
  12. Can she do that in August? Or does it have to be done within a certain frame?
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