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  1. I can’t believe they still haven’t fixed that problem. It’s been happening for months.
  2. Yes, they are applying the previous fingerprints, if they can. People have reported receiving letters from USCIS regarding the fingerprints. They usually get the letter about 6-8 weeks after filing.
  3. Potomac has a wait time of 20-24 months. Usually if you had an interview for AOS you will not interview for ROC. As far as your travels, when you get the letter from USCIS that is your 24 month extension to your green card. Do not lose that paper.
  4. I remember you and your journey. I told you one day you would get the fast check out lane and I would finally get the slow one. It has come true. Our ROC got sent to Potomac which is a 2 year wait. I kept thinking of you when we found out where our petition went. I thought to myself I called this day years ago. Good luck!
  5. We made an appointment for our local office. No way did we trust the mail to send in any original documents or cards. Once we explained the situation they let us make an appointment. oh and it took like 2-3 weeks to get the new social security card in the mail.
  6. Thanks. I can’t keep track. Do not know why I thought it was Texas, but California is still faster than Potomac
  7. I think it’s Texas. One of the fastest offices to have. My wife doesn’t know either. Luckily she can be a dual citizen if she wants to be.
  8. This will be interesting to see how this goes for us. Our check cleared our bank account today for the filing fee. Now on to a potential 2 year wait.
  9. Oh that makes sense. We are in Naples, FL. I finally figured out the receipt thing. She sent me her prior receipt number when she submitted the EAD. 🤦‍♀️
  10. So yeah we are definitely routed to Potomac. We finally got in the Do not pass go lane. Haha
  11. I looked it up. It’s Potomac. I’m not sure why we got flagged. No kids, no criminal records, not even a speeding ticket. We had an interview for the AOS and I have a level 2 background done for my hospital job. So this is interesting!
  12. Got our text notices last night, but two different receipt numbers. So going to have to wait to see which service center we were really assigned, but either one isn’t good. One was MSC the other was YSC. I knew our K1 and AOS went way too fast, this is where we get backlogged…haha
  13. Maybe a mod can move this to the Philippine forum. Quite a few people in that forum did just that and it went much faster.
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