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  1. I don't see Canadian passport on any of those links. Just to clarify, a USC should be entering the US as a US citizen.
  2. US citizens need to enter the country on a US passport.
  3. They also need to take your biometrics. Can't do that via Skype.
  4. 3. Yes she can visit on the tourist visa. It's up to CBP to parole people in though. 4. No. She cannot work. Hopefully someone can help you out on 1 and 2. Good luck.
  5. You are okay to apply for a K1 visa. The denial at POE will not be am issue.
  6. If she doesn't want to stay until AOS is completed then the I-130 is the best option.
  7. The wife will need to apply for a spouse visa she cannot apply for a fiance visa if she is married.
  8. You can have your wife petition for you as the beneficiary of a USC. File the I-130 and go the CR1 route.
  9. She will not be able to interview if she is out of status in Canada. US consulate in Montreal will ask for proof of residency in Canada. I believe you can request to have the interview moved to her home country.
  10. If you live in a community property state, any property acquired after marriage belongs to both parties.
  11. In addition to the extortion, file charges with the police for the abuse as well, so it is documented. Good luck!
  12. Wow that really sucks. I applied after 13 years and had to apply for a replacement green card as I had lost mine. You will need to turn in the card when you get your citizenship.
  13. If he is in Detroit, you can visit Canada and meet in Windsor. It's right across from Detroit.
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