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  1. it was a letter saying that they have mailed my duplicate receipt notice.
  2. I already got extension letter. But I have made several service requests. So I am thinking if it's a response to one of those or RFE... Before getting the extension letter I received an exact similar mail like this saying that, my I-751 processing is going on. After receiving that letter I made two service requests calling the USCIS customer care. After two-three weeks I received my extension letter and now today I see this mail. Do you think it could be a RFE letter?
  3. Hi, I see an incoming mail like this from USCIS. Could it be RFE? My case status just says Fingerprint was completed. Also, I have done two-three service requests. Could it be the response of the service requests?
  4. Could you share the post here?
  5. Okay , then it's an original...Thank You Yes it has a watermark and slightly light green colored
  6. Finally after waiting a long time, filing two requests I got my extension letter. How to recognize if it's duplicate or original?
  7. Yes hope so ! Thank You
  8. Hi, Yes...but I called them on Wednesday..The customer service told me, USCIS sent out a letter saying about my case status on 26th Feb. This is not the extension letter, so the customer service connected me with the immigration officer. The officer told me the online system misunderstood my request, so sent me a wrong letter. Then, the lady sent a follow up response asking for the extension letter. So, I think I have to wait few more days
  9. Great ! I received nothing
  10. Hi, It will change after you complete biometric. Mine says my fingerprint review was completed
  11. Hi, my receipt number works on the old site and it says Fingerprint review was completed. But in the new website it still says we received your case
  12. So, here's what happened. I called USCIS again and the customer service told me that they have responded to my e-request and sent out a mail yesterday and the mail is not the receipt notice, it just says my case is received and we are processing your case. I was so surprised and mad and then customer service connected me with an immigration officer and the lady told me the online system misunderstood my request and sent out the mail of my case status. The lady submitted a follow-up mail saying that I need an extension letter .
  13. Okay, to apply for the unrestricted one is it the same form like the usual one? Will i have to send a copy of ssn? I read the topic but cannot understand which option to choose
  14. So they should give infopass if our card is expiring soon right? I wonder if they refuse then I would be out of work status and then how will I work? really don't know what to do..I am still waiting..it's been 11 days of filing e -request. no response...I called USCIS TWICE. They said i have to wait till 30 days of filing the e-request