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  1. Not always is a lie, it happened to me in one of my several trips to the USA, I told the CBPO I planned to stay 2 months but I end up staying 3, on the last month we planned a trip overseas, but at the end decided not travel. 6 - 7 months later went back and was asked why I "lied", (I totally forgot about that trip) I explained what happened. I always was concern about not being allowed in, after half hour of answering questions, in CBPO words: "It seems to me that you are living here, out of 12 months you have been here 9" , at the end he allowed me in the country not without a warning: If you do not leave the country by the date you are telling me, your process will be cancelled.
  2. Yes, this is on the appointment letter, bring "original and copy otherwise we might keep the original". At this point in particular the last thing you want is more delays.
  3. That's the longest wait for me, It took almost 2 months to interview scheduled.
  4. Hi, we interviewed in Philadelphia, we took only the documents listed on the appointment letter, at the interview we were asked only for bank statements (joint account) and letter from insurance company certifying that my husband added me to his policy. Nothing else.
  5. It's not how about countries get into the VW program it's about how your nationality can affect getting a B visa, even in your list there are countries with less than 3%, and still have to apply for a B visa. Any way, is my opinion. Thanks for taking the time to comment.
  6. It is not just a wedding, is the inmediate relative of an inmigrant. Who might not want to leave after entering the US.
  7. It will be interesting any data on the same topic for first world countries, when filling the eta, see how many got denied, in third world countries likes ours, just the fact of having a relative or knowing someone in the US is reason enough for a denial, demostrating enough ties it's not enough, that's why people say is plain luck in our countries. First world countries are not scrutinize as we are.
  8. I do not know, it is likely that having mentioned the wedding was enough reason for the genial. She only got a paper saying that at the moment she was not elegible to enter the United States. Again they might have seen a probably intention to inmigrate.
  9. FYI: Recently one girl mom applied, before her k1 Interview, her mom said, when asking why she wanted to got to the US, I'm attending my daughter's wedding. VISA DENIED. Bear in mind that the girl did not have her k1 visa at the time. Right now, she had her interview and still waiting for her visa, she's been waiting four weeks and nothing yet.
  10. For what I've read here and invitation is not enough reason to grant a visa, all the opposite, an inmediate family member is stablishing residence in the US, and just because of that they might see an intention to inmigrate. My experience: my mom and sister applied for a tourist visa, before I had my k1 interview, they got their visa, my mom is a retired teacher and my sister has a stable job, however she was single no kids, I was concern about her, she has the perfect profile to overstay. I suggest to apply before your travel, even before your interview, obviously if you still in Perú.
  11. What I meant is, that even with rfe, for the affidávit too, we finished the process in mid november, meaning I already have my GC.
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