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  1. No one can really tell. The only official information is the one you get when checking the application status on the CEAC website, like is said in the website administrative processing can take several weeks. At this point, like in the whole process, the only thing we can keep on doing is waiting. We almost done, little bit more patient.
  2. Seems to me you are stress out, I understand, you guys are almost there, but no need to be, now it is a matter a days to get the visa. Just relax, we have come this far just need to wait a couple of days only. Be positive and patient.
  3. Valmabe

    Thailand -> US B2 for Parent

    Sáquelo!!! Great congrats.
  4. Still immigrant visa application or did it change to Non Immigrant? If so, you guys are close to get aproved according to a previous post.
  5. Valmabe


    Did you check the accepted documents as evidence of US citizenship on the instructions sheet of the I-129f? That can help.
  6. Great, better than 6 months, still get your documents ready when close to the interview.
  7. Valmabe

    necesito ayuda

    Hasta donde entiendo los documentos soporte del affidavit van en ingles, son los documentos del sponsor. El registro civil de nacimiento del beneficiario sin traducir se puede llevar, su pareja la puede acompañar a la entrevista, si pueden que vaya, creo que es mas lo que pone que lo quita. el vinculo adjunto le da mas información. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/inmigracion/visa-de-inmigrante-para-un-conyuge-de-ciudadano.html
  8. Just to complement your statement, I just read that someone got the CLOSEST available date for JUNE.
  9. If interviewing in Mexico, have you checked appointments availability? For what I've read it says that waiting time for appointments can be 2 months or more. Get recent dated documents for the interview. I just leave this for you here, it also shows interviews for K1
  10. Good, hope you guys get an answer soon.
  11. Just keep an eye on that, that's the only official source of information, maybe you can also send an email, but from my experience what I get was an automatic reply, I have not try the phone call yet, so I do not know if it works. Ours it's been in Administrative Processing since the very same day of the interview. Again from my experience. Bear in mind that there is people with lot more experience, and can give you a better insight.
  12. Check on the Case last updated date, that will give you the last date they work on your application. I'd say it'll eventually show Administrative Processing, before visa is issue.
  13. Great, congrats. Just need to wait for the notification email saying she can pick up her passport at the selected location.
  14. with the case number check on CEAC website, there you'll have an official answer, Administrative Processing, should show. Did she get the Domestic violence leaflet? for what I've read here I understand that when the aplicant gets the document the visa's been approved.
  15. Hola, La copia notarizada, no es la copia que uno saca, el decreto de divorcio como tal es una copia, pero esta copia debe venir del lugar en donde quedo registrado el divorcio ya que esta copia tiene sello y firma original que certifica que el documento es copia verdadera del original en el archivo. Esto aplica para ambos, peticionario y beneficiario. Espero que la información haya sido clara. Saludos.