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  1. Finally Philly is doing something!! Hoping you hear something soon Vicko (and everyone else here too of course) !!!
  2. Our status just updated !!! 😄 Our first interview was scheduled for March 19th but got cancelled due to COVID of course. Hoping nothing gets in the way this time. I will update when we receive the letter.
  3. You can renew your EAD within 180 days before it expires. So for you, you can send yours out already at the end of November.
  4. Yes, it's very disheartening. We were practically next (March 19th) and still have heard nothing. I considered calling as well but had a feeling I would get that "wait to be rescheduled" response as well. Sent my husbands EAD renewal out last week, thankfully noticing that the form has a new edition as of 8/25. Thank you, I wish you luck too with getting rescheduled. Really hope to see some movement at the Philly office soon.
  5. Still waiting here. I'm wondering if the Philly office is even open. The people that have similar timelines to me at the Philly office are mostly not active and not updating their timelines..
  6. Anyone else at the Philly field office have updates to their cases? We still haven't heard anything, feeling really hopeless. I know that naturalization's are the high priority now, but I didn't think it would have taken this long to be rescheduled since we were 1 day away from our interview when they closed for coronavirus.
  7. We still haven't had our interview rescheduled (or waived).
  8. We're in the same boat. Our interview was supposed to be on March 19th as well, and we are planning to send the EAD/Advanced Parole renewals out next month if we don't receive notice of a rescheduled interview soon. That's the same address that I was going to use.
  9. I took my husband to the social security office 2 weeks after he arrived here, before we got married. I strongly recommend you do it as soon as you can, and not wait to do it when you are adjusting her status...provided the offices are open. Like the other person above me said, try to make an appointment.
  10. Happy to see this! We were practically next (interview was supposed to be March 19th) and still haven't heard anything about it being rescheduled. Hope we learn something soon..
  11. Ours was supposed to be March 19th. Of course it was cancelled and on that day changed back to "ready to be scheduled for interview". There's been nothing since.
  12. Haven't had any updates since they cancelled ours which was originally planned for March 19th..
  13. It was a nice thought, but I just got another status update. Back to the "ready to be scheduled for interview" status.
  14. I have a USCIS account to track my cases, and I have it set up so that I get texts and emails if there is a status update. I haven't talked to my husband yet to see if anyone tried calling him from the office. Our interview was supposed to be tomorrow..
  15. I've been wondering about this too. The email I got says.. Your Case Status: Decision On March 18, 2020, we cancelled your interview for your Form I485, APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR ADJUST STATUS, Receipt Number MSCXXXXXXXXXX, and mailed you a cancellation notice. We will notify you by mail if the appointment is rescheduled, a decision is made, or if we need something from you. Please follow any instructions in the notice. If you do not receive your notice by April 17, 2020, please go to www.uscis.gov/e-request to request a copy of the notice. The wording almost sounds like they could waive the interview, case status is "decision". But of course I'm not getting my hopes up lol.
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