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  1. No cohabitation is required. All they want to know\ is if you have met the person within the last 2 years. So the proof you should show in the I-129f petition are photos of you together, boarding passes from you both, passport stamps, anything with both your names on it like tickets or hotel receipts. Proof of cohabitation is a plus of course, but not required.
  2. We are in a similar situation and we decided we would have a courthouse wedding upon arrival to the US so we could get AOS moving asap, and then after we would hold a reception with friends and family. But if a big wedding is something that is important to you, you can just have a big wedding ceremony later. As others have said it is risky to bet on when the visa will be approved, and to much of a headache if things go wrong.
  3. It such a huge load off you're mind knowing its all done and sent in! Congrats on getting it all in. Just try to be patient and keep yourself busy with things.
  4. I hear normally 2-4 weeks. But in my case, my packet was delivered last friday 7/12 and i received a test yesterday on monday 7/15 for USCIS saying that my packet was received and they are mailing me my NOA1. So i suspect I'll be getting it sometime this week.
  5. lol, Juliettes, love it! Congrats! hopefully the wait wont be long.
  6. Congrats! fingers crossed everything goes fast an smoothly! I just filed on 7/9 and got the text notification today that they received my I-129f and are mailing me my NOA1!
  7. Yes, I am using priority mail with USPS. Definitely want to keep track of where it is!
  8. Ok Thanks! I had seen that website before . I was just confused by their language. They were saying only send if you are sending to a lockbox location, but it looked like the only addresses you could sent to were lockbox locations. That clears that up.
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