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  1. Yes we did apply for the 131, but the biometrics were only for the 485 and 765. We're going the biometrics they took will also be used for the 131.
  2. maybe nervous is the wrong word. I guess he was just hot and just got sweaty hands.
  3. Hubby had his appointment today. Was pretty painless. Was in and out within 20 minutes. There were about 5 other people doing biometrics, each doing theirs at separate stations evenly spaced apart. There was a security guard at the door that asks for your appointment letter and passport. At the station they take your photo and then take fingerprint of each finger. Hubby was a tad nervous and was sweating a bit, so the women had to try to take his fingerprint multiple times, but they got it in the end, lol.
  4. I'm sure yours is on its way. Seems they mailed out a bunch of appointments letters on 7/18, but because of USPS being slow, some people haven't gotten theirs yet.
  5. My husband just got his biometrics appointment letter today! Scheduled for 8/4 just outside of Los Angeles. We never had an appointment scheduled before. Exciting that there is movement!
  6. US Immigration and Citizenship Services, the federal agency responsible for legal immigration processing, pushed back a planned furlough date for more than half of its workforce until August 31. The immigration agency previously said it would have to furlough more than 13,000 employees at the beginning of August if Congress did not provide emergency supplemental funding. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/07/24/politics/ice-furloughs-august/index.html
  7. Yes, we N/A'ed every space that didn't apply to us.
  8. I think that just means that they received the biometrics fee out of your AOS package, not that the actual fingerprints were waived. Everyones says that once USCIS gets the package. Although I would love to be wrong. not having all these biometric appointments is going to cause a big backlog. They really should waive them.
  9. Re received our hard copy NOA's today! filed: 3/27 Noa1: 4/9
  10. For the supporting evidence for the 944 and 864, did you lump the 2 together or supply the evidence for both separately?
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