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  1. Both my wife and her daughter finally received an appointment date for the AOS interview. We filed in Nov 2019. Oct 30th 2020 in San Bernardino Ca. Just needed to ride out the COVID delays. Good luck to all.
  2. We just received our AOS interview date. Was mailed 9/21. We had a notification for an appointment back in March for April... but never confirmed. 6 months later. Filed on Nov 14/2019
  3. We filed for the K1 and K2 AOS 485 in Nov 2019. My Wife (K-1) received her AP travel authorization (I-131), SSN and her work permit (I-765) in May. K2 received the first NOA in Dec. We sent the fees for both K1 and K2 at the same time. Both Checks were cashed at same time but K2 (10 yr old) never received her 1-765 AP Travel authorization. Any clues? Its been 9 months waiting for Advance Parole for the K2. My wife did get a notice in April they were ready to schedule her interview. that never came about because of COVID. I suppose its just a wating game at this point?
  4. This is so political. We are all just pawns in the big November chess match. Do they really think we are to believe that at one moment they are broke and then the next they have a surplus? Who is the CFO forecasting and managing those accounts? We are talking hundreds of millions of dollars. What a freaking sideshow. Mark my word, Nov 4th. 70% of our countries problems will change 180 degrees.
  5. nope. Hurry up and wait. They cashed my check tho for her and her daughter
  6. My AOS package was received in Nov 2019. In early March the website said they will be scheduling an interview. Well here we sit waiting and its July 1st. Some December filers got thru just in time and others did not. Just hope and pray we are near the top of someone's pile in the 30% remaining agents still processing files. My wife and I are thankful that we are here in the USA, Married and together. Others are not so fortunate. This will change in November. No mater who is the President.
  7. This is all politic BS. It will change once each parties agendas are accomplished or defeated. We as Americans are just pawns in the big chess match. Sacrifice a few lives, jobs, loved ones, economics, ect,ect,ect…. all for NOV 3rd. Don't think so, one is naively blinded.
  8. I would not doubt fee hikes in all classes or departments. Lower the case load and keep the income. I cant imagine they will add “surcharges” to cases already begun and a check was cashed to start that process.
  9. Yes. November 2019 AOS filer. My K1 wife got the work permit and the Travel Permit in May. Her daughter has not received anything yet. Also in March they were supposed to send an interview date for the green card according to the website. Obviously Covid jinx that. Glad they are here in the USA and we are married. Just now a waiting game so they can go visit their family.
  10. My K1 wife and her K2 daughter filed Nov 2019 for AOS. The wife received both the work permit and travel doc in May. The website also shows in May they will be sending an interview date which has yet to come. The daughter received just the NOA 1 seven months ago. Just need to wait it out. They have been here since July 2019
  11. Curious what will happen with AOS applicants currently in limbo and with cancelled interviews because of COVID 19? My K1 wife had her appointment canceled in April.
  12. My K1 wife and Her K2 daughter arrived in US In July 2019. Married Aug 2019 and filed for AOS Nov 14, 2019. My wife received her work and travel permits and a SSN (for work only) in May. The daughter has not received anything other than the NOA1?. I realize the interviews are temporaily suspended. Any clue as to why the daughter did not receive the Travel Approval?
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