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  1. Colombia delivered this morning https://www.dhl.com/en/express/tracking.html?AWB=2445985850&brand=DHL
  2. Once you can find out your Waybill number from DHL using the instructions from "DHL hack"...you can sign up for the SMS text notifications from DHL and follow the progress to the consulate.

    The May 14th NVC cases sent to Bogota Colombia were delivered at 9:01AM this morning  !!



  3. From what Ive read and messaged other couples, its best to wait for the P3/4 There have been some that have been able to make an appointment for interview before packet 3 arrived and when they showed up for interview they were rescheduled a month later. Lost time and money. I suppose anyone can attempt to beat the process but at the risk of delays and more expenses. Im waiting the week or two for P3 to arrive. Good luck.
  4. Good Hack. Just follow Greenbaums “seatbelt” instructions.
  5. Im curious...did they reschedule your interview because your interview was booked before the P3/4 was sent?
  6. Ok...so our case is also showing "In transit" whohooo! Can someone tell me what I/we need to do in order to call and schedule the Interview and Medical? I know we should wait for the packet3/4 info. Will we need to send the DS-160 and pay the interview fees before they will book the interview? I understand in Bogota they want your interview date in order to schedule the Medical exams? Or if this is already explained somewhere else....please point me to the thread...Thnx
  7. What about the biometrics? Finger prints...when and where does this take place?
  8. Yes...I travel to Colombia on the 22nd ( i bit shorter than you) one last time before the interview. Our Case should be at our embassy a week before I arrive.
  9. NVC received my case on Wed 4/24...The case number was assigned the next Wed 5/1 so about a week.....we missed missed the 4/30 shipments ....If I were you Id call Wed, Thurs and Fri this week. FYI...nothing you can do with that case number. As it looks..if you get a case number by Wed this week your file will ship on the 14th ...if not by Tues or Wed (tomorrow) your case will probably be shipped to your embassy on May 28th. Just my opinion...everyone is different. Good luck
  10. Can someone tell me how far out medical exams are in Bogota, CO. We have a case number but the Embassy has not received yet (May 16/17). My question is....once we call for medical to schedule the medical exams and TB test for her child, how soon are they booking appointments. My fiancee will need to travel to Bogota to get all the Exams for her and her daughter. Are they booking several weeks out?
  11. Congrats on the approval!

  12. We also received our case number today. I called 3 days in a row and spoke to the same lady "Mandy" very nice. Today I waited 7 mins at 12:45pm PST. I gave her the receipt number and she immediately asked for my name and birth date. She says....good news and gave me the case number and asked to verify my email and my fiancee's email and said they will ship to the Embassy and we both will be receiving an email. I believe our case will go out on the 5/14-15 batches. Arrive in Bogota by the 17th (mileage may vary). Im estimating an interview week of June 10th or June 17th. (again in Greenbaums words "mileage may vary") One Step Closer.
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