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  1. Because they try to show they are not fake marriage. At least the USC is willing to draft the coverletter.
  2. Good to know somebody else also can restore the sheet besides me (sheet creator)... No idea how to prevent the mess happen again. ..
  3. If I change my name through N-400 application, do I need to go to a special oath ceremony held in a court? I remember somebody mentioned it but not sure. Thank you in advance!
  4. fixed. Didn't find the function to disable the filtering. Please let me know if anyone find it. Another choice is to make people sign in otherwise they can't edit, unfortunately didn't find this function either.
  5. I checked the sheet and didn't see more problem. If the file is locked then people will not be able to update their timelines. We need to figure out a solution in order to prevent this mess happen again, anyone has any idea?
  6. Eventually got the green cards in hand. Looks like they don't let you know the tracking number until it shows already delivered.
  7. I kept checking my USPS account for informed delivery, and I also requested Hold Mail service. This afternoon the tracking number pop up all of sudden, and said it's already delivered yesterday. I flied to the post office and got my green card. Not sure they are on purpose or not that they don't let you know the tracking number until it shows already delivered. 😶
  8. Per the good inspiration from @alexpop13 , I looked up some LIN cases got "Card was Mailed" status on 10/7-10/9. All of them stuck in this step, no more updates so far. Something might be wrong in the card production centers.
  9. Hi @alexpop13 Thanks a lot for your information that a number of cards are stuck for the people who got "Card Was Mailed To Me" status on 10/7. They are not only 751 filers, right? This message makes me feel better, I am not the only one. Can you please let me know how to collect the cases which got "Card Was Mailed To Me" status on 10/7?
  10. On 10/7 my case status changed to “Card was mailed to me”. I received the Approval Notice in the regular mail on the same day. It’s supposed that next day (10/8) the status should update to “USPS pick up your mail” and also should provide me the tracking number. However the case status never changes anymore. I have signed up the Informed Delivery on USPS website, over there no tracking number shows up either. Today (10/10) I called USCIS few times, the representatives couldn’t find the tracking number for me, they just keep saying that the card has been shipped out, I need to be patient and need to wait for 60-120 days (different representative told me the different timeslot). They refused to transfer me to Tier2 and said Tier2 can’t help either. It’s not a good sign. In most cases, people received their green cards within 3 days after the “card was mailed” case status. I googled and realized that I might need to file I-90 and USCIS will reproduce a new card for me, and it will take up to one year and half! What should I do? Anybody have the similar experience or any suggestion? Thank you guys in advance! 😐
  11. At what time did you get the message from USPS regarding the tracking number? noon? evening or mid-night? The USCIS case status says "card was mailed to me" on 10/7, Then no more update. No tracking number shows up at USPS informed delivery website either. Why wired thing always happen on me? 😥
  12. Thank you guys! Today I received the physical approval notice mail, although the case status hasn't been updated. There is no more information about the card. The last case status is still "card is being produced".
  13. Normally they will show the tracking number in your case status.
  14. Congrats! I received the same message on 10/2, then no more updates. I am waiting for the card to be mailed.
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