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  1. 30 minutes ago, VirginiaYasin said:

    Hi folks, has anyone filed K3 with I130? 

    Some people say it is useless but according to definition K3 is for bringing foreign spouse to US quicker.

    Is it worth a shot?

    LOL it is literally taking the worst things about a K1 and Mixing it with a CR-1.   It is free so go for it. You know how many have been issued in the last fiscal year?

  2. 14 hours ago, Drummer2112 said:

    She wants a better life in the United States with her aunt

    Ok she wants a better life?   She could try the H2A or H2B programs. https://mx.usembassy.gov/h-2-visa-information/

    If she wants to marry you then you file the I-129F for a fiancé visa and you wait.  She won't be able to work for some time in the US, probably over a year.  So you might consider getting married and fling a spousal visa

    14 hours ago, Drummer2112 said:

    So here in tj the processing times I hear and see are very lengthy in time frame 2-3 years just to be processed

    That is for a B2 visa.  But if she has had one before is a few weeks.   She can't enter the US with the intent to adjust nor can she work in the US.

    12 hours ago, Drummer2112 said:

    I am looking right now what I can do but she tells me get married here in tj and then ask for her at the border I do not know what she means ask for her?

    Not an option and could cause more of a delay.

    12 hours ago, Drummer2112 said:

    So basically I will be married to her but then how or what would I need to do to get her to the United States? after our marriage.

    Glad you are here doing your research.  Unless you are also a resident in Mexico and needing to return to the US for a job, there aren't any options do get this done quickly.

  3. Figure out how you can spend time together.  If she doesn't have a job or already had a US Visa it will be hard for her to get one.  But try asap and see if you want.   Then look at your realistic options.  You can file for a fiancé visa, or get married anywhere and go for a spousal.  If you had already married and had a job offer to go back to in the US then doing a spousal at the consulate expedited could be an option.   Chances are that there is going to be significant time apart. Pretty common in immigration and where there hasn't been any planning.

  4. 11 hours ago, PBoland said:

    My UK wife got her green card in about 10.5 months; this was about a year ago.  FWIW after the application and initial notice of its receipt, we heard NOTHING for 10 months and it was exasperating but out of nowhere she got a letter saying it was approved and should receive it in the mail in a couple weeks, which is exactly what happened.

    Fortunately none of this applies to the OP as they are already married

  5. You are fine!  You didn't have the new card when you left (it wasn't sent) so you won't be expected to have it when you enter.   You have the necessary documents to enter.  You may go to secondary so they can look at the paper trail.  If you have a copy of the boarding pass for when you left the US it would be good to take as backup.  You won't be arrested and won't get into trouble.


    Recover and rest, come back feeling better.

  6. 43 minutes ago, Shikomiro said:

    If we register the marriage at the consulate, and get a consulate ROM. Can that be shown for the CFO?

    When we married in Hong Kong, we needed a copy of the divorce decree for both the marriage and ROM.  When Mary went to CFO she needed copy of the divorce decree.


    Even if doing a K1, you will need to have Foreign Divorce Decree Duly Recognized by the Philippine Court  accompany the CFO paperwork.

  7. Two choices . . . One -Wait out the current petition. The time to deal with the denial  was before the consulate sent it back.  Two - plan to refile per above.  Either you didn't get a true reading from your spouse about why the visa was denied or you didn't get the response from the consulate via the FOIA.  Asking for your filings was not the helpful thing to do since the issue wasn't you.

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